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KAR tales (or Tails !) 

6 weeks on --- from the KAR Bazaar to Bracing Britain

Lots of people who attended the KAR Xmas bazaar met the lovely Lulu. She was helping her owners Rebecca and Elizabeth out on the tombola stall. She was as pretty as a picture in her seasonal headdress.

However it was a bitter sweet day for Rebecca, Elizabeth and Lulu as it would be their last KAR Bazaar – plans were well underway for them (and their 2 cats Kitty and Mammy) to relocate to the UK. Because Rebecca and Elizabeth were returning to the UK before their pets arrangements had been made for all 3 to go into act/dog boarding and for them to be taken to the KAR office on their days of travel. Kitty and Mammy would be travelling first and then Lulu the following day – with all 3 being delivered together to their new home in Sunderland where Rebecca and Elizabeth would be waiting for them.

Their travel plans all went according to plan and all 3 pets were safely delivered to Rebecca and Elizabeth on Thursday 26th January.

After everyone settled in and had recovered from their long journeys Rebecca sent us this update ……

Dear Kim, Margaret and Yasmin,

Just wanted to extend a massive thank you to all of you for the support you gave us with your care and transport for lulu and the kitties.
Everything that you all have done for us, have made us a very happy little family!
We can not thank you all enough for the massive yet varying roles that you played in looking after our precious girls.paper work, injections, Vets, stitches, flights and most of all love and care for our girls!
Your support though our most worried times, being there at the other end of the phone and your  progress emails was invaluable. You are all fantastic!
We are looking forward to sharing our new little lives together !
All love
Rebecca, Elizabeth
Lulu, mammy and kitty

Everyone at KAR and all of their friends wish Lulu, Kitty and mammy a very Happy New Life in the UK with Elizabeth and Rebecca – lets hope that Lulu finds a new Xmas event to show off her seasonal head dress !





Milo Minty's Christmas Meeting !

Milo Minty lives in TRNC and his owner, Rosalind, thought that he deserved a little holiday. She was returning to the UK for Xmas and came to KAR Pet Travel to see if she could take him with her. If it was possible she thought it would be better than leaving him with a carer over the holiday period.

After looking at all of the options she was pleased to find out that because he had all of his necessary vaccinations and blood test he was eligible to travel to the UK.

He would also meet the TRNC re entry requirements when it was time for him to come home. This is a very important factor as TRNC State Quarantine has recently been introduced for all animals failing the TRNC entry requirements.

The flight options for TRNC to UK are very different to those coming from UK to TRNC and after taking everything into consideration Rosalind felt that because her holiday was going to be for a few weeks that it, yes, would be nice for Milo to visit the UK. She had plenty of sightseeing and family gatherings lined up for him.

KAR prepared Milos UK paperwork and talked through the process for his return. His UK flight was booked and Milo was sent, happily, on his way to the UK – Rosalind collected him from HARC the following day..

Although Milo was quite happy to do the rounds with Rosalind he did confide in us that there was one person that he really really wanted to meet ...........

We are sure that it will be a Merry Xmas for Milo !



KAR Pet Travel will be organising Milo’s return trip to the TRNC at the end of his stay in the UK.

If you need any advise about travelling for your pet then please do not hesitate to contact KAR Pet Travel on 0533 8694098 or email us at [email protected] or  [email protected]




From Summer Hot dog to Winter Frankfurter

It is always nice when we help to relocate pets --- but even nicer when the pet was homed from our Rescue Centre.

Tinky had come into KAR after having being found just lying in the rain in a ditch - seemingly having given up trying to find somewhere warm and dry to rest. She was such a sad sorry little wet cold dog.

Tinky had only been with KAR a few months when she caught the eyes of Sylvie and Heinz from Germany. They had already had a KAR rescue dog Arap who they homed in 2006 and wanted another to share their home with. Everyone was delighted when, after a few false hopes and starts and sadly them not being able to have their original chosen dog, they were drawn like magnets to Tinky as soon as they saw her.

Throughout the long hot summer with temperatures in the high 30s  Tinky was told “not long now” – When she was lying at the back of her kennel with her friends trying to keep cool in the shade – the message was “soon be time”. When she was having a bath she was reminded “this feels like the rain that you need to get used to “. For Tinky it was a very long humid summer – she was one of the many Hot Dogs at KAR.

At last as the summer began to draw to a close and the temperatures dropped it was Tinky's time. Time for her to travel. Time for her to go to Germany.

It was decided that Tinky would travel as an “accompanied pet” with Turkish Airlines as opposed to travelling as a cargo booking. For some pets/owners this can be a cheaper alternative to cargo bookings - but it is not possible for pets flying into the UK.

Her flight was booked and all of the paperwork was finished and Tinky set off. Owners often worry about how their pets will be handled during their loading/flight and offloading so it is nice to see from these photos of the careful handling of Tinky by Ercan ground team.


