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Finally rescued from their Hell Hole



These two GSDs have endured living in appalling conditions in Alsancak for many months. The female had been in a small cage with dirty bowls and rubbish, was extremely thin and with both eyes badly infected. The male was on a short chain attached to a tree unable to reach either the water tank shelter or the dirty water bowls which were in amongst dirt and rubbish.  

Yesterday with the help of Girne Belediyse the Government Veterinary Department officials they were successfully removed to a place of safety.

KAR had spoken with the 'owner' several times offering to help with cleaning up the site, supplying kennels etc but was told that he did not need help and that he 'loved' his dogs and cares for them himself. We reminded him that he needed to take the dogs to the vet for Micro-chipping and Registration but the appointments made were not kept.

KAR sent in reports to the Gov. Vet Dept, had meeting with Alsancak Belediyre and visited Lapta Police in the hope that something could be done. After many reports, meetings etc it is only now that it has been achieved by the Gov. Vet. Dept and Girne Belediyre. We feel that the law is seriously flawed in that it is only the Belediyre that have the jurisdiction to prosecute or correct the injustices and inhuman methods in which so called 'owners' subject their dogs!!! Perhaps the Gov. Vet. Dept and or the Police should also have this permission so that local authorities that are unprepared to help for one reason or another can easily be overridden for the sake of the lives of the animals?

Sadly there are many other dogs being kept in small cages, on short chains with no shelter or shade, no access to clean water or nutritious food. Owned by local people who 'love their dog' but are unable to see that what they are doing is cruel and inhumane. We need all local authorities to step up and take responsibility for the animals not just the humans (for which they were voted in office for) it is more far reaching than just building a animal shelter.

The two GSDs will now get the proper health care and help for their physical and mental recovery and their previous 'owner' will be prosecuted



Farewell Celine

Time has flown by, on Friday it was time to say goodbye to our intern Celine. Following a very enjoyable few months and a very in depth thesis written by Celine it was time to return to the Netherlands, where following a well deserved summer break, she will continue with her studies into Animal Welfare. During her time at KAR she gravitated towards the cats and kittens and fell in love with our ginger kitten 'Mowgli'. It was her parting wish that Mowgli find a safe and loving home. If you can help Celine with her final wish, please visit the centre and between 9-11am and offer him and his friends a home....



KAR get Hammered

KAR get Hammered !!!
A wonderful 14,112 TL was raised on Tuesday evening at an event to auction over 134 lots of items donated from members of the public. This included the generous donation of a car from one of our supporters. The event was held at the Courtyard Restaurant, Karakum, Girne and was a great success. Everyone had a great time with much laughter helped along by our very own version of " David Dickenson" !!!
We would like to thank all those that attended and bid for the many fantastic bargains, those that donated the items and everyone that helped to make the event such a great success. A selection of the unsold items will be appearing on our new Facebook Sales page that will be launched in the next few days. So still time to purchase a bargain!!!



KAR latest Intern


KAR have been Accredited Training Providers for The Foundation for Cooperation on Vocational, Education and Training and the Labour Market for over 1 year now and another student has come to learn about what we do, how we do things and why.

Celine Gielen began her internship with us in May and will stay until early July. She is 21 and lives in the Netherlands where she is studying with the aim of working in Animal Care/Welfare full time eventually.

Her time, with KAR is being taken up with working hands on with the cats and dogs at our Rescue Centre, assisting our vet with health checks and neutering, going out with the KAR Cat Team and many other aspects of working with KAR and some of the local vets.

Obviously Celine has come in at a difficult time with the Centre in Lock Down and has been learning about the issues that can affect a Rescue Centre following such an outbreak.

Celine is proving to be a real help for KAR and we hope that she is also enjoying her stay with us.



Education Visit - Karakum School

Visit to Karakum Anaokulu on Tuesday April 10th2018


On April 10th The KAR Education team had the pleasure of visiting Karakum Anaokulu school.  Maggie Smith,  Carole Widdison,  Elif Todd and of course Maggie`s Cyprus terrier Annie were welcomed by the Headteacher Sinem Ҫakir, her teachers and 47 excited 5 to 6 year children.

The children were interested and keen to take part throughout the lesson and they all love Annie. Carole talked about KAR and why there is a rescue centre and how the animals are looked after there.  Maggie then told them ` Annie`s story` to show how a rescued dog can make a loving pet.  She showed the children Annie`s collar and tag and explained why they were so important. There were activities to help them understand what dogs and cats needed to be happy and healthy and this was reinforced when pupils were asked to come up and choose an item from a cat basket and show the class.   It was mentioned briefly why it is important to neuter animals.

The team then showed the children how to stroke a dog safely that was with its owner and how to behave around stray dogs on the street. All of the children stood like a tree in silence while Maggie pretended to be a barking dog to show them how to respond.


Each child was given a folder of appropriate worksheets and information to complete which was then theirs to take home to show their families.

A big thank you to the Headteacher and teachers for inviting us to visit again and especially Alime Bey for organizing the lesson. Also for all of the donations of food for the animals at the rescue centre from the staff and the children.




How many ????

How many??????

As you may be aware KAR recently began a “free” neutering service for stray and feral cats. Members of the public and the KAR cat team have been busy over the last 2 ½ months collecting cats and bringing them to the KAR Clinic (Karakum) for them to be health checked, wormed and neutered/spayed. Once recovered they are then returned to where they came from.

Since the programme began (mid February) up to the end of April a total of 111 females were spayed and 97 males have been neutered. So 208 cats (so far) will NOT be adding further to the stray cat population in North Cyprus!

Thank you Derya (KAR Vet) and her assistants – Thank you KAR Cat Team and Thank you to all the members of the public who have caught cats and brought them to us.




Cat calling

Back in September 2015 KAR Pet Travel organised the Import of Scooby and Tilly into TRNC.

Recently, in April 2018,  we were asked to relocate Tilly back to the UK. Sadly Scooby ( who was a 10 year old Yorkie when he came to TRNC) was no longer with us.

Tilly left the TRNC one sunny but cool April day and despite being 13 years old she coped well with the trip - she even had her original travel box. She kept us entertained on the way to Ercan as she sang along out singing  the radio ( we are not quite sure that it was in the right key but "Cats in the Cradle" sounded better than some of the modern  songs that we hear !!). Customs and airline officials were very taken with her colouring - almost a lilac colour. However we don’t think they were too impressed with her version of “ Cool for Cats”

Shirley, her owner, had previously remarked that the Special Cargo Dept where Tilly would spend the night would need ear plugs or paracetemol after Tilly had been with them a while ! However we are sure that they would have loved her rendition of “What’s new Pussy Cat “

Everything went smoothly with Tillys flights and she arrived on time. As soon as she had finished her clearing process at Heathrow she was whisked away to the boarding cattery where she would wait for her owners to arrive back in the UK.

Keep calm and keep singing Tilly - "The Cat Came Back"



Volunteers needed

It is not just monetary donations, clothing donations, household donations etc that we need - We also need TIME donations - Your Time. 
Kyrenia Animal Rescue relies on volunteers to lend a hand whenever they can. There are various volunteer roles at K.A.R. 
Our fantastic volunteers have a variety of reasons for volunteering. For some it gives them a chance to give something back to the community. For some people they are new to the Island and want to build a social network. For others it could be boredom and gives them a sense of purpose. We also have regular visitors to the island who volunteer who live in Kyrenia for a few months of the year.
IT’S GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH: No we aren’t making this up! Studies have found that when you stop thinking less about your own problems and focus on something else your stress levels start to decrease, your immune system strengthens and your overall sense of satisfaction increases (source United Health Group).

Charity Shops – this role involves serving customers, sorting and pricing clothes. Many of our volunteers are retired and come to work in the shops for one morning or afternoon per week. This can be quite a social role working with members of the public and other KAR volunteers - you need to be friendly, polite and willing to help - even if you are not in TRNC permanently we still need your help. 
At our centre – With over 350 dogs and puppies and over 50 cats and kitten there is always plenty to do at our rescue centre. Dog walking, feeding, cleaning, grooming are all part and parcel of working at our rescue centre. You abolutely be animal friendly (even if not so Human friendly !!)
Meeters and Greeters – Now that the TRNC visitor season is upon us, we often need meeters and greeters to show visitors around the centre and talk to them about what we do. It is quite a social role so you need to be human friendly and chatty !
To become a volunteer simply contact our office on 0533 869 4098 or email us at [email protected]



KAR Education team visit to Karaoğlanoğlu primary school.

KAR Education team visit to Karaoğlanoğlu primary school.


On Wednesday 2nd May Maggie Smith, Carole Widdison, Carol Easton and Annie spent two hours with Year 5 students at the above primary school. Forty two 11 year olds with their teachers filled the classroom and were keen to take part in the lessons based on the new workbook entitled ` The Happy Pets Workbook `.


Two of the students, Kyla Ben and Lara Hayatlar stood with the Education team to translate for their classmates.  They were amazing girls who  did the job confidently and accurately. 

The students took part in activities and discussions and completed sections of the workbook based on what animals need to be happy and healthy , neutering and keeping safe around animals, stray dogs particularly.  The students were also old enough to help complete the mathematical calculations of how cat numbers increase so quickly without them being neutered. The workbook is then theirs to take home to go through with their families.

A big thank you to Head of Year 5 Gönül Kendir for organizing the lessons, the Headteacher Sonay Özgünan for welcoming us into  his school and the delightful translators for helping us. The school is also going to collect animal food for the Rescue centre during June.

This is the first time the team have taught in this school and look forward to visiting again.




Its time for a little bit of KAR FriYay Feel Good Factor ....
245 .....245 .....245 ......245 Dogs have been SAVED !

Saved by the sheer hard work, love, effort and commitment shown by everyone KAR, YAY the Team KAR.

SAVED by the wonderful vets who work with KAR. YAY the Vets.

SAVED by the many kind and generous people who have donated money into our bank accounts. YAY the Bank Donators.

SAVED by the very kind people who have donated cash in the TRNC. YAY the Cash Donators.

SAVED by the fantastic amounts of bleach that came in. YAY the Bleach Donators.

SAVED by many bottles of vitamins that came over in person or in the post. YAY the Vitamin Donators.

SAVED by the cans of food that helped us hide the vitamins. YAY the Canned Food Donators.

SAVED by the hundreds of well wishers and their good vibes. YAY the Well Wishers.

SAVED by MANY many others who helped in any way. YAY the Others.

Each and everyone of you deserve a well earned pat on the back and to you our 245 dogs say YAY and Thank you - Thank you for helping to save them. Hip Hip HooYAY.



Boost for KAR Cat Neutering Program

At last KAR has managed to employ the services of a qualified Vet to work solely for three days a week at our Vet clinic in KAR office premises in Karakum. This is a huge benefit to the numbers of street animals we are able to neuter - as we previously had been controlled by the veterinary costs imposed in using the private sector. We would like to thank the Veterinary Association in helping us to find a suitable qualified Vet able to join our team.


KAR are expanding their Cat Neutering Programme and offering free neutering for any street/feral cats.

Some important facts - A female can produce 3 to 7 kittens every 4months and a female cat can become pregnant as young as 5 months old. 1 Female + 1 Male cat x 7 years = 420,000 offspring.   

All cats that we neuter will have the tip cut off their left ear which is an International sign that they have been neutered. All cats must be from the streets and must not have an owner. No owned cats will be neutered. Whilst being neutered the cats will also be given treatments for internal parasites and health checked. If any are found to have any health problems they will be given treatments accordingly by our Vet.

