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Welcome to Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR)

Our Animal Rescue Centre high in the Besparmak Mountains provides refuge for over 200 dogs and cats. We are constantly working to maintain and improve our facilities. We employ people to run the centre, to care for the animals and in the office to manage the administration, give help and advice to the public and deal with enquiries. The additional work is managed by volunteers which includes the collection of animals, veterinary visits, grooming, manning the charity shop, running events to raise funds, education visits, the list is endless. Read more >>

Neuter & Return Programme
Help KAR help animals
Cat Neutering Programme
Neuter & Return

KAR rely solely on donations for funding, please help us to help the animals of Northern Cyprus.

UK Bank Account Details for your kind Donations:

Bank: HSBC plc, Market Street, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 3AA, UK
Sort Code: 40-21-02
Account Number: 11364812
IBAN No:GB94HBUK40210211364812

or you can post your donation to us address details on Contact Page, cheques made payable to:


Also look out for the highly decorated collection boxes in restaurants and holiday complexes when in North Cyprus.

Catching Cats for Neutering

Kyrenia Animal Rescue have a policy to run a Neuter and Return programme in the Girne area since 2004. The cats and dogs running loose in the community have always been a part of the TRNC and some people think as part of its charm other believe the opposite. Over the years nothing has been done to help control the inevitable growth in the numbers of these animals.

The on going cat neutering campaign sees that feral cats are trapped and taken to the vet to be neutered, once they have recovered from the operation they are returned to their previous habitat. All cats that have been neutered by KAR have a clipped left ear, an internationally recognised sign, making them easily identifiable and Preventing them from being caught a second time.

Microchip & Dog Registration
Veterinary Clinic
Poison Alert !
Register Dogs
New Shop

As from 1st January 2014 a new TRNC law states that all dogs over the age of six weeks should have a Microchip.
The Government are giving owners until the 1st July to comply.

All dogs microchip details have to be registered with the Government Vet Dept and a card issued.

Following yet another rise in Veterinary prices causing a major drain of KAR financial resources a dream began of having our own Veterinary Clinic to be used for the neutering and treatment of the dogs and cats found on the streets of Girne and surrounding areas.
This being part of our Neuter and Release programme.....

Kyrenia Animal Rescue has always been very concerned about the indiscriminate use of poison to control the population of stray dogs and feral cats. One of the potentially lethal poisons being used is Lanate, an odourless and tasteless or ganophosthate commonly used by beekeepers against hornets and .....

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