KAR Pet Travel has worked hard with everyone at Ercan who deals with their travelling pets and these photos show that the hard work has paid off – she was carefully carried onto the aircraft and strapped into her special area of the hold.

Ground staff, Captain and cabin crew liaised about Tinky and the necessary reassurances, for her travel, were given. Tinky was off – she had a short transit and change of planes at Istanbul and then continued on her journey to Germany. 

After completing all of the entry process and checks on entry to Germany – it was time. Time for Tinky to be taken out of her travel box and be with Sylvie. There were tears all around – but they were happy tears. Tinky was delighted to be snuggled up in Sylvie’s arms – after all no oone had told that this place was going to be so cold!

She had a comfort break and walk outside – she even had time for a quick stop at McDonalds before setting off for an hours journey to her new house – all of the time being told “This is it Tinky – this is Germany – this is now Home”

. This is her new house and her new friend Arap.

She will even have a lake of her own to cool down in – won’t her KAR Hot dog friends be jealous !

Tinky won’t be a Summer Hot dog again – she is now a Winter Frankfurter through and through




Who do you think you are? – Mrs Mehmet finds her ancestors!

Earlier this year KAR Pet Travel were asked to help relocate Frances and Tony’s dog – Mrs Mehmet (also known as Missy). They had found her near a restaurant in the Bogaz area. Because they were returning to the UK before Mrs Mehmet had completed her UK preparations they put her into boarding until she would be ready for travelling. However they missed her so much that they travelled often to the TRNC to visit her.

Finally the day arrived when Mrs Mehmet was ready to go to the UK. She arrived safely and on time. Frances and Tony were delighted to have her back with them and sent us this update:

Missie is doing so well ,she goes everywhere with me and is so well behaved , everyone she meets falls in love with her and I keep getting asked if she is a pedigree!! 

She is not sure about our wet and very windy weather we are having here at the moment, but she wears her little coat gladly.

She has truly changed my life.”

Well obviously Tony decided to do some research into Mrs Mehmets ancestors and family tree. This is another recent update from Frances;

“We hope you are both well. Missie is loving her life here with us and is still giving us endless pleasure she is the most perfect dog (even when she rolls in fox pooh!) I'm attaching some pics of Missie on our narrow boat showing how she loves a good brushing and then a sleep after! Everyone we meet loves her and asks what breed she is, we always say we're not sure but we call her a turkadoodle,! And they laugh.
Anyway, as a surprise Tony sent away for a DNA test and her results arrived three weeks later, I’ve attached the certificate for you both to see .It made us laugh as I'm sure you will too.”

We explained to Frances that we actually call them Cypradoodles but whatever they are Mrs. Mehmet now knows her ancestors.

It is very likely that many of the dogs here in the TRNC could be related to her at some point way back. So all of the Cypradoodles can now rest assured that they are not just Heinz varieties, mutts or whatever else they may be called – they are from the finest mix of breed lines.

No doubt they are ALL loved as much as Mrs. Mehmet clearly is.




Moving House - a Cats Tail

by Sid Dervish

Well, here I am in England. Having been born in Kyrenia in hot North Cyprus it is all a bit strange right now. I have taken care of my humans, Mum & Dad, since I was very young.

This all started for me in middle of May when they came back from England. They told me they had sold our house in Karsiyaka and that the 3 of us were moving to a new house in England. Sadly we could not take my old friends Miss Ginger, Mr Jet and George because they did not live in the house. It all started to make sense from what had happened last year when I had been back and forwards to Uncle Pertev having injections and blood stolen from my leg. This was so I had the right papers to go to England, I had wondered about this but now….!

After they came back there was a lot happening which got us all uptight. Stuff was put into boxes and a man came and took away some of our furniture. Then he took all the flowers that were in the pots in the garden. Slowly our house was disappearing into boxes and furniture was wrapped up in the plastic bubbly stuff. It was all a bit weird.

Then one day in middle of June a big wagon arrived outside the house with about 10 men who put everything from the house into the wagon and then everything was gone!! Well not quite everything, there was a bed for them and 3 chairs they had borrowed so we all had somewhere to sit and watch television!!

For the next 2 weeks it suddenly got very hot. Nobody moved much, especially us cats. We could not walk far because the floor was too hot to walk on. Because my humans had sent everything away they could not cook so they spent nearly every night eating out.

A big grey box had arrived at the house a few weeks ago which they had tried to get me to go into. Then I found out why! I had hurt my foot one Sunday night so they pushed me into the box to go and see Uncle Pertev on Monday morning. My leg was two times the size of the other one. Pertev said I must have been bitten or stung and insisted on sticking needles in me..AGAIN! I had to go again on Tuesday and Wednesday. That said this box was much better than the old basket they used to carry me in, I can actually move round in this one.