KAR has a very experienced Cat Catching Team and specialist equipment for catching feral cats. From our office in Karakum we will be running an equipment loan scheme and for a returnable deposit we will loan out and give instructions on the use of traps and baskets.


We will depend on the public to inform of us of any large colonies of cats in their area. A report will be made to include an idea of numbers of cats and some other information in particular the name and contact details for whoever is feeding this group would be very helpful.

Our cat catching team will arrange a date to visit to collect the cats. They will be kept overnight to recover following the operation and will be returned to the same place the following day. Individuals who are feeding small numbers of street cats will be encouraged to catch them and bring them into the clinic at Karakum for a pre booked appointment on an arranged day and will be asked to collect them later that same day. They will be asked to keep them overnight in a quiet, dark area in their travel boxes until releasing them the following morning. 

KAR will only return cats to an area that they have been removed from. If there is a cat problem reported and there is a request that the cats be removed KAR representatives will visit and talk through the problems and give help and advice onhow to overcome particular problems.

KAR have neutered over 9,000 cats in the last 16 years. We feel this has made a big impact in the population of street cats in the Girne area but there is still a great deal of work to do. We are offering help and advice also to other areas if we can ask groups or individuals to contact us to see how we can help them.

Whilst we advertise that this is a free service we do ask for donations towards our costs to run such a programme.  These donations will be aimed at  the programme costs for medications, Veterinary wage,  replacement of equipment, cleaning supplies, utilities, running of our vehicle etc. All of which are essential in order to run a successful neutering programme. We do not ask for a particular amount but ask for a donation of whatever the person or group can afford to give.

These street cats are part of the integral part of life here in the TRNC and belong to the community as a whole. It is every persons responsibility to love and care for all living animals. Between us we can and will make a difference!!!






Epidemic Upate April 11th 2018

Again our heart felt thanks for the donations that are coming in – it is amazing how many wonderful people have donated money, sent messages and offered to come along and physically help us up at the Rescue Centre  (even willing to fly over from the UK to help). THANK YOU

What can we say about KAR staff and volunteers !!!!! Their determination and hard work has been above and beyond the call of duty – they have worked tirelessly alongside vets – day in and day out often working on their days off – their commitment to KAR is fantastic.. THANK YOU

As you know last Friday (6th) we had already lost 80 dogs to this dreadful disease. On Friday an emergency team went to KAR and began to administer vaccinations.

Dogs that were already showing symptoms could not be vaccinated (as the vaccine can lower further their immune system and can add to the seriousness of the disease) but the symptomatic dogs were put onto intensive treatment for their symptoms. They were cannulated and intravenous fluids and medicines were given – for at least 3 days.


Between Friday and today (April 11th) we have lost a further 15 dogs and currently have 65 dogs on the intensive treatment after showing symptoms.

However bad it may sound we are remaining positive  - we have to.

Of the dogs who began their 3 days intensive treatment on Friday 6th– some have survived and are greatly improved. It is hoped that they can begin an antibiotic programme on Saturday 14th.

Although we have 65 on 3 day intensive treatment – they are very sick but  the number of fatalities seems to be reducing.

Each day sees changes to the situation at the Rescue Centre and the dogs are certainly still at high risk – but we will continue to do everything that we can to help reduce the deaths, reduce their pain and symptoms and also to contain the spread of this really nasty disease Distemper.

We are still in Lock Down and are a long long way from the finish line but at last we can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Further updates on the situation and the fantastic donations will be published as soon as we can.

Update May 4th 2018

Due to the recent Distemper outbreak the KAR Rescue Centre is still in Lock down. There is still a risk of contagion and spread and so NOpuppies or dogs are being accepted into the Centre - please do NOT bring them to the Rescue Centre or the KAR office. 
There is still no dog walking and no dogs or pups are being homed from the Centre. 
We are sorry to be in this position and apologise for any inconvenience but we need to remain in lock down (until further notice) in order to try and control/beat this disease. 







We never know what is going to come through our door (or fence or our office) and we are used to dealing with all manner of sad little (and not so little) souls. Our incoming rescues rarely come with medical notes or background info. But one recent abandoned litter has left behind a wake of horror, fear and destruction. DISTEMPER.
Staff arrived one morning to find a litter of pups abandoned up at the centre. They were automatically health checked and put into a quarantined area. It was not long before staff noticed that one puppy was snuffling and coughing. He was monitored carefully and the next day he had a fever and so was taken to a local vet. Distemper is not the first usual illness that vets here check for - there are many other illnesses here that can initially have the same symptoms - and the puppy was treated for other illnesses. His condition, at the Center, further deteriorated over a period of time and the vet advice was sought. At that point, it came to light that there had been a recent case of a dog with Distemper in the Girne area. So the puppy was tested and the result was positive. The puppy was put to sleep and staff were advised to keep a close eye on the siblings. It was not long before they too became ill -Distemper. The whole litter sadly was euthanized. That was the end of the problem so KAR and the vet thought. 
Not so.
Over the course of a couple of weeks cases were cropping up primarily in the quarantine area and also the puppy runs but then it seemed to spread into other compounds within the KAR Centre - more areas were being quarantined as best as possible. However still the Distemper spread. Hardly surprising when it can be spread by airborne viral particles breathed in. The decision was taken to not accept any more puppies - as all too often they are very susceptible and no more infectious puppies could be risked coming into the Centre - it was a case of isolating the existing problem - not bringing more problems in. But what were staff to do when they arrive to find another box of puppies by the gate, another pup or teenager tied to the fence? 
More and more dogs were becoming ill and more and more cases of Distemper were diagnosed. Staff and volunteers were at an all time low as more and more of their beloved KAR dogs were succumbing and dying, or being put to sleep, because of this dreadful visitor Distemper. Dogs that had been promised homes away from the TRNC, dogs who were happy and healthy, dogs who were old, dogs who were new residents - Distemper wasn’t fussy who it affected. The first adult dogs to succumb were some of those who live at the Center and are on maintenance programs for Leishmania (and there are quite a lot) - their immune system (due to the Leish) is already low and so they were amongst the 1st victims - they either contracted the Distemper or the Distemper aggravated their Leish symptoms and they died. Staff were arriving in the mornings to find dogs had died overnight - it has been heart breaking for them.
Our local Vet Niyazi (and Melda) was fantastic as usual - he knew how serious such an outbreak could be and was trying so hard along with the Centre manager staff and volunteers to treat and contain the spread of the disease. 
Today it has very sadly been confirmed that now every compound at KAR has suffered from the disease. KAR are now, as of April 6th, in LOCK DOWN. No animal can be accepted at the Rescue Centre and no dogs are leaving the Centre. No dogs are sadly available for homing at the moment. 
Following advice from a Professor in Turkey (where a similar outbreak has been reported ) emergency supplies have been requested of a heavy duty vaccination along with supplies of intravenous Vitamin C (which is not currently out of stock in TRNC , with new supplies on their way from France - due to arrive over the next week or so - hopefully !!!). Vets and staff will begin a massive program for all of the dogs left up at KAR to try and give them a chance against Distemper - we do not know if it will work. We do not know if they will survive.
But we have to do what we can - otherwise the very real reality is that there will be no dogs at the KAR Rescue Centre. 

Some people may poke their fingers and lay blame at KARs door but everyone in the know is agreed that KAR have done everything , now and in the past, to prevent all infections (Including Distemper) - with all puppies and dogs who come in, after their quarantine period, receiving vaccinations, having health assessments, and ongoing checks and any necessary treatment etc. Sadly this has proved not to be enough. 

KAR has thought about the pros and cons of going public with this news – we do not want to alarm people unnecessarily but it is such a really nasty disease and has caused us so much pain (and money) that we feel we need to explain – explain what we are going through at the moment and why we cannot take anymore animals in or let any of our KAR dogs out. We have already lost 80 dogs to this outbreak of DISTEMPER we do not want to lose anymore – but we feel that it may be inevitable. But we have to try and give them all the best chance of survival that we can.

Owners also need to monitor their own pets - KAR did not bring this disease in - puppies from the Community brought it to KAR. Those puppies had been in the community and were contagious before they were dumped at KAR. They caught it from some other dog in the TRNC community.

As you can imagine the cost for all of the treatments, tests and euthanasia so far has tested KARs budget seriously. The imminent program due to begin immediately will be very very expensive with over 300 dogs to treat. KAR are urgently in need of any help we can get to help save these dogs and to contain the Distemper.
You can donate at our Karakum office or into any of our bank accounts:
UK A/C Name Kyrenia Animal Rescue. HSBC 40 - 21- 02 11364812
TRNC CREDITWEST £ A/C 37 -301 - 0000000714 TL A/C 32 - 301 - 00000000056

To all of our staff, volunteers and vets – without your help we cannot even begin to save the ones that we have left. You are ALL truly amazing – we are just all so sad that so many could not be saved. Thank you 
It has never happened before in the TRNC like this – let’s hope that we can stop it in its tracks and that it never happens again.

We appreciate that you may have question so if you have any questions specifically about the situation at KAR please email our office - [email protected] and we will respond as best we can - when we can. Please bear in mind that all of our emotions, energy and time is currently being spent on trying to save the dogs that are currently at the Rescue Centre - so we may not respond immediately.
If you have any questions about Distemper itself, or are concerned about your dog, please speak to your vet.





KAR would like to give a huge thank you to the members of the Jivamukti Yoga group who very kindly donated 14 (280kg) bags of dog food to help feed the many street dogs in our care.

We are all very grateful for their valued support and send lots of licks and waggy tails from the four leggeds.



Quiz for KAR



A Quiz was held last Friday at the Blue Song Restaurant, Lapta. Fifty people turned out for the evening quiz and raffle. The questions were all based on animals which were read out by the quizmaster Roy and was won by the team 'Def Leopard'. The participants enjoyed a meal provided by the restaurant and a fantastic 842TL was raised to help with KAR's neutering campaign. Thank you to all those that took part and to Marion Clay for organising the event.  



Cross border visit


10 KAR volunteers recently had a day out in Ormideia to visit another Animal Charity’s rescue center.

Argos Sanctuary which was established in 2007. Several of the volunteers had previously met with Argos staff and volunteers at the ICAWC in Nicosia in 2017.

Despite the difference in numbers of animals being cared for both charities shared many of the same problems - lack of funding, space, restrictive regulations and rules, scarcity of reliable volunteers etc. But also there were many very similar ideas which had been taken on board by both Charities - neutering campaigns, education, the need for an in house vet, on site facilities etc.

Experiences and new ideas between the 2 groups were discussed over some delicious cakes and drinks provided by one of the Argos volunteers.

All of the KAR volunteers enjoyed the trip and came back with several new ideas to consider.

Thank you Argos Sanctuary - KAR look forward to your visit to our rescue centre.





Happy Mothers Day

Mum and Son reunited - in time for Mothers Day!

In May 2017 we arranged for a handsome black and white cat to travel to the UK. His name was Ben Iki. He had been adopted by Jenny and Simon Collyer who have a holiday home here in TRNC. A close friend of theirs had been caring for Ben Iki whilst his travel preparations were completed. Sue was also looking after other cats in the neighborhood - including Ben Iki’s Mum.

Ben Iki settled into the Collyer household really well and seemed to really enjoy the UK lifestyle.

On one of their regular visits to TRNC Jenny & Simon called into the KAR office for a quick chat with Kim. They had decided that is was only right that Ben Iki’s Mum (who was still around) should be given the same opportunity as Ben Iki - and so her travel preparations began. They had named her Olcay.

Sue agreed to look after Olcay for the 4 months needed before Olcay could travel. She was the perfect foster carer as Olcay already knew her.

Jenny and Simon visited TRNC again early in 2018 to have a “cat”ch up with everyone including Olcay.

Soon the day arrived for Olcay to travel to the UK. She arrived in the UK on Wednesday March 7th and was collected from Heathrow by a very excited Collyer family. As you can see she has quickly learnt the art of “rug snuggling” and seems to be settling in very well.

We hope that Olcay has a wonderful Mothers Day - sharing it in the UK with her son Ben Iki and her adopted family.


Happy Mother’s Day Olcay.



Kyrenia Amature Dramatic Society (KADS) - supporting KAR


Show their Support for KAR.

Last Friday a presentation took place at the Pia Bella Hotel. Don Attwood chairman of KADs presented two charities with the fantastic amount of 4,000TL each having raised this money from performances they have held throughout 2017. KAR has been one of KADs chosen charities for many years and have supported their productions throughout. We are extremely grateful to all those amateur thespians that have given their time and expertise to produce such wonderful and often amusing shows to not only give pleasure to their audience but to give much needed funds to help the street dogs and cats.

We will continue to give our support to KADs as they give their support and help to KAR.




KAE Education team visit E.S.K

Visit by Education team to ESK  on Wednesday February 14th.

On Wednesday February 14TH the Education team, Maggie Smith, Carole Widdison, Carol Easton and of course Annie, Maggie`s Cyprus Terrier, visited  the English school of Kyrenia at Bellapais to speak to the after school club Kyrenia St. Hilarion Interacts.  It is run by Naran Gemicioğlu of the Kyrenia St. Hilarion Rotary club and  senior student Tanel who had already organised a visit by the club to KAR rescue centre in 2017.  Tanel had previously done some volunteer work at the centre.

Maggie started by telling them Annie`s story, an example of a poor dog found on the streets who now has a very happy and loving home.

Carol explained to the students about the Five Freedoms, which are essential for the wellbeing of all animals, but especially for cats and dogs.Freedom from:

Hunger and thirst, discomfort ,   pain, injury and disease, fear and distress and freedom to play and to enjoy companionship.

Carole asked the students why there are so many cats and dogs on the streets. The following discussion also included what could be done to reduce the number particularly the need for animals to be neutered.  The students were told about cat catching by KAR, the new centre built by Girne Beledyesi and their neutering and tagging with blue tags.  The students were also amazed at the numbers of cats that could result (in theory ) from two original unneutered cats – 420 000 after 7 years!

Maggie concluded the talk by introducing the `Let them live book ` and explaining briefly the philosophy behind it.  Each student was given one so that they could read it and make up their own mind what is best for the dogs.

The students were very interested and we had some very useful discussions which hopefully will spur them on to do their part by ensuring that, whenever possible, all animals experience the benefit from the concept of the Five Freedoms.



A CAUTIONARY Tale from KAR Pet Travel

A KAR Pet Travel Cautionary Tale

Over the last couple of months KAR Pet Travel had been asked to help with the relocation of a cat (M) and dog (L) to the UK. Nothing unusual in that you may think as it is something we are doing day in and day out.

Sadly however this relocation did not go to plan.

The pets had originated from Russia and had several vet books and vet records. Some were in English, some in Russian and one in yet another language. Some vaccinations had been done in Russia, some in another Eastern bloc Country and others in TRNC. So it was quite difficult to trace back and check that everything was in order and recorded correctly - as the records were not all in the same format and many were not in English. The all important Rabies Serology Test Certificate was issued by a laboratory in Russia.

The owner had had some help (from an agency we understand) in Russia to prepare her pets for entry to TRNC a couple of years ago. Since being in the TRNC she had kept up to date with their rabies vaccinations.

As a matter of course I had checked that the Russian Lab was one of the EU approved labs acceptable for pet travel into EU and it was. We worked through the books linking the dates from the information given and it seemed that everything was in order.

Their travel dates were set and M was travelling on a Tuesday with L following on the Wednesday (as we cannot send cats and dogs together). Their owner had already left for the UK and would be collecting them from Heathrow.

 M arrived at Heathrow on the Wednesday and began her UK clearing process. Late in the afternoon I received a phone call to say that there was a problem with Ms paperwork and there was a concern that the same issue would apply to L - could we stop L from flying. However it was too late - she was almost at Istanbul on her journey to UK.

We were not told what the issue was at that stage just that is was a very serious issue! As you can imagine we were horrified - what had happened? Had we not checked something correctly? Had we missed some information out of the paperwork? Had we not counted the days correctly? What ? We scrutinized the copies over and over and could not see anything amiss.

Then came the explanation call ---- it was NOT an error on our part ….but it was SERIOUS and M was being denied UK entry. The Rabies Serology Test was a fraudulent one and had not been issued by the Russian Lab at all. The test certificate was ILLEGAL.

Many phone calls and emails went on late into the night between us, London, UK agents and the distraught owner.

There was no other way for M to remain in the UK but to remain in quarantine for a period up to 4 months - she would need to begin the whole process again overseen by the UK authorities (who would also be carrying out further investigations into the fraud).

Sadly L would also have to go into quarantine on arrival in the UK as she too had a similar certificate and once checked with the lab in Russia it too was deemed ILLEGAL.

It is so upsetting for us to have a relocation end in such a way - it is very stressful for everyone (and more so for the pets) concerned. It has turned out to be a VERY expensive relocation for the owner and she will be apart from her pets (although she can visit them) for up to 4 months. She has tried to establish how it happened and we are led to believe that it was connected in some way to the agency that initially helped her in Russia - but we do not know that for a fact.

We have spoken at length to the UK authorities to see if there was some way in which we could have known - but the certificates were so well forged that we would not have known. What they have explained is that there are certain Countries, and certain types of animal relocations, that receive extended scrutiny as they have been linked with previous issues of trying to avoid the rules and regulations that apply to pet travel. The consequence of trying to beat the system is very very serious.

It was not a Happy day for KAR Pet Travel but it does serve to remind us that despite all of the checks that we put in place - sometimes it can still go horribly wrong.

None of the pictures used are the real pets.




R & R for KAR

Some well deserved R & R for KAR

It is not often that KAR staff and volunteers get the chance to rest and relax ….and rarely they get to do it together. But Friday night (26th January) 46 staff and volunteers, from KAR, attended their own social event at the Blue song Restaurant in Lepta to welcome in 2018. They chatted, laughed, wined, dined and danced the night away - as well as taking part in raffles and “stand up” bingo games. All in all it was a very enjoyable night.

Margaret Ray (Chairperson) and Elaine (Centre Supervisor)  both had words of thanks to the many volunteers and staff who week in and week out  give up their time, their energy and put in sheer hard work  in order to help the animals in KARs care. Without them there would be no KAR.

One thing that was clear - every one of the volunteers and staff (including those who could not attend) earned a well deserved Thanks from the Committee, from each other and more importantly from the KAR Animals.

More photos of the fun can be seen in "Gallery"



KAR makes the UK News !

KAR has had an article about them published in the Sunday Express magazine. Please click on the link to read it ;









A donation from Girne Beledeyesi



KAR are very grateful to Girne Mayor Nadai Gungordu for the donation of a Veterinary Treatment Table and Weighing Scales. This vital equipment is being put to good use in our new Veterinary facility.





Beds Glorious Beds

Beds Glorious Beds

We all need somewhere to lay our heads don’t we …. Not all of our dogs have that now.

For reasons best known to themselves !!! they have chewed and nearly destroyed their plastic beds. Their once Glorious Beds have now become Notorious Bads.

They have promised not to do it again (somehow we don’t quite believe them ) if we get them some new ones.

All they want is somewhere to lay their head (and not their teeth) so if you can donate a bed  then they will sleep much better at night.

They can be purchased locally in the TRNC and are the medium and large ones seen below. They range in price from 120 - 150TL. If you explain that they are for KAR you may even get a discount.

If you want to donate, outside of TRNC, towards a bed then you can do so by paying into our UK account (use the reference “Beds”)  ;

Kyrenia Animal Rescue HSBC UK: 40-21-02 Account Number 11364812 IBAN No:GB94HBUK 402102 11364812 BIC No: HBUKGB4131B

Thank you and Night night - thank you for helping our dogs sleep tight.



The New KAR Education Workbook

The KAR Education team, Maggie Smith, Carole Widdison & Carol Easton have worked with Doğa School to launch their new workbook for use with children 8 years old and above. This work book can be shown to other schools across the TRNC in the hope that it can be recreated, by those schools, for use in their own programs. They were joined by the famous 3-legged Cyprus Terrier Annie.


This involved interactive lessons and use of the workbook on the Tuesday under the Pergola in their Eco garden.


Wednesday was World Animal Day when the team joined the school for their assembly followed by the launch of the workbook.On Friday about 20 children of varying ages and teachers joined the team at the Rescue centre where they were welcomed by Centre manager Elaine . The school also presented K.A.R with food and items donated by the school and parents. Margaret Ray, Diana Peek and Yulian Kristov were also able to join the team on Friday. The children had a great time with the kittens and looking at the puppies and dogs. Thank you so much to Head Teacher Ibrahim Ceylan and Head English Teacher Neshe Gümüş for allowing us to launch the workbook with their pupils.

A big THANK YOU to the KAR Education Team for their continuous hard work as well to all who helped us to produce such an attractive and fun workbook.



Gimpy and Gypsy in Germany

Two of our centre dogs, Gimpy and Gypsy, flew to Germany at the end of October. This is the message we received earlier this week and we thought we would share it with you ...

"it’s been a week now that the two girls have arrived. We are lucky as the weather is quite mild at the moment and their immune system can get used to all the new germs here :)
Lotte (formerly Gypsy) and Ella (formerly Gimpy) adjusted themselves into the human life very quickly. Both carry the sunshine with them. They are so happy dogs. The most favorite thing for them is to run. Then we our hearts jump, because we know they can have this kind of fun every day now. And every human or dog we meet they greet politely. They’re just so lovely."

We are delighted for these 2 lovely dogs and wish that more of their KAR friends could find their own Forever Home.




Our rescue centre really is in URGENT need of physical HELP. Due to sudden staff/volunteer shortages we are so reduced on some days that we simply do not know how we are going to cope - this situation now is so very serious. 
PLEASE PLEASE if you can spare even just a few hours PLEASE PLEASE come and help. Apart from the usual animal care routines we need anyone who can wash up, cook dog food, do household duties, help with the cats and kittens, go with the KAR van to collect food - ANYTHING as long as you can HELP. 
Without your help we cannot help the animals in our care.
How many Animal Lovers are out there right now reading this ?  - even if you each could give just 1 morning of your time it would make such an enormous difference at this really difficult time. Even just a few hours really would help - PLEASE. 
For more information please contact Elaine urgently on 0533 863 1950 or call our office on 0533 8694098 or email us at [email protected]



Time to say Goodbye or Vaarwell

Time to say Goodbye (or Vaarwel)

How time flies – it doesn’t seem 8 weeks since our Dutch students, Imke Achten, Aniek Albers and Fleur Geurts,   joined KAR for their internship.

However this week it was time for them to return home and continue with their studies.

During their stay, with KAR and in the TRNC, they had a very good range of experiences. They spent a considerable time up at the Rescue Centre helping with the day to day care of the cats and dogs. They shadowed vets, helped at the KAR auction, attended the ICAW Conference in South Cyprus to name just a few.