Then on Saturday 25th June it happened. I got shoved into the box again and we set off in car. But this time we did not follow usual road we go on so I was a bit worried. When we got out of the car I was pushed into a big cage with beds, ramps and places to sit. There was another cat in room next door and 4 others in the place. There was a nice lady called Yasmin who was looking after, what I found out was, a cat hotel. Mum & Dad left saying they would see me again next Friday and told me everything would be OK.

Yeah OK!!! I did not like the cat in the next room, sorry but we just did not like each other. So after a couple of days of arguing Yasmin moved me into a nice bedroom in her house. She was really nice, she came and stroked me and chatted with me. It was ok but I did miss going outside. I did eventually eat some food because Yasmin said it was better for me and I used the inside toilet. I was not happy with my humans leaving me though.

On Wednesday I was given my breakfast very early then put in a box AGAIN!! Yasmin kept telling me how good I was and that my humans would see me again soon but I was not happy at all. The basket was not mine either but Yasmin said I would get mine back later; this one was just to take me in the car. Next I was taken into a shop where there were other cats and dogs. I was still not happy. Another nice lady said she had met my humans and she was pleased to meet me her name was Kim, and she would be looking after me on the next part of my trip. Then it was back into my box and all fastened in for another ride in another car. I was with 2 other cats this time and they were as fed up as I was. They told me they had dog friends who had left them earlier and they did not know what was happening. After some time in the car we were all taken into a big building and eventually Kim, who had filled up our water bowls and had been doing paperwork with the men in uniforms while chatting to us, had to leave. She said that we would be ok and it would all be worth it as we would have a very happy life in England – did we believe her???. I could not believe what happened next, we cats were put inside one of those airplanes that Mum & Dad have told me about – it was huge. When it moved it was very noisy and we did not like it. It felt strange when it was moving. But after a while we got used to it and settled down to wait – wondering what would happen next.

After a couple of hours we stopped moving and we were moved from the airplane to another building where we spent the night. We were told that we were in Istanbul – well I had been told about Istanbul by Mum & Dad as they had been there. If this building was Istanbul I can’t say I was impressed!

Next morning we were moved again and put in yet another aeroplane. This time it was a lot longer journey so the three of us eventually went to sleep. When we stopped some more new people collected us and took us to a building where we was taken out of our baskets and each of us were put in a big cage where we could move around more. I also got fed but it wasn’t the same as Mums dinners. I had a lot of things stuck on my travelling box which the new people took off and read, apparently this was my UK entry paperwork that Kim had prepared and my medical books that Uncle Pertev used to write in after he stuck needles in me. I was picked up and looked at by the people who said I was OK and could go to my new home in England. So this was England which I have heard a lot about but never thought I would go there. I was told my humans would see me tomorrow so had to stay in this cage for a night.

Early Friday morning a nice man put me in my travel box again but this time I was amazed to find my blanket was in the box and he told me my Mum & Dad were waiting for me. I did not know if I should be happy or ignore them but there they were looking so happy. I ignored them for a bit but really I was happy to see them. Still in my box I was put on the back seat of a car I had never seen before. But here I was outside in this place they call England.

Apparently Mum & Dad had been in a hotel not far away but they told me it was better that way because it was too far for Dad to have driven if they had collected me last night. I was not pleased but when we finished our drive in the car I understood cos it was about 5 hours.

It was strange driving in a new car, I could not see as much as I could in our Cyprus car but Mum sat with me all the way and talked, stroked and brushed me occasionally. Also it was very strange seeing lots of big cars and things I had not seen before. Eventually we stopped and got out of the car. The first person I meet is Granddad. I have chatted with him on Skype so it was not too strange.

After wandering around the house to find things I had a drink and something to eat then I let Granddad stroke me and after a while sat with him. For some reason Mum & Dad were surprised that I did this - but he was letting me stay in his house.

For a few days it was all a bit of an adventure but then I started to get bored stuck in the house. Dad was not amused when I kept waking him up at 4 in the morning. Then I went back to sleep!! I could look out of the windows but I did not really like that because there was people and cars driving past all the time and I could not understand what they all were. At my old house all these things were up the drive and behind a big wall. So I hid in Granddads sock drawer a lot of the time.

We did have a visit from people I had spoke to on Skype, Terry & Sharon and children Emily & Grace. It was nice to have a stroke from somebody new. Apparently they are going to Greece next week on holiday somewhere we Turkish cats do not know about. Shame they are not going to visit my country. I also met my Aunty Sue who is Dads sister.

Then on 11th July I was back in my box and in the car again! Mum kept telling me that this was the last part of the journey. All right for her to say, she was not sat in a big box. But we stopped outside another house and we went in. Oh dear, there is no furniture just my basket and some small chairs. This is my new home here in England but our stuff has not yet arrived from Cyprus. It was back on our mobile blow up bed as well.

They will still not let me outside, apparently I need to make sure I have all my smells right for the new house and will be best when all my stuff arrives so I know this is home.

Dad is happy because they have bought a TV for us to watch but internet will not be ready for another week so I have not been able to write to my friends.

On Friday I finally met some more family I had spoke to. Harry (mums brother) & Christine and there son Richard. Again I let them all stroke me to keep them happy.

Monday 18th my furniture arrives. The big container we loaded in Cyprus arrived outside and two men helped unload all my things. It is so good to finally have my own things in the house, a sofa to sit on, toys to play with, and a bed to sleep in. The last few nights I know I have kept Mum & Dad awake by running around and jumping at the windows but tonight I will sleep.

Monday I also finally got to go outside. There were some very strange noises and houses and fences all around. But I know I can run back into my safe house. There are lots of strange smells as well that I will have to spend time sorting out.

Over the next few days I spend time checking that all my stuff has arrived while Mum & Dad unpack all the boxes and unwrap things. I also wander in and out to the garden but they always follow me to make sure I do not escape from our garden. Then on Thursday night I got my chance, they thought I was happy just smelling my own things and ignored me so I took the chance and climbed out. After about 10 minutes I was on top of a fence away from my garden when they finally came looking for me. Too late!! For the next couple of hours I climbed fences, I was on the roof of buildings and investigating other gardens. All the time they were shouting my name and rattling my food bowl. I could see them and hear them but I was enjoying myself. It was probably better because it was dark and there were not too many strange noises and most people had gone to bed. Eventually I decided to go back home because I needed to go to the toilet. For some reason I was picked up and given lots of cuddles but I was happy.

I think that lady Kim may have been right – it was all worth it because YES we are going to have a happy life in this place they call England



It is always lovely when we hear from owners about how their pets have settled into a new life in the UK or elsewhere – so we were delighted to hear recently from Loraine. In June 2105 KAR Pet Travel arranged for George (owned by Loraine) to relocate from Turtle Bay TRNC to Banchory Aberdeenshire. As you can appreciate it was to be a long journey from TRNC to Istanbul then onto Heathrow then finally onto Banchory.

“ Hi Kim,

I thought I would send you a picture of George now that he has settled in.   

He has settled in very well (can't believe it is almost a year!).   I can now let him out without his tracker on as he knows the garden and surrounding area and always finds his way home.   He loves being out but does not stray too far and he also loves long daytime sleeps in his favourite chair.

This picture was taken recently but before the vet put him on a diet !  

He is losing a wee bit of weight every week but has a long way to go as the vet wants to see him go from 9 Kg to 6 Kg !

Thanks for all your help in organising his travel arrangements and seeing him safely onto the plane.”

The “tracker” devise that Loraine is referring to can be seen at http://www.loc8tor.com/uk/pets/ - it can be a very useful aid in helping your pet settle safely into their new surroundings.

Loraine has also kindly provided a photo record of George and his epic journey ….

Arriving at the Animal Reception Centre, Heathrow to collect George after his journey from Istanbul.

Next leg of his journey was a two and a half hour car journey from Heathrow to Shifnal, where we had a stopover and he met another George; my great nephew who fitted into George's travel box.

. Start of the next and final leg of his journey; an 8 hour car journey from Shifnal to Banchory.


 Nearly there !

  Arrived and exploring his garden.

 Enjoying the company of his new teddy friend.

It certainly looks as if George has found his feet (and a comfy chair or 2 !!) in Banchory.








From Besparmak to Berlin (via Karpaz and Istanbul) !

Recently 2 of our Centre dogs (Tasha and Woody) went to live in Berlin. Before they left the TRNC they had a lovely holiday at Karpaz with Stef and Yves.

Is this the way to Berlin ?


Sleeping after a long and tiring day travelling from Karpaz to Ercan -then into istanbul and finally Berlin.


Wow what fun these strange things called woods are ! No snakes, no poison just fun fun fun.

Happy days are ahead for Tasha and Woody.



                                                                               TRNC Torti


Recently KAR Pet Travel was asked for help from a lady in the UK who wanted to bring her tortoise to TRNC. A pretty simple pet move you would think as there are no rabies vaccinations or blood tests required. But it wasn’t - as is often the case with pet travel the regulations surrounding the various species and countries varies enormously. 

We had to consider what species of tortoise was the pet and did it fall within the CITES agreement and regulations. Some types of tortoise cannot be imported or exported anywhere as they are at real and imminent risk of extinction. Although the TRNC is not (and currently cannot be) part of the CITES agreement - which would not necessarily in itself stop some CITES animals entering the TRNC - it would affect any future movement away from the TRNC. Pet owners need to be very aware of this before they consider bringing their CITES pets to TRNC.