During their placement they impressed everyone that they had contact with by their enthusiasm, hard work, commitment, caring attitude and friendly calm natures. They were a real delight to be in the company of and to work with.

Everyone at KAR (humans, cats and dogs) were sorry to be saying Goodbye to them. Each returns home to Holland with a glowing internship evaluation and a small present from their friends at KAR.

We also hope that they will be taking back a continuing love of working within the Animal Welfare arena as well as very fond memories of KAR and TRNC.

Goodbye, Good Luck and Thank you Girls

(Tot ziens success en bedankt meidan)



A loyal volunteer



Karin Bos Jansen was presented with a certificate of thanks for her outstanding commitment to raising money for the KAR animals at her Book Stall in Lambousa Market each Saturday. Karin is one of our special fundraisers and has been for many years. This certificate is a way of saying that she is not forgotten but very much appreciated.




Wonderful News



We have reached our target on the 1st phase of our Vet Treatment Room Project!!!!

A HUGETHANK YOU to all those that contributed. As you can see from the photograph it is all ready for use. It is a lovely facility in which to give treatment, health checks and triage to the animals as well as a clean and tidy store for medications etc.

The 2nd phase is to purchase equipment for the room such as a stainless steel table, animal weighing scales, dog bath and grooming equipment, LED mobile lamps and steriliser etc. Phase two will be announced soon.



KAR gets the SNIP


Freebies for KAR

Whilst at the International Companion Animal Welfare Conference (ICWAC - more info in a later article) KAR representatives and a representative of Girne Beledeyesi Naile Soyel were presented with a selection of equipment to help them with their programs of community neuter and return. These included a selection of traps (manual and automatic), cat baskets (crush and non crush), trap covers, separators and other equipment.


KAR and Girne Beledeyesi had applied in advance, of the conference, to be considered for donations which if successful would be distributed during the conference. However other individuals and groups also applied on the day whilst attending the conference and were very pleased with their donated items.

SNIP International is a UK registered charity dedicated to improving standards of animal welfare around the world. In particular SNIP International promotes neutering programs aimed at stray and feral animals. It respects life and does not endorse destruction of healthy animals.
Over the last twenty years they have donated over 1,350 items of specialist/trapping, catching, and holding equipment to animal welfare groups working in 75 countries. 
They are also supporting training programs for vets and helpers. The emphasis is mainly on stray and feral cats, but they are also doing some work with dogs.

The conference organizers and SNIP (amongst others) were very disappointed that despite the many individuals and groups, from the TRNC, who were contacted directly by KAR - on behalf of Dogs Trust (the ICAWC organizers) - with information about the conference and the registration procedure and links - that there were very few delegates from TRNC - only KAR and Girne Beledeyesi attended.

If more had attended they too may have been lucky enough to have also received such valuable and much needed equipment.

They may also have taken away, from ICWAC, much needed information, ideas, solutions and important contacts that could be used in the future for the benefit of the stray animals in TRNC.

But it is not every day that any of us get something for nothing - and these donations will certainly help KAR in their ongoing campaign to neuter and release as many cats as possible.

Thank you Dogs Trust, ICAWC and SNIP.



KAR can teach a thing or two or three or more


KAR are very pleased to report that they recently became an official Accredited Training Provider for The Foundation for Cooperation on Vocational, Education and Training and the Labour Market.

KAR will be able, and more than willing, to use their unique experience and large range of animal health issues to help students who are following their career path towards working with animals (e.g Veterinary assistants , Animal Carers, Animal Welfare work etc) by offering them internship.

The first students arrived, under this scheme, recently from Holland. They are Imke Achten, Aniek Albers and Fleur Geurts.

The relationship between KAR and the students is working really well - the students have been learning all about animal care in a Rescue Centre setting where they are showing an enthusiastic  hands on approach. Their KAR internship will last for 8 weeks and during which time they will be covering all aspects of animal health and care procedures here in the TRNC  (including time shadowing other animal health professionals). They will also be attending, with various KAR representatives, an International Animal Welfare Conference, in South Cyprus, which is organised by The Dogs Trust UK.

KAR have always been a firm believer in Education and already run a very successful Education programme visiting local school in the TRNC. This new internship provider programe is another example of KAR’s commitment to Education.



UK Students help KAR




KAR received a fantastic donation of £111.25  from Oz Orman a teacher at Thorpe Hall School in Southend-on-Sea, UK on behalf of his students. Oz has been supporting KAR for many years by raising money with his students and he has sent the following:-

'The way we raise the money is by selling stationary to the children. It's about teaching the children about responsibility and they are made aware of where the money goes. So if they need replacement pencils, pens, folders they purchase them from me and we do our bit'. 

A big thank you to Oz and his wonderful students.




2 Golden Oldies on the move

2 Golden Oldies relocate to Malaysia

It has been a busy few months for KAR Pet Travel Export but one relocation recently had us just a little concerned.

We had been asked to help relocate 2 elderly cats from TRNC to Malaysia. Betty is the younger of the two at 14 years and Dulcie …well she is a real golden oldie at 17 years.

We spoke at length to their owner about their health and any problems that they may have. It is fair to say that they are reasonably healthy and are seasoned travelers but each journey (for any pet) will have its own particular issues that need taking into account - these may be simply box training, fear of being handled by men, dislike of loud noises etc - so we knew that due to their ages extra special care would be needed with Betty and Dulcie.

After ensuring that they met all of the entry criteria for Malaysia (which does include a mandatory quarantine period) we began to organize their travel plan. Their owner was pleased that we would be able to send them as a cargo booking as she was firstly returning to UK and the cats would be staying here. So the cargo option meant that she could move direct from UK to Malaysia without having to come back and collect the cats for their Malaysia journey.

We liaised constantly with our agent in Kuala Lumpa about the best times of arrival, quarantine options, delay plans and other issues that may have a bearing on the cats travel.

Finally when everything was in place - including their quarantine placement who had been advised that Dulcie was a bit of a dribbler due to having had some teeth removed - and we had their Import/Export paperwork completed we were ready for them to relocate.

Their owner was already in Malaysia waiting …. Bettie and Dulcie travelled during the coolest and quietest times - in the evening from Ercan to Istanbul

and then after a few hours transit overnight into Kuala Lumpa.

We were pleased to hear from our agent that the golden girls had arrived safe and sound and were already settling into quarantine .

They would be delivered to their owners at the end of their short (1 week) quarantine period.

It is strange how Pet Travel goes - the day after the golden girls arrived we had a request for help in Importing a cat …from Malaysia .... so it is a case of 2 out and 1 in - or should that be 2 in and 1 out !!!!!



KAR Auction

September 19th A date for your diaries




International Homeless Animal Day



Saving money helps saves animal too !


This is the latest cheque of 2,233.51 TL received from Lemar Supermarkets collected from their promotion of the Lemar Discount cards.

If you have a KAR Lemar discount card please continue to use it when shopping as you can see it does make a difference to KAR residents.

 If you wish to help the animals by having a discount card then please call in at our office in Karakum.

A BIG THANK YOU to all at Lemar supermarkets for their valued support.



Emergency measures for KAR

As many people know KAR receive no government financial help or funding and rely totally on the generosity of supporters and members of the public to help fund the work and care that is given to the animals.
Over the years KAR have had to alter some of their priorities and policies with regards which community programs can be run, which areas KAR can cover and sadly which animals we can help. For some time now the only animals that have been able to come into care of KAR have been the adult dogs who are assessed as in a particular vulnerable situation or condition and those with particular medical problems. We have always taken in puppies (from within our area which covers a wide area and municipalities) as they are deemed vulnerable in status.
Sadly, due to various factors including extremely high vet costs due to an increase in tests and treatments, ever increasing Centre running costs, tanker water charges, rises in electricity bills, and lack of staff and volunteers in this extreme heat, we again have to temporarily alter our intake policy.
Our vet bills over the last couple of months have included, but are not exclusive,17000TL recently paid out, 16,500 TL due to be paid out and then July bills which will be in excess of 9,000TL. These vet bills cover the costs of treatments, neutering (cats in the community and all cats and dogs that come into the center) operations and the constant testing being done on suspect dogs against Leishmaniasis, Ehrlichiosis and Lyme’s Disease - all of which have increased dramatically across all of the Mediterranean affected countries recently. Leishmaniasis in particular can show as a negative when tested initially and then when tests are taken again, if the dog is showing some symptoms, there will be a positive test (this can be due to stress triggering the disease such as the dog/puppy physically coming into the centre). In addition there is the cost of the preventative collars and any maintenance medical program needed for the various diseases.
We are sad to announce that until further notice the ONLY puppies that we can take into our care are acute medical cases of puppies.
We will take in those puppies that we have already agreed, via our office, to take but any other puppies (except those acute medical cases) will need to be dealt with by the local authorities of where the puppies are situated. They should be your first point of call now.
This decision was not taken lightly but we cannot continue to take in more and more animals when we are struggling to fund, and provide proper care of, the ones that we currently have in our care.
It is hoped that this situation will only be temporary and will not last long but in the interim if anyone can help with any additional funding for our proposed new vet room facility (which for example will save us some costs of constantly having to drive animals to/from the vets clinics sometimes several times a day), or by purchasing much needed paraband collars or any tick/flea treatments for any of the animals who are currently in our Centre please do not hesitate to contact us - every little helps but sadly the “little” that we have at the moment is just not enough for us to continue to take in more and more animals.



Wedding Gift for KAR

Congratulations to our long time sponsors Kirsty & Jo who were married a few weeks ago. Kirsty and Jo raised £450 in lieu of wedding gifts and donated the money towards our vet room appeal. Here they are celebrating their wedding day with their family and friends. Thank you for thinking about us on your special day, love and best wishes from us all at K.A.R.



Can of Hopes Fun Fair

Green Action 'Cans of Hopes' Recycling Fun Fair was held on Saturday 1st July in Girne. KAR was pleased to have attended and displayed KAR information and KAR goods.



How many Snips !

During 2016 KAR managed to neuter 148 dogs and an amazing 718 cats. KAR would like to give a big thank you to their cat catching teams who go out weekly to trap, catch and transport the cats to the veterinary clinics and then return them to the streets following their recovery.

They have recorded 199 more cats neutered in 2016 than the previous year. Thanks also goes to the caring members of the public who report cats needing neutering to KAR - without their reports not so many would have been caught and neutered.



A visitors words

A few words for one of our visitors

Please click on the link to read about Kay's support and experiences at KAR Rescue Centre








Appeal for funds



This appeal was launched last month in an attempt to raise £5,360 to adapt a building at our Rescue Centre for the use of an animal treatment room.

This room is required to be able to treat the animals in a clean environment for health assessment of new arrivals, give vaccinations, triage and emergency treatments, administration of parasite treatments etc. also room for secure storage of medicines and medical supplies.



One of our wonderful long time supporters have said that they will double any donations that we receive. So please donate any amount today either by using our Go Fund Me Donate Button found on our Facebook page, by visiting our office at Karakum, Girne or by paying into our UK bank account:   

Kyrenia Animal Rescue.  Sort code: 40-21-02, Account No: 11364812, IBAN No: GB57MIDL4021136812 BIC No: MISLGB2131B.

Please put 'Vet clinic' as your reference and email us with the details. Please Help us to Help the many animals who come into our care.



KAR Dog Walk and Picnic

Report on Dog Walk & Picnic

Following a couple of days of rain the sun came out in time for our Dog Walk and Picnic event.  Nineteen very happy dogs from the centre were taken for a walk in the beautiful surrounding countryside. 

Those visitors that stayed for the picnic were offered a wonderful selection of homemade pastries and cakes. 