We also had to consider how to transport the tortoise. Their needs are very different to those of pet cats and dogs. Their ambient temperature has to be monitored carefully, their hibernation period must be taken into account, their feeding requirements before, during and after the journey needs to be planned carefully as it is possible that undigested food can rot in the food canal. Also their airline travel box has to meet strict criteria and is specifically designed for them to offer them the utmost protection during handling and travel.

During the course of considering all of these various factors KAR Pet Travel were also in discussion with the TRNC Vet Dept regarding any specific vaccinations that the TRNC would require for the tortoise to enter. It was during this part of the planning that it transpired that there was to be an animal health warning issued in the very near future regarding the movement of tortoises. The USA had already stopped ALL import/export of tortoises due to an infectious disease that was carried by some which could then be transmitted to other reptiles. The EU was also expected to follow suit and ban the movement of tortoises. This would affect the export of the tortoise from the UK.

The TRNC is not part of the EU but whenever possible the Government Vet Dept tries very hard to harmonise their rules and regulations to reflect those of the EU.

Sadly we had to inform the owner that, at the current time, it would not be possible for her to bring her tortoise to the TRNC.


The  very next KAR Pet Travel enquiry was from an owner of a rabbit in the UK - this pet movement is still ongoing.

It seems, in the event of a race --- to enter the TRNC - that it is very likely that the rabbit (and not the Hare) will beat the tortoise.


Ercan meets its first Emotional Support Dog


In September KAR Pet Travel were asked to help with the relocation of Wags – a flat coated retriever- from Chicago to TRNC. Everyone knows that their pets are Special but Wags really is a Special pet who also qualifies for Special treatment when travelling.

Wags is registered in the USA as an “Emotional Support Animal”.

Airlines have a broad definition of assistance animals that allows emotional support animals to fly in the cabin with their handlers.  The animal must be registered plus the handler/owner must provide a recent letter from a physician prescribing the emotional support animal for a specific physical or mental illness that limits one or more life activities in order to (apply for housing or) fly with the dog.

 As such detailed discussions took place with Turkish Airlines, Ankara Travel, KAR Pet Travel and Amy (Wags owner) about allowing Wags to travel in the cabin with his owner/handler. Pets can usually be carried in the cabin into Ercan with Turkish Airlines ONLY if they meet the size criteria (8 kg or the permitted cage size of 23 x 40 x 55cm.) – obviously Wags is much much larger than that!

Documentation had to be supplied and suitable aircraft types considered. It was finally agreed that Wags could fly from Chicago to Ercan (via Istanbul), in the cabin with Amy, late September

Kim was concerned that the airport staff at Ercan may be somewhat concerned about Wags (who is a large dog ) unusual arrival at Ercan–  pets usually enter in secure travel boxes or hold alls – not by walking down the steps off of the aircraft.

Information, about Emotional Support Animals, was put together and then translated into Turkish which Kim took to Ercan in readiness for wags arrival.

The Customs duty officials read the info and had lots of questions about Support Animal in general but also about Wags himself. They then went onto the concourse and explained the situation with the ground crew and also the passport control and security officers.

The flight arrived and amidst a packed passport control hall Wags entered. There were many stares and some looks of horror, by other passengers, at the large black muzzled dog walking through the arrival hall.   He was accompanied obviously by Amy but also by an Airport official who helped to clear the way for Amy and Wags through passport control and into the Customs office to meet with Kim. There the Customs papers and vet entry process was completed by Kim, although some of it had been completed during the wait for the flight to land, whilst Amy set off to retrieve her luggage.

It did not take too long for the entry process and checks to be completed and then Amy and Wags were free to leave the baggage hall area and go out into Arrivals to meet their friends.

Wag’s “tale” is an excellent example of how much Pet Travel (both Import and Export) in the TRNC has progressed and how attitudes have changed and are changing. The working relationship between Ercan staff, Turkish Airlines and KAR Pet Travel has culminated in a better understanding, empathy and willingness to meet all of the very different situations that KAR Pet Travel presents to them.

Wags and Amy are now happily living here in the TRNC and Wags is carrying out his special duties – but we do wonder if his TRNC doggy counterparts understand his American accent!!!


Do you recall this story ??????

Earlier in the year we told the tail of Jule ......

May 30th 2015

From Alsancak to Germany – fingers and paws crossed !
There is a lady from Germany who had been here on holiday and became very attached to a local black stray dog (now known as Jule) . On her return to Germany she contacted KAR about homing the dog in Germany with her. Sadly, despite many attempts, Jule could not be found by KAR. 
When at last, after many weeks, she was found she was proving evasive when it came to catching her!

Eventually, along with the help of a local resident in Alsancak, KAR have finally succeeded in catching her and Jule is currently at the KAR Rescue Centre recovering from her speyng operation . The lady in Germany is delighted and all being well Jule will spend the next few months being prepared for her new life in Germany. Fingers and paws crossed that we will all get to see Jule set off for Germany.

We are so pleased to be able to update this one now.

Very recently Jule finally set off on her journey from TRNC to Germany to be reunited with her Claudia. It was a long journey from the Centre to Ercan then Ercan to Istanbul then onto Germany. But at long last her paws finally trod on German soil.

As you can see from this last photo she is certainly wasting no time settling into her new surroundings and making herself comfy !

We are sure that you all agree Jule is now certainly a precious Jewel in Germany.



Tanzania to TRNC (via Zurich and Larnaca)


KAR Pet Travel were asked to help with the import of 2 German Shepherds, Black and Fez, from Tanzania to the TRNC by their owners Arthur and Carole.


After long distance discussions with the owners,  about  various routes , it was felt that the best option would be for Black and Fez to fly , as cargo, from Dar El Salam to Zurich then Zurich to Larnaca and then complete their import into TRNC by road (with KAR Pet Travel).

Throughout the planning Kim (KAR Pet Travel) liaised constantly with IPATA colleague (Paphiakos) Sarah in Republic of Cyprus (RoC) who would be responsible for their clearing at Larnaca and delivery to KAR Pet Travel for onward TRNC importation . Black and Fez would need to meet the criteria, and have the relevant paperwork, for 2 sets of Import – RoC and TRNC as the 2 Countries have different entry requirements.

The agent in Tanzania was also party to all of the discussions and was made perfectly aware of the process, and paperwork, for both RoC and TRNC entry for the dogs.

Arthur and Carole arrived in the TRNC sometime before the dogs – so they could get their house ready and settle down in anticipation of Black and Fez’s arrival.

After a “hiccup” in Tanzania (the agent (not an IPATA member) hadn’t realised that the due travel date was a Tanzanian Bank Holiday and so the dogs wouldn’t be able to fly !) Black and Fez finally left Tanzania a week late. Kim and Sarah had received all of their paperwork in advance and double checked that both sets were correct.

Everything was in place for their Larnaca arrival and it seemed, after the false start, that everything was going to plan ……. WRONG !

On arrival at Zurich it was found that some of the original paperwork needed for RoC was missing. It had not been attached to their travel crates at Tanzania. The dogs were not allowed to continue with their journey ---- they were put into immediate quarantine at Zurich airport. Arthur and Carole were distraught – understandably.

Both Paphiakos and Kim were then kept busy making phone calls and emails to try and sort the problem out. It was compounded by the Export Certificate issued in Tanzania, and needed for TRNC, was (due to the delays) about to expire ! A new one needed to be issued and sent onto Zurich along with the missing original signed paperwork.

Throughout this time Kim and Sarah were able to keep Arthur and Carole updated about the dogs well being and their care in Zurich Quarantine and also the progress of the new paperwork and expected new travel dates from Zurich to Larnaca and then TRNC.

Finally the call came that everyone had been waiting anxiously for --- after 5 days in quarantine the dogs were cleared to continue with their journey.

Plans were then put together for their final arrival at Larnaca and transfer into TRNC.

You can imagine the joy, tears, barks and happiness when 12 days after they should have arrived Arthur, Carole, Black and Fez were reunited at their Ozankoy home. It had been a long and stressful time for everyone but at last the dogs were home – home in the TRNC.

As you can see Black and Fez have taken to TRNC life like ducks to water  !!!

Sometimes pets travel arrangements are not always straight forward but the way any problems are dealt with can make all the difference to the pets, the worried owners and everyone involved. This is particularly important now that more pets are being refused entry to TRNC after the implementation of the most recent changes which was reported in an earlier article by Kim Betts .



Tammi's Story

We would like to thank Julie Oldfield and Dogs Monthly (www.dogsmonthly.co.uk) for sharing with the world the story of Tammi - a KAR rescue dog.



Poor Pointer story – or is it ?

Often we report of the “happy” endings for KAR animals but all too often many horror and sad stories are left untold. Today is one that we want to share with you ........ you can decide.

Our office received phone calls from some very worried Ex- pats about a dog in distress. After taking all of the details our Community Warden (Yulian) was asked to go over to see and look at the dog as a matter of urgency.  Once he arrived Yulian could see the dog was in a terrible state so he put him straight into his van to take him immediately to the vet for assessment and treatment.

These photos only begin to show the state of the poor hunting dog who had obviously been neglected for some considerable time and then discarded like a piece of rubbish.

The news from the vet was not good but it was not all bad – the dog was extremely malnourished, it had infected open bite wounds from an attack, was infested with ticks and fleas. So treatment began with the view to the dog, eventually, being taken to the KAR Centre to recuperate and recover totally before put up for re homing.