Unfortunately, it became too hot for the doggy games and it was decided to hold them over until another event after the summer.

We hope to attract more people to visit the centre (open daily 9am – 1pm) and walk some of the dogs.  If the weather is too warm for walking then there is plenty to do in bathing, grooming or just playing with them.  They love it and so will you!!!!



KAR Rescue Centre Open Day

KAR Celebrates 20 years



On 16th May a centre Open Day was held for invited guests to introduce them to the Rescue Centre as it is today and to tell them a little of the history on the development of the centre over the years.

A cake was presented for the celebration of the anniversary of 20 years of KAR. Staff, guests and visitors joined in the celebration. It was agreed that the centre looked spectacular and thanks were given to the staff and volunteers for all their hard work.

It is our intention to encourage more and more visitors to the centre which is open daily from 9am - 1pm.  Please come along and meet us, walk our dogs, play with the cats and help us to celebrate 20 years of caring.



K.A.R. Annual Dog Show

K.A.R. ANNUAL DOG SHOW - 30TH APRIL 2017. Starts 10.30 am. Place: Wednesday Market Site next to Baris Park Kyrenia. To enter your pooch into one of our classes is just 5tl. Entries will be taken from 10.00 am
Classes: Handsomest Dog (male), Prettiest bitch (female), Golden Oldie (over 7 years old), Child + four-legged friend (child and dog), Dog with the waggiest tail, Dog in the best condition. Best Street rescue, Best KAR dog (dog re-homed from KAR), Happy Families (multiple dogs living together) and finally Friendliest Dog.
There will also be a special Anniversary Class to celebrate KARs 20th Anniversary.
There will be Facepainting, Book sales, DVD sales, Plant sales, Refreshments plus much more. Come on down and enjoy the fun with or without a dog !



Wilsons Story

Wilson’s story.
Wilson had been at the rescue centre since 2014 when he arrived as a small puppy. We hoped he would find his forever home but as the months went by, sadly this didn’t happen. Unfortunately Wilson had an accident in one of the compounds and nearly lost his leg. He was looked after by the staff up at the centre “house” and with all their care and attention Wilson made a full recovery. He then went to live in Pine Walk with his best friends Noddy and Gimpy and was quite content.
However, earlier this month Wilson’s luck changed! An English couple decided it was time they got a dog and with over 400 dogs at the centre to choose from, it was not an easy task. Some dogs they liked were too strong or boisterous for them but then they saw Wilson. They took him for a walk and he was such a good boy. He sat beside them quietly and looked at them as if to say “I would like to come home with you”. And go home with them he did.

It just goes to show that dogs that have been at the rescue centre a while do not necessarily become institutionalised. All they want is a forever home with a loving family.
We just love a happy ending, don’t you?



An update from Olivia a KAR Rescue Dog

Olivia - what a difference a Home makes

Olivia came to KAR  after being found in a car park in Kyrenia in a sorry state.

She stayed with KAR until she was adopted by a new family who then asked KAR Pet Travel to organise her travel to the UK. Olivia left the TRNC in April 2015 and we have had updates about her new life in the UK.

Recently Anne (her owner) sent us another  update which we would like to share.

Hi everyone at KAR ..I thought you might like to see how well Livvy is doing after her rescue two years ago – thanks to KAR coming to the rescue of a little dog shivering, pregnant and starving in a car park in Kyrenia. She has seen her new UK Dad and Mum through some major crises of health and family issues – sitting beside them on the couch, taking them for long walks where she diverted their attention by tearing around the park like a speedo and helping Dad cut the grass!

Now a few words from Livvy herself..........

Just thought I would say hello. As you can see I have put on a couple of pounds over the winter. Will soon run it off. Have you noticed Dad's grass? I like digging holes....keeps him busy filling them in. Love you, Livvy”

We think Livvy is looking as if to say “Who me ….no not me Honest …well unless you saw me do it !!!!”

And we love you too Livvy from all your friends at KAR. Happy digging.


If you would like any information about adopting one of our cats or dogs please contact us via the Contact page of our website or email [email protected] If  you cannot adopt why not contact us about sponoring one of them - it only costs £10 per month but means so much to them and to us.






Holistic Healing Helps Mardo

Holistic Healing Helps Mardo

Mardo has been with KAR a long time. She has always been a very timid dog who didn’t like mixing, with people or the other dogs, despite careful coaxing and encouragement. She simply wasn’t happy unless she was in her own safe space on her own - staff were not even sure if even then she was happy. She is such a sad dog, she would run away if anyone approached her, she would turn her whole body away from the other dogs and would visibly shake, her head was always down and her tail was rarely ever seen untucked from her body. Even feeding times for her were an ordeal.

As she got older staff and volunteers became even more worried about her as they simply didn’t know how to help her as they had tried everything - or so they thought!!!!

KAR had an offer from a local Reiki Master, Teacher and Practitioner, Anibal Pedroso. He volunteered to go to the Rescue Centre to see if he could help any of the cats or dogs there. He explained that Reiki, which is a natural healing technique, can help treat animals (as well as humans) with emotional and physical problems, pain, anxiety and behavioral issues. Reiki healing can be used alongside veterinary treatment as a complementary energetic therapy. Anibal explained that all animals (domestic or wild) are intuitive to Reiki healing and will know what healing they need and will choose the distance between themselves and the healer, some prefer for the therapy to be hands on others prefer not, but the animal will indicate when the treatment has finished. He also warned that it doesn’t work for all animals but he hoped that some of the centre dogs could be helped.

It was a concept/therapy of which KAR staff and volunteers had little or no knowledge but they couldn’t see that it would do any harm - maybe just maybe it might help.

Anibal visited the Centre and was introduced to Mardo …as usual she shrank to the back of the kennel. But within a short period of time she had moved to be closer to Anibal. A calmness seemed spread over the kennel and Anibal and Mardo just sat together, in quietness, with him gently laying his hands on her.

Staff and volunteers (including Mardo’s previous foster carer) were totally amazed, after just one session, at the change in Mardo. She was much calmer and just seemed in general happier with herself and her surroundings.

After 3 sessions the change in her is remarkable - she jumps up at the kennel fence to greet staff, she comes out of her bed willingly to see staff and volunteers, her tail is up and wagging, she loves walking and looks to people for encouragement.  She is happy and she is happy to see people around her.

Reiki Therapy has worked a miracle for Mardo.

Anibal continues to visit the KAR Rescue Centre and is continuing to help which ever cats or dogs that he can.



Sweety Shop Supports KAR

Sweety Shop Supports KAR


Nine years ago, one of Murat Yumurtacioglu customers went into his Sweety Shop  and asked if he would be prepared to have a KAR collection box on his counter.  Not knowing much about KAR, what it did or even if the request was genuine, he decided he would find out.  So, he went out to the rescue centre and, being a dog owner himself, realised the enormity of the task and the importance of it and decided to support it.  He has had collection boxes ever since and continues to support us.  Well done Murat and a big thank you from the animals you help.



A Day in the Life of ....Jacky ... a

Fun, Faeces and Fur

I jumped at the chance to put into words why I volunteer at KAR. Want to know why……. so you can see what you are missing of course!

If you recall seeing the white KAR van travelling along the road, or outside the vets on Thursday mornings chances are I am the driver, taking the dogs and cats for their appointments.

I expect those of you who do, were impressed with my driving skills or if the windows were open, the singing. On the trips to the vets on Thursdays the Dogs, Cats and I, sing, bark and howl to songs like “The Wheels on the Bus” and “How Much is that Doggie in the Window”

We sing to reassure and calm each other as trips to the vets involve needles and the use of thermometers in rear ends. Fortunately there has not been any written complaints from anyone to Margaret Ray about the singing…....yet.

The residents of KAR go to the vets for a variety of reasons which I am sure you may know about.

Recently there has been “Charlie” the cat who had his jaw broken so he had it held in place with wire until it healed. Yes I did call him Jaws once or twice.

“Cheeky” a strong, big and determined dog was happy to leave the KAR van but wanted to go in any direction except towards the vets. Volunteering at KAR can certainly save money on gym fees and it enables you to have lovely walks.

Cuddles are free at KAR and “Indra” a soft, friendly dog loves letting her human slaves cuddle and carry her even into the vets.

The lovely cuddley Indra

When not driving the van I work with the team at the centre, cleaning, cuddling, cooking, washing puppies and caring for the dogs. The vast majority of the time smiling and enjoying  the fact that I am helping in a small way.

You only have to spend 5 minutes watching some of the animal’s antics, look at the wagging tails and lovely eyes before you end up smiling.

There can be sad times when due to mistreatment or illness an animal dies but the team is supportive and there is always something that needs doing or an animal that needs attention to bring the smile back.

There are jobs that are not pleasant but are basic to the care of the animals…… for example clearing up poo. Not a fun job but after all we all produce poo!

Joking apart it is great seeing the animals heal, get adopted and learn to trust humans, as a result of the care they receive from everyone involved at KAR.

Jacky trying re assure Choco that is is safe to come out of the box !

So have a look for yourself, make up your own mind up, visit the centre and see if helping, in any way is for you…..if you don’t try it you will never know what you are missing!


Since writing this article our lovely Indra was taken ill and sadly is no longer with us ...RIP Indra



Win a prize on Valentines Day



Valentines Draw Lucky Winner

Winning Ticket

The winning ticket for the KAR Valentine Raffle was drawn by volunteers Pauline Pilsbury, Julie Johnson and  Margaret Ray KAR Chairperson .....and the lucky winner is a Mr and Mrs Abrahams. They can look forward to a one night stay, including breakfast, at the Bella View Hotel.



KAR puppies benefit from Knitathon

KAR Puppies benefit from Knitathon

One of the KAR Volunteers , Pat Creasey, and her friends had been worried about the poor puppies up at the Rescue Centre in the very bad weather that the TRNC has been experiencing. Although a regular supply of softies (to be used as bedding and snuggles) is sent to the Rescue Centre Pat and her friends did think that the smaller pyuppies needed something a little extra. So they put their heads (and knitting needles) together and started their “Knitathon”.

It was not long before some of the bespoke coats began to arrive and the pups could show off their coats.


We are sure that you will all agree that they look as pretty as a picture and they will certainly be much warmer than before.

Puppy woofs and licks go to Pat and her Knitathon friends.

These puppies are all  looking for their “forever” home .. you can visit them at the Rescue Centre any day from 9am – 1pm.

KAR are always needing blankets, towels and unwanted clothing .... what cannot be sold will be put to good use as Softies for the animals up at the Rescue Centre.  You can drop your unwanted items off at either of the KAR Charity Shops (Karakum or Kyrenia).



Office Angel (aka Devil with a Smile) Needed


Are you ……..Hardworking (except during lunch times)
Are you ……..Someone with a Sense of humour (an absolute must)
Are you ……..Experienced in office work (including the sacred art of Coffee/Tea making !)
Are you……...Intelligent (...ish)
Are you …......Friendly (animal/human - although the "human" aspect takes second place)
Are you……...IT literate (unlike some of us)
Are you……...Calm (until the frenzy takes over)
Are you……..Thick skinned (for bouncing off the many and varied criticisms)
Do you ……..Have the Ability to deal with enquiries ( as well as demands/insults/threats and  occasional praise)

Are you ….. .Someone who would enjoy knowing that you are making a difference (although it often doesn't feel like it)

We need another Office Angel to help in the Karakum office - to hopefully provide absence cover (whilst the existing Office Angels are away having their Treatment/Therapy).

Full training and emergency parachute provided (for when you need to jump as high as people expect you to !)

If you can help (those that need help !) please call the office for further details on 0533 869 4098 or email [email protected]



Not a Pied Piper but a Cat Catcher

Never mind the Pied Piper of Hamelin - TRNC has its very own KAR Cat Catchers .......
In January 2017 our fantastic team braved the elements and carried on with their quest....they managed to catch 60 cats from various communities and took them to some of the local vets for neutering. This was no mean feat when they were faced with freezing temperatures and cats hiding anywhere and everywhere to try and keep warm and dry.
The cost for KAR - just in these veterinary costs - was 6300TL. Yet every month this worthwhile campaign continues.
KAR would like to thank the Cat Team, the Community Warden, Members of the public who report stray cats in the community, and those local vets who help KAR with this programe of Neutering and Releasing - they are all REALLY making a difference.



Not such a beautiful place to walk your dogs - Another poisoning warning

My friend thought she'd take her dog for short walk in mountains....

he ate poison....it was just there in the trail.

We rushed him to Pertev. He wasn't there. .....................went to Funda's (at this point I’m panicking)

She injected him. We got him to be sick. Some of it came up. Also gave him charcoal tablets. Sat there for an hour and a half waiting. Nothing. He seemed fine. She said let him go home - maybe he is lucky....he is not showing any reaction... but keep watch.

Half an hour at home and I rang her to say he seemed to be jerking intermittently. She said maybe is hiccups.

About 3 minutes later she phoned me back and said bring him now immediately, so I did. By time got to her he was jerking a lot.

Straight on drip and sedative. Trying to get him to wee it out and clear his blood.

Continued like that until half 4. He was perking up by then. Wobbly and his back legs being funny. Funda gave me another drip to try doing at home and said she was only down road and to phone her and she would come.

At home took him for a wee. He then wouldn't settle. Started panting. Oz decided to ask on Fbook which vet is open...everyone said go to Petcross. Funda phoned them for us and updated what she had done whilst we drove him there.

By time we got there he was in a state. Panting crazily. Foam started coming at his mouth. This was just after 7 I think.

I lost track. Another drip on and deep sedative this time. Catheter in too.


Then we almost lost him. He stopped breathing. His tongue was purple. Sibel had gone silent pumping oxygen down his throat. She looked at me and I knew he was going. We somehow got him back though. We just kept pumping and talking to him.

We didn't leave until just before 2am. We stayed up in turns watching him all night. Sibel on call at a moment. Took him back to her at 830 and they couldn't believe him. He was back to normal. He had another drip. Then he slept lots all day.

Another drip this morning. Also sleeping lots. But perky when he's up and himself. They love him at Petcross.

Another drip tomorrow and Friday and then blood tests again - to double check all ok..............it's been truly horrendous.

I’ve attached photos for you.......................yesterday I went and cleared the poison.


Please be careful where ever you are walking your dogs - there have been recent cases also reported in Catalkoy







KAR Staff and Volunteers Party

KAR Staff & Volunteers Annual New Years Party

KAR held a get together on Saturday evening, Jan 14th, at Pia Bella Hotel for 39 members of the staff and volunteers. A meal was provided and games of bingo and a raffle brought much entertainment. Margaret Ray said a few words to thank them all for all their hard work throughout the last year. Giving special thanks to the centre supervisor Elaine with her team and introductions were made to acknowledge those present by name and in which area of KAR they worked.

Margaret said that all our staff and volunteers are truly wonderful people and the evening was a chance to tell those attending that we really do appreciate all they do for KAR and the animals.



Birthday Donation for KAR

A lovely lady called Brenda Garratt who lives in Melbourne, South Derbyshire, celebrated her 80th birthday on 20th September 2016. Instead of presents she asked her family and friends to donate to KAR and she raised £150 and 25 euros, which is just fantastic. Here she is, together with her daughter Julie (who volunteers in the KAR Gladrags Boutique) handing the money over to Margaret Ray.


This is a wonderful example of new ideas and ways that people can help KAR - a BIG Thank you to Brenda from all of the cats and dogs at KAR .



Cyprus University Visit and Book Donation

Recently Gulten Sala Lay, who is the Library Manager at the Cyprus International University, visited the K.A.R. Office in Karakum. She was accompanied by several student members of the Library Club.

As part of their visit there was a question and answer session of which was recorded for their “You Tube” video channel.  Karin Bos Janssen – KAR Volunteer who organises and runs the very successful KAR Book Stall at Lambousa market, kindly answered their questions.

They also donated a large quantity of new Turkish books which will go down a storm at KAR’s Saturday bookstall located at Chateau Lambousa Market, Lapta.

It was interesting to hear about the work the Library Club does including collecting donations and publicising the work of local charities.  The club members are very active in the local community, visiting hospital wards and old people’s homes.  They deliver gifts and put on performances to entertain the residents.

They are planning a visit to KARs Rescue Centre soon.

Thank you Cyprus International University and Karin Bos Janssen.



A Meaty Xmas Gift for KAR

GAU Butchers wish KAR Dogs a Meaty Xmas!

We all love presents at Christmas and so too do the KAR animals. You can imagine their delight when GAU butchers – who prepare meat cuts for various establishments across the TRNC – asked KAR if the cats/dogs wanted any meat off cuts.

KAR staff obviously said YES and thought that maybe it would be a few kgs and would need sorting, cooking and freezing but it would certainly help with the food being given and would offer a seasonal change for the dogs. What so, far, has been collected is a Rescue Centers Chefs delight – it was already pre-packed into manageable packs and had been sorted and frozen. It simply needed cooking – all 600 kgs of it !!!!!

This is likely to be an ongoing donation with regular collections of the meat from the butchers and is a donation that KAR are delighted with – the dogs certainly don’t mind it either !!!



KAR Christmas Bazaar

KAR CHRISTMAS BAZAAR - Teachers Hotel Girne 3rd December 2016


 As usual there was a wonderful turn out of both expats and local people anxious to spend money and partake in the Christmas atmosphere to help the animals. The stalls were well stocked with Christmas gifts, cakes, decorations, pet products, toys, linens, jewellery, handbags and accessories and tombola and of course the ever popular bric a brac. As usual there was a continuous queue for the lovely cakes, pastries and mulled wine. Many children enjoyed meeting Santa and his Elf and some lovely photographs were taken.  Six beautifully behaved dogs were brought down from the Rescue Centre, all dressed for the occasion, and shown off to the public resulting in the little dog Fizz being offered a forever home. Many dogs and cats will enjoy a Christmas Dinner thanks to the generosity of those people who selected their favourite photo. The raffle was a great success Rae Marsh winning 1st prize of a Return Flight to the UK kindly donated by Cyprus Paradise, 2nd prize of 500 TL vouchers kindly donated by Lemar Supermarket and won by Maureen W and the 3rd prize of four nights in a luxury apartment in Istanbul was won by Turan. Twenty Three other winners are being informed and a full list is available. We would like to thank all those people who donated prizes and goods without which the Bazaar would not be the success it has become.

We have once again beaten our record to raise an amazing amount of 27,320 TL. Besides looking after the dogs and cats in our care an amount of this money will be put towards our next major project at the Rescue Centre. 

A huge thank you to all the volunteers and everyone involved that helped to make the day such a great success.

A selection of photos can be seen in the Photos Gallery section of this website.



Parcel - a Force to be reckoned with !

German Goodies

 Back in May 2016  German tourists, Kyle and Sarah, were very upset at finding 3, obviously abandoned, pups in a very bad state. They were very thin and were covered in ticks and fleas and were obviously very unwell. They brought them to the KAR office and the pups were then transferred to the KAR Rescue Centre for urgent care and treatment.

Kyle and Sarah had not realized the amount of work that KAR does to help the animals of Northern Cyprus – the numbers of animals in KARs care, the type of cases that are regularly dealt with, and the problems that are faced was way beyond anything that they had seen before. They promised to help, once back in Germany, in any way that they could.

All too often, sadly, KAR staff and volunteers have heard such promises that have amounted to nothing. Holiday makers go home and then it is often a case of “out of sight out of mind !”

However Kyle and Sarah were true to their word. They kept in touch with the KAR office and looked at ways to raise funds and awareness about KAR.

They had started to collect items for KAR with the intention of sending them to TRNC. They realised however that this would not be an easy task !!! Nor would such a delivery be cheap !

But they persevered. In early October they boxed everything and sent the parcel on its way. They even had a tracker number and so it all seemed to be looking good.
However, as many residents of TRNC will know, the postal and parcel services to the TRNC can often defy all international routes and tracking systems from any type of postal service !

Kyle and Sarah were very concerned when the tracking, after some weeks, seemed to stop at Istanbul – they were told it had been delivered – but to whom no one could say ! They were told that is was en route again – but from where to where no one could say. All of the information on the tracking number was simply met with “Computer says NO “. It was a very worrying time for Kyle and Sarah as it appeared all of their efforts and goodies had simply been sent into a Postal Limbo (a place maybe not too far from the TRNC).

KAR reassured them that at some point the elusive parcel would re emerge but when and from where – nobody could say !

Last week KAR were informed that IT had arrived and was sitting waiting for collection in the Girne Customs office. It only took 3 attempts to retrieve the parcel from there – which is a slight improvement on the last parcel which took 5 plus a visit to Lefcosa !! – and FINALLY the German Goodies could be unpacked in the KAR Office .


KAR would like to thank Kyle and Sarah for their persistence and also for their kindness in caring about KAR and its many animals. Please if anyone has any items that they want to donate to KAR – contact us to see if we can help with alternative ways of ensuring that parcels do arrive here in a relatively short period of time. It can be done – we just need to ensure that they take the route that by passes Postal Limbo !



International Companion Animal Welfare Conference



Recently two of our committee members Margaret Ray and Gwen Cassell attended the International Companion Animal Welfare Conference (ICAWC) in Dubrovnik recently where they met delegates from all over the world. There was a full programme covering all aspects of companion animal welfare which was developed by the organisers (Dogs Trust) with the belief in working towards a world where no healthy companion animal is destroyed for want of a caring home with responsible owners. Margaret Ray said ‘the conference was an amazing experience in which we learned a great deal, also speaking with people from other parts of the world and hearing their stories was truly inspiring’.  

UK companies MDC and Snip International were donating items of equipment to societies outside of the UK and KAR were very pleased to receive a Cat Trap Transfer Restrainers and a Feline Fort which is now in use by our cat catching team and the kittens in our care are enjoying the fort.  


In 2017 the ICAWC is to be held in Nicosia and we look forward to meeting our friends and new delegates from the conference who have promised to visit our Rescue Centre.



A Festive Who Dunnit



The Future looks Bright

KAR Education Team visit GAU infant School

During the second week in October, the KAR Education Team spent some time with four classes of 4 year olds. This was at the end of Animal Care Week, during which the school had made a wonderful collection of food for the cats and dogs at the Rescue Centre.
The Team did some interactive exercises with the children, to help them understand about caring for cats and dogs, and how to stay safe around dogs.

On behalf of KAR, the Education Team would like to say a very big 'thank you' to the teachers and parents who organised, and contributed to, the food donations, and of course to the children, who were so enthusiastic and such fun to work with.




Roxy's Road to Recovery - the Road back to Lapta

Roxy’s Road to Recovery  ----  the road back to Lapta !!

It is always nice to pass on good news and none more so than Good News about Roxy. She has been recovering well at the vets and everyone who meets her is taken by her wonderful trusting nature. KAR had put out a plea for a short term home foster carer for Roxy – to help her recover even more. We had several responses and were considering which would be the better option for Roxy and the Fosterer when we received another email  about Roxy ………..this is part of that email …….

Hi Kim

........she is such a loving, beautiful dog and our two children have fell in love with her, in fact we all have. She has made a huge impact on us and would love to give her a second chance in life by offering her a permanent home with us.

I understand that she still has problems with her walking and bones and that she will require further vet checkups and whatever else is needed in terms of rehabilitation and being checked over again in 10 days time and the vet has said he will give as much information and details on this tomorrow.

I just want to say a huge thank you for everything you have done for Roxy. It has been so emotional and without your help and the fantastic work you do at KAR and all the work that the vet and his team have provided, Roxy is now almost back to full health and without this she wouldn't be here today. You really are lifesavers and should be proud of all you have done. I have wrote this with tears in my eyes as its been like watching a miracle happen right in front of our eyes. We are eternally grateful :)

Thank you so much, it is really appreciated.

Kind regards,

Emma “

We had always hoped, throughout Roxy’s story that Emma would home her as she had obviously, since first contacting us, been deeply upset by her ordeal. So we were delighted with this email and arrangements were made for Roxy to be collected by Emma.

Roxy has been at home , back in Lapta, for a few days with Emma and she has sent us these photos and update ;

She is settling in really well in her new home here with us. She is so affectionate and wants to follow us everywhere, she seems so happy her tail never stops wagging! She is definitely getting a lot stronger on her legs and is walking around much better than before, she even tried to run this morning when she was in the garden. I think it will be a long while before she actually can run but she certainly tries and is a very determined little girl :)”


It is hard to believe that this is the same dog that we were called out to help – Love is a wonderful thing and Roxy’s pictures alone show that without a doubt.

There have been so many people who have been touched by Roxy’s sad story and KAR wants to thank all of the wonderful people who offered help or have helped Roxy on her Rocky Road to Recovery – THANKYOU

And a great big THANK YOU goes to Emma and her family for offering Roxy a 2nd chance.




KAR Kitten Day

Kitten Day at the Office
On 22 October, KAR volunteers held a kitten rehoming day at their Karakum office. Twelve kittens between 4 and 6 months were brought from the Rescue Centre, plus two little ones that are still in foster care.
The little ones now have a forever home to go to. Sadly, although there was a lot of interest in the others, they did not find homes.


The kittens themselves were all on their best behaviour and loved the fuss and attention. Most of them have initially been home reared by foster carers and are very affectionate and playful. They are all very healthy and fully vaccinated.

Even if you are not able to give a forever home to one of these beautiful kittens, please do visit the KAR Rescue Centre to give them a cuddle. And while you are up there, go and see the puppies, and give them a cuddle too!



Roxy Rallies

 Yesterday I went to see how Roxy was doing – she is still at the vets following her ordeal.

What a surprise I got when she tottered out of her kennel into the garden. Yes she is still painfully thin, Yes she still has marks from the wound, Yes she is still having issues with her back legs but what a change. Her coat is as soft as silk and is beginning to shine, she has put on weight, her tails wags a lot BUT it is in her eyes that you can see the biggest difference – there is not just a spark or glimmer in them NOW they are truly sparkling – Roxy is Happy. The changes in her face can be seen just by these 3 photos ….


Speaking with the vet he is now not sure that she will need to see the orthopedic vet. He says that there has been a marked improvement in her legs during the last week as she has gained strength. He is hopeful that as her strength continues to improve so too will the weaknesses in her legs and that more improvement over the next 10 days will confirm that.


KAR and Roxy are now at a difficult junction – she is not yet strong enough to go to the Rescue Centre for more recovery but boarding at the vets is not the right place for her either. She has finished all of her treatment and is eating well but just needs time – time ideally spent in a home environment to regain her strength and to build on her growing trust of people.

Ideally that “home environment” would be a Forever home but Roxy has not got a Forever home. But even 10 days or 2 weeks in a Foster home (food provided by KAR) would help her continued recovery so much before she moves up to the Rescue Centre.  She is a gentle, quiet dog who is smaller than her photos may suggest and she wouldn’t need any additional care during the 2 weeks – just feeding, a garden and lots of loving.

As you may be able to appreciate the wonderful care and treatment that Roxy has had costs KAR money so we are asking for your Help now;

Helpwith the vet/care costs for Roxy – Help with a temporary foster home for Roxy – Help with a Forever home for Roxy.

If you can help with any of these 3 then please either donate towards her cost into our UK account (please use the reference Roxy) contact us by email [email protected] or call us on 0090 533 8694098 – you could personally play a part in Roxy’s Road to Recovery.



Roxy update

Roxy Update

We are so pleased to report that Roxy is rallying but she is certainly not out of the woods yet.

Roxy remains at the vets receiving treatment and she is, as you can see from her photo, looking better – albeit still very far from well.

She has put on some weight and her leg wound is healing nicely after being treated with antibiotics.

However it has been noticed that she does appear to have a problem with her walking. After discussions with the vet it is thought that this could be a problem with her knees. She is now going to examined by a vet who is more experienced in orthopaedic conditions in animals and we will all anxiously await his report.


At least she is comfortable, is receiving treatment, and is with kind people who are caring for her – but it is not a foregone conclusion that it will be a positive outcome for Roxy.

Roxy’s road is still a winding one and we do not yet know where it will take her.



KAR has a NEW reception and Visitors Centre


Thanks to a wonderful donation KAR has been able to purchase a Portacabin which has now been installed at the KAR rescue Centre as a much needed Reception /Visitors centre and a store room.


News of the donation, which made this all possible, came via an email from Keith and Jackie Green from Hitchin, Herts. in the UK who were regular visitors to the centre, walking dogs, from the year 2000 onwards. They had purchased an apartment in Girne to be used when they retired but sadly they were unable to return to Cyprus and put the apartment up for sale. In view of their absence and lack of walking our doggies up the mountains they decided to give us a donation from the sale.  Property agents Beyler & Co. quickly found a buyer and contacted us to say that they were bringing us a cheque!!!! Wonderful!!! We thought it appropriate to use the money on a project which would be somewhere that staff can talk to visitors, show them the work that KAR does and also a place for the important admin work to be done safely.

We hope to encourage many more visitors to the Rescue Centre. Those that have visited are very impressed with the improvements and this new building has added to those facilities.

We would like to thank Keith and Jackie for their very generous donation.



Please come and visit the dogs and cats in our care. Take them for a walk in the beautiful mountainside, bathe some puppies, cuddle some cats, help us to socialise them or just come and take photos!!! The Centre is open to visit every day from 9am to 1pm.



Will Roxy be able to Rally ? Warning distressing pictures included.

Will Roxy Rally?

In the KAR Office we become used to dealing with all sorts of calls from members of the public – a kitten found, barking dogs, road traffic accidents, calls from worried tourists and the usual calls of complaint (but rarely calls of thanks!). But the most distressing for us to cope with are the cases of neglect and/or cruelty.

We received a call recently from a worried lady, Emma, in Lapta about an abandoned dog in an unused building. We could tell from what she was saying that it was going to be an upsetting case but at the time of her call we had no one in the Lapta area that could go around to see the dog. We advised Emma to contact immediately the Beledeyesi and Police as sometimes they will have a vehicle in the vicinity. During the interim period our Community Warden (Yulian) came back into the Girne area and we asked him to go straight over to Lapta. Meanwhile Lapta police called us to say that they had seen some photos of the dog and believed it was already dead but if not then it would be very soon and they had no one close either. A distraught Emma was with the Police and was so relieved when we explained that help was already on the way – but even she was not sure if the dog was still alive.

The dog had been in the unused building for a couple of days and Emma had already been to a local vet for help but was told just to give the dog food and water – Emma could see that the dog needed more, much more, than just food and water. It was so weak that it was not able to eat and was struggling to even drink. It was quite obvious that despite the distressing circumstances a bond had been struck between Emma and the dog – who she had nicknamed Roxy. We asked Emma to send the photos into the office so that we could set up a case file. It was quite clear, once the photos arrived, that Roxy had not wandered into the building on her own – someone had put her there. She could barely walk initially but this very quickly deteriorated to barely being able to move.

Yulian arrived back at the office with Roxy – we had to carry out an initial assessment before she was taken up to the vet. As you can see she was in a terrible state and we really feared for the outcome. During the assessment we could see (and smell) that she had at least one physical wound, an open wound on her leg which was badly infected, she had eye infections, was seriously dehydrated and emaciated. She was covered in flies and could barely lift her head – but when she did just slightly there was a glimmer of a spark in her eye – maybe there was hope - maybe she could rally!


It doesn’t matter how much time is spent dealing with day to day issues and cases at Kyrenia Animal Rescue nothing prepares us for these sorts of cases. However sad each case is we deal with it in the best way that we can. And however sad, cruel or sickening we always try and find a positive side or it all becomes too depressing for us. Sometimes it is not possible to find that elusive “positiveness” and we all go home very tearful, heavy hearted and with sad bad memories. Maybe the positive aspects of Roxy’s case is the hope that we have all got to her just in the nick of time – also that despite the terrible treatment she had endured she still had enough trust in people,  for a tiny sparkle in her eye and a very very slight wag of her tail. Another positive is that there are many caring people in the TRNC, such as Emma, that will go out of their way to help an animal in distress.  

Roxy is currently at a local vet where she is receiving treatment and, although she is not out of danger yet, she is responding. We will be updating Roxy’s story when we can – whatever the outcome. But we all have our fingers crossed that Roxy WILL Rally.



Lemar loyalty card presentation


KAR were very pleased to accept a donation of 1045 TL from the representatives of Lemar Supermarkets. This is the first amount raised from the Lemar discount cards.


If you do not have a card and wish to put your name down for one then please contact our office (0533 8694098) with your email address, name and telephone number.



KAR Education Team celebrate World Animal Day with local school children

A Celebration of World Animal Day.

The KAR Education Team were delighted to take part in the new Doga school's assembly to acknowledge the importance of this day.
The younger children were wearing animal face masks, and the older pupils had made placards to emphasise the importance of animal rights. Some also made speeches about the need to care about animals.

The team talked about the work of KAR, and the rescue of sick and needy cats and dogs.
Annie presented herself as a now very happy rescued dog, and charmed both staff and children!

The school is collecting donations of food for the Rescue Centre cats and dogs and will be presenting these at the end of October.
The Education Team will be visiting the school again to teach the children about caring for their dogs and cats.




The Alternative Quiz - October 6th 2016


Please book your tickets now for this fun packed popular evening. Have fun and support KAR at the same time.




A star in the making ?

Taggy - a star in the making ?

All owners think their pets are the best and the same is true of the KAR staff and volunteers and their “best” 400 plus cats and dogs. However one of Centre dogs has recently attracted the movie moguls attention. The dog in the spotlight is called Taggy and she came into KAR rescue Centre as a puppy in 2012 – she has remained there ever since.


I (Kim from KAR Pet Travel) had seen an appeal from a film producer (Janine Teerling) based in South Cyprus for a doggy double residing in the TRNC . Kim and Janine discussed the requirements to see if there was a suitable dog at the KAR Rescue Centre. After liaising with Elaine the Centre Supervisor it was felt that Taggy could just fit the bill. Photos of the Dutch doggy star and Taggy were exchanged and Janine and the director/writer Marios Piperides agreed that Taggy should have  an audition.

Because of the ban on animals being allowed to travel from TRNC to RoC (which bears a considerable part of the plot in the film – hence the need for the doggy double to be filmed in TRNC for certain shots) the audition was scheduled to take place in the KAR Karakum Office. Janine would travel over from RoC to meet Taggy.