However following tests later by the vet the poor dog was also proven to be infected with Leishmania (a disease spread from infected animals by way of sand fly bites).

It is always a hard and difficult situation when dogs are proven Leishmania positive as it is a disease that can be spread. KAR would not be able to have the dog at its Rescue Centre (due to the risk of spreading the disease to the other dogs) and likewise it could not, once fully recuperated from its other problems, be returned to the community. There is no cure, for Leishmania, as such – but there is a maintenance programme (which may slow down the physical symptoms of the disease in a dog) which is very very expensive – often even private owners cannot afford to fund this for their own pets. The vet and KAR discussed the situation at length and the all were of the opinion that, although terribly sad, the only available option in these circumstances would be for the dog to be put to sleep.

But the pointer’s story doesn’t end there  ....... another TRNC animal welfare group heard of the pointer’s plight and wanted to take the dog. The vet explained fully about the implications of the disease, the risk of spreading the disease, the cost of the treatment and in his opinion what should happen – sad though that may be. However it appears that this group still want to take the dog with all the responsibilities that are entailed. The poor pointer will remain at the vets receiving treatment for his visible conditions for a short while before moving on elsewhere.

We cannot decide  - is this a Happy story or is it a Sad one ??? !!!



And Charlie makes 3 !


Back in October 2014 KAR Pet Travel arranged for Dave and Julie to import their 2 cats into TRNC . They decided that, for them, the best travel option was for the cats to fly from UK into Ercan with Turkish Airlines as accompanied pets. The 2 cats (and their humans !) were met, at Ercan, by a KAR representative and the customs and vet clearance was completed following which the cats (and their humans !) were free to go to their new home in Kayalar. Because all of their entry (and exit UK ) paperwork was in order, and their new home was deemed suitable, the cats were subject to a 1 month “home quarantine” period which is far preferable to any quarantine at the state facility .


Although Dave and Julie were delighted to be at the start of their new life in the TRNC it was also tinged with sadness as they had had to leave behind their beloved (albeit grumpy !) 18 year old double gold head Amazon green parrot  called Charlie. They, and KAR Pet Travel, hoped that Charlie would be reunited with them in the not too distant future.

The issues surrounding bringing pet birds into the TRNC are not huge but owners need to be made very aware that if their pet bird is a type listed on the CITES ( Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species)  register then it would be impossible for them to be relocated back to the UK/EU and/or many other countries. The reason for this is that the TRNC does not have any authority to issue the correct CITES export paperwork and is not one of the voluntary signed countries to the CITES agreement.

 It is also necessary for CITES checks and certificates to be completed before an export from the UK can be agreed.

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten the survival of the species in the wild, and it accords varying degrees of protection to more than 5’600 species of birds and animals and over 30,000 plants.

Dave and Julie decided that they had no intention of relocating away from the TRNC and began the process of arranging for Charlies UK export (and CITES) paperwork to be issued. Meanwhile KAR Pet Travel were liaising with them, and agents, regarding the best route to bring Charlie in and also for the issuing of his Import Licence. It was decided that Charlie should also come into Ercan with Turkish Airlines as an “accompanied pet” so Dave decided to return to the UK to collect him.

On Wednesday the 18th March Kim (KAR Pet Travel) arrived at Ercan ready to meet Charlie and Dave. The customs officials were their usual jolly and helpful selves and one of them even went out to the aircraft to ensure that Charlie was off loaded quickly and carefully. It didn’t take long before Charlie (who was quite vocal) was personally presented to Kim , in the arrival hall, much to the interest of the passengers waiting for their luggage.


Dave arrived in the arrivals hall a little while later and whilst he was being reunited with his luggage Kim and the customs officials began the Ercan import arrival paperwork and waited for the TRNC Government vet to arrive to check Charlie and his paperwork prior to release. During the ensuing wait Charlie attracted much attention and there were lots of discussions about birds and parrots and it transpired that the customs and ground staff at Ercan had between them a fair experience of owning and caring for birds. Throughout it all Charlie strutted along his perch, watched with his beady eyes and grumbled – he just wanted to go home.

Finally everything was completed and Charlie (and Dave) were released to go home. Ercan resounded with calls of “Bye bye Charlie bye bye”. After a long tiring journey a happy Dave and Charlie were ready to be picked up and taken home to be re united as a family with Julie, Cleo and Domino.

Home for Charlie is now a brand new deluxe bird house in the lovely Kayalar .