There were a few concerns about how Taggy would respond to being out of her home environment and whether she would be able to remain calm and well behaved for the audition. After all she had only ever been to the vets and out in the mountains with dog walkers and had never been far from the Centre – it was all a big new experience for her.

Taggy arrived at the office –  remarkably calm and quiet but oh so interested in everything going on around her. She walked in beautifully on her lead and then laid down with a bemused look at all of the attention she was getting. Janine arrived and the audition began – everyone was keeping their fingers crossed. Most remarkable of all was that Taggy appeared to be listening to everything that was being said. Her eyes followed whoever was talking about her and she put on her most beautiful expressions for Janine.


She behaved beautifully.  Janine agreed that with a bit of make up her colouring and coat texture would be fine and her demeanour and expressions would make her an ideal doggy double for the Dutch doggy star.


Taggy was delighted and stood to attention for the promise of fame and fortune (maybe not!). Oh no …. The tape measures came out and camera angles and continuity were discussed. Poor Taggy was too tall – there was no way that she could be screened as smaller to fit the size of the Dutch Doggy star. It didn’t matter how hard they tried to come up with a solution Taggy was just too tall. Everyone was so deflated and sad that for Taggy her 15 minutes of fame were not to be.

The audition came to a close and a very sad Janine, Kim, Margaret and Taggy all said goodbye with the promise of keeping in touch in case another potential star was found before filming commences in late September.

Taggy enjoyed her outing and returned home to the centre – still a star and “simply the best” in our eyes and no doubt she will have a few tails to tell her pals about her time on the casting couch!

The film which is a black comedy entitled “Smuggling Hendrix” looks at various aspects of the divide between North and South Cyprus from the perspective of an ordinary man. We will send more information once filming has finished and a release date is known.  The script has already won awards and there is much interest in the film in many Countries.



Kennel Block Project - Hurray !!



Congratulations to everyone. The Kennel Block Refurbishment Project has been a great success and thanks to you all it is completed and is now being used to its full capacity.

The project was launched and the end of June 2015 and the building work began in September. Unfortunately we were unable to give the builder an empty building to start as we didn’t have enough room to move the dogs into another area and so it was a case of juggling them around which sometimes held up the work. Also the builders hit many snags as the old building had many more problems than first imagined. Anyway all the problems were eventually overcome and as the builders progressed so we added to their list of jobs. They fitted a sink and donated kitchen units in the end of the block, another kennel was procured from space at the front of the kennel block and a small storeroom built at the rear. Thanks to you all this was all paid for by the sponsorship monies raised. Each of those who have donated will be remembered by ‘a plaque’ which is displayed on the fronts of the kennels.

We would like to invite you all to visit the centre (open daily 9am – 1pm) and see our wonderful newly refurbished Kennel Block and the happy smiley faces of the dogs in their smart new temporary home.


The photos show before the work began and now today !!







Pet Travel following recent events in Turkey

Pet Travel following the troubles in Turkey

KAR Pet Travel has recently been receiving worried calls from owners who were concerned about how their pets travel plans may be affected following the recent incidents (Ataturk Airport bomb and the very recent attempted Coup). As all of our owners know their pets have to transit Turkey en route to Heathrow (or other EU/World airports) and sometimes that can involve an overnight stop. So it is understandable that they would worry. We explain that the area where the cargo pets are taken to, and stay, is in a separate part of the airport to the passenger terminals. They stay with the Special Cargo Dept until their next flight is ready for boarding.

“Accompanied pets” – travelling to other EU/World destinations or being Imported in the TRNC, are taken to the luggage hold area – this is still in a safe and secure area with no unauthorised access. From here pets are taken to their onward connecting flights.

We did have pets (3 dogs) that were already waiting at Istanbul (with the Special Cargo Dept) for their connecting flight when the awful bombing happened. We also had 3 cats (2 from one of the same family as 1 of the Istanbul dogs) that were still in the TRNC but were expecting to be travelling to Ercan in the afternoon for their UK flights.

It was a worrying time for KAR Pet Travel and the owners but we were able to check on the Istanbul dogs via our Turkish Airlines agent and we were assured that the dogs at Istanbul were fine – their onward flight to the UK was going to be delayed but they were in safe hands in a safe place of the airport – far from the bombing site. The Ercan flight that the others were booked on was still expected to depart on time but we would be informed of any changes that could affect either set of pets.

Throughout the day we were liaising with Istanbul, Heathrow and the owners.

Following on from this happily the Istanbul pets left Istanbul a few hours late but arrived safely in the UK – probably totally unaware of the destruction and tragedy that they had left behind. The other pets (3 cats) departed Ercan on time and spent the night with the Special Cargo Dept before continuing onward to Heathrow to re join their families.

We have also had 3 samily dogs travelling early this week - after the attempted Coup - whose travel plans were totally unaffected and they all arrived safely and happily in the UK.

Once booked with us our aim is to safely transport your pet with as little stress as possible (for both owner and pet alike) to their destination regardless of whether we are Importing them or Exporting them. We cannot always control circumstances but we will do all that we can to monitor the welfare of the travelling pets and will try to keep owners up to date with any changes or issues surrounding their pets travel.  KAR Pet Travel care because we know how special each and every pet is to every owner.

For further information about pet travel please contact Kim on (0090) 533 8694098 or email [email protected] or [email protected]



A birthday bash helps the KAR cats and dogs

Alan Peek, a keen supporter of KAR celebrated his 80th birthday in June at Acmenya Restaurant in Alsancak and requested that instead of presents, guests contribute to two local charities - Tulips and KAR.  Some guests felt they had to contribute something more tangible than money, but nevertheless a very creditable 800tl was collected on the day and handed over to the charities concerned.   As people get older their wants and needs of presents lessen and Alan felt that donations were a way on thanking the charities for their hard and dedicated work.


 Alan, when 77, was one third of the Birdmen of Alsancak, others being David Ray and Don Attwood, who between them raised  in the region of 5,000tl for KAR.

Working on the theory that it's better to give than receive, Alan hopes that more people will follow his example and request "no presents" at birthday and anniversary celebrations so that KAR will benefit.

Many friends raised their glasses to wish Alan a Happy Birthday - it was a Happy day too for the KAR cats and dogs so Thank you Alan from all of them.



KAR 2016 AGM

The Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 30th June 2016 at the KAR office, Karakum, Girne

The meeting was opened by Margaret Ray who welcomed those in attendance and reminded them that only paid up members were eligible to vote.

Chairpersons Report by Margaret Ray

KAR had successfully completed another year. A full lengthy and comprehensive report of activities throughout 2015 was read out at this the 18th Annual General Meeting. The number of dogs and puppies in our care at the end of 2015 was the highest recorded of 410 a massive increase of just over 50% in two years. The cause of this rise and its subsequent effects was highlighted in the report. Over the past 5 years as Part of our Neuter & Return programme we had neutered over 630 dogs. In 2015 we neutered 247 dogs. Unfortunately this programme had to come to an end due to the law dictating that all dogs without owners should be put into shelters, therefore no dogs can be returned to the streets. Also the Veterinary costs for neutering operations were increased 100% and 140% for cats in October. We felt sadly that our work in the control of the population of unwanted dogs by neutering had to be greatly scaled down. The rescue centre improvements and in particular the Kennel Block rebuild project which was launched in June 2015 was included, expansions, staffing, animal care and problems arising was reported. Number of members, animals sponsored and reports from the organizers of our Charity Shops, Education team, Cat Catching team, and fundraising was included. Also mentioned was the Pet Travel Department which had been accepted as ‘Provisional Members’ of IPATA having worked hard to get the ‘TRNC’ included as a Country in its own right. Details of meetings, conferences and talks with other animal welfare associations and personnel worldwide was mentioned. 

Margaret said it had been a great struggle getting through 2015 but we have met some fantastic people throughout the year, had some wonderful support and lovely words of encouragement and so we feel KAR is ready to face the future. She gave thanks to the Executive Committee, to all staff, volunteers, friends and supporters.


The Treasurers Report and Statement of 2015 Accounts was prepared by Ann Bosley

Ann Bosley stated that she was presenting the Treasurer’s report audited by our accountant Mr Sezinler.

Ann Bosley explained the breakdown of the Income and Expenditure under the headings listed in the account and comparisons over the previous years.

The audited financial statement will be entered into the KAR records.

A show of hands in accepting this report was given. All agreed.


Election of not more than 5 members to the Executive Committee.

The five committee members that have retired at this meeting are: Margaret Ray, Ann Bosley, Gwen Cassell, Margaret Smith and Diana peek. Four members are willing to stand for re-election: Margaret Ray, Gwen Cassell, Margaret Smith and Diana Peek.

A nomination for a new Executive member, Denise Aksoy, had been received. Proposed by Gwen Cassell and seconded by Diana Peek.

It is therefore proposed that as there are five persons willing to stand under the current ruling and are dully nominated to the Executive Committee.

A show of hands for agreement. All agreed.


No notifications of any other business has been received by the Secretary.


Meeting closed at 10.47am


A presentation and thanks was given to Ann Bosley on the occassion of her retirement. Ann was thanked for all her years of support as a volunteer and a valued member of the Executive Committee and our Treasurer. We wished her well in her retirement and her planned travels.


A Meeting by the Elected Executive Committee members followed. An election took place and members were voted in to hold positions as follows:-


Chairperson  -        Margaret Ray

Treasurer      -        Diana Peek

Secretary      -        Gwen Cassell

Active members  -  Margaret Smith and Denise Aksoy.




A day in the life of ....Tracy a KAR Office Angel

A Day In the Life of …….Tracy a  KAR Office Angel:

This is one very busy office!  As a new member of the ‘Office Angel’ team at the KAR Karakum office, I am amazed at how busy the office gets.  I thought; nice little cushy office job for one day per week, no problem!  This is not the case.

Normally I am on reception for at least half the day and then I swap with my colleague and get some admin done upstairs where it’s quiet!  These are just a few people I have come into contact with during my day:


THE MAN WITH THE CAT: During the day a lovely young Turkish man brought in an injured cat.  The cat had been hit by a car and was seriously hurt.  This kind young man had picked it up off the road and put it in his car and brought it to our office.  The young man was willing to contribute towards the cat’s treatment if we could help with the cost.  I asked Margaret, our chairperson, if we could help and although this is not something we can afford to do on a regular basis, Margaret agreed and said “yes no problem we can help”.  So I called the vet to let him know the ‘man with the cat’ was on his way and the young man took the cat to see the vet.  However, sadly the cat was in really bad shape and didn’t recover. 

THE LADY FROM LAPTA: We had a call from a lady in Lapta who had 6 puppies appear in her garden.  This lady was a dog lover herself, she has 5 dogs of her own and so could not cope with the puppies.  So, I advised her that I would let our community warden know about the puppies and would also call our rescue centre to find out if we had room to take them.    However, this lady misunderstood and brought the puppies in her car to our office at 4.55pm just before we were about to close.  Luckily my hero was around to save the day (our Community Warden) he explained to the ‘Lady from Lapta’ that we needed to reorganize space at the rescue centre in order to make room for the unwanted puppies and that we could not take them today.  He assured her that they would be picked up the next day.  After some persuasion (in Turkish) the lady took the puppies’ home with her and they were picked up the next day.  

THE ANGRY SHOPPER: Attached to the office is ‘Gladrags’ this is a wonderful shop full of lovely clothes, so I don’t just come and work in the office I can go shopping