Ten years ago, we were enjoying a quiet coffee on the terrace of our neighbour’s house in Karmi, when a very thin, woebegone pointer-cross dog inched his way along our stone wall. Building work was going on nearby, and he was carrying a plastic bag of what looked like stolen builders’ sandwiches. He held it neatly by the knot and was clearly intent on hiding it somewhere.We tried to entice him into our garden but he was clearly terrified of human beings. He was badly scarred and his ribs were visible. After a few days he became brave enough to approach us and take some biscuits. A little while later, after we had gained his confidence, he allowed a neighbour (a nurse) to remove dozens of ticks and also cut away stitches left from a recent neutering.
We were due back into the UK (our house is a holiday home) and after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with other neighbours who said they would care for him, but could not, we made the decision to adopt him, if possible, and take him back to our home in Sussex. Another neighbour – a lady who cared for abandoned kittens on behalf of KAR – agreed to temporarily ‘adopt’ him, while the necessary paperwork was done and he was restored to full health. We later discovered he was frightened if anyone picked up a broom or hovered….clearly he had been badly treated.
Ari (as we named him) gained in strength and once his rabies blood tests had come back ‘all clear,’ the necessary treatments had been given and his passage to the UK booked, my husband Mel arrived in Karmi to accompany him home.

He was loaded into his travelling crate then Mel embarked on the Ercan to Istanbul flight. He changed planes in Istanbul and flew to Paris (the Turkish Airlines crew assuring him that Ari was safe and warm in the heated baggage hold.)
I took the ferry to Boulogne and drove to Paris, spending the night in a hotel near Orly.The next morning I arrived at the airport to see Mel and Ari emerging, safe and well from ‘arrivals.’ As was necessary in those days (because the North Cyprus animal passport was not recognised in the UK but was recognised elsewhere in Europe) we drove him to a veterinary surgeon in Paris where he was checked over and given a French passport. We drove to Boulogne, took the ferry to Dover, passed effortlessly through the immigration checks,  then drove towards home.

Our other dog, an English Bull Terrier called Nico, had been staying with friends in Friston Forest, several square miles of woodland near the Seven Sisters. As we got out of the car, Ari saw Nico emerge, tore himself away and disappeared into the Forest, trailing his new lead. It took Mel several hours to track him down, lying in
 the bracken where his lead had caught on a branch. It was October, and it was dark. We were lucky to find him. We got wise to this trick later, after he brought a village to a standstill, leaping over the seven foot wall of our Sussex-based vet. We later discovered he suffered from aspergillosis – at one stage incurable – but were lucky enough to find veterinary surgeon at Gatwick who was able to treat him successfully. The scars have faded, he is now a wonderful companion, stupendously fit and active and a feisty dog who soon saw off competition from our latest Cypriot import, Jacques.
Once again, back to Karmi. On a visit last year, as the small pack of dogs - routinely cared for by English neighbours - greeted our car. We noticed a tall, handsome, brown and white pointer, a newcomer to the group. We were told he had been dumped in the mountains, along with a German Shepherd and a Dachshund. He took to us, climbing onto the sofa and eventually onto our bed. As Ari was getting older, we thought, why not bring him home with us? We named him Jacques.

We enjoy holidays in France and thought he would love those huge beaches in Normandy.
KAR came to the rescue. Margaret assured us that methods of shipping dogs home had become simplified. No longer was a French passport necessary – we could now organise the return journey via KAR and Turkish Airlines.  Jacques went to stay  at the KAR kennels where Margaret oversaw the chipping, neutering and other veterinary processes essential to take an animal back to the UK. We paid for TRNC carpenters to build a special carrying crate (he is a huge dog) and arranged the transportation and care during the journey. On this occasion, all that was necessary was for us to turn up at Heathrow Airport, give our names, sit on a bench, watch the other dog ‘adopters’ welcome their hounds and wait for Jacques to appear. Eventually the giant box came out on a trolley. He was home. He whined and cried all the way from Heathrow to Sussex, but soon settled into a huge bed in our kitchen. Ari was not so sure about this new invader and kept him in his place.

A couple of days later, we took the pair out on one of our favourite walks, unclipped Jacques’ lead to see him streak off in pursuit of a rabbit. Several miles, a couple of ditches, a barbed wire fence and bramble-strewn field later, we caught him – upended in a burrow. Since then we’ve embarked on proper gundog training, which is proving very successful, although he still has a mind of his own, particularly where balls are thrown on the beach or interesting creatures emerge from the hedgerows. Our trainer looked at him and told us he is a pure-bred German Shorthaired Pointer….’A German hunting machine’ – but this‘machine’ has developed a love of comfort, regular meals and a very easy life. We were also told by our trainer that in the UK or overseas, he would be worth 1,800 euros. ‘What on earth made anyone get rid of him’ he wondered?

The moral of this story – if there is one – is that taking these animals home is a straightforward process and massively rewarding. They seem to have even more love for their families than the purebred pedigree dogs we had previously owned. Perhaps they remember what life was like for stray dogs in Cyprus?

These two decisions, were among the best we have made. 
Melvyn and Susan Butcher


Poppet the Pin Up Girl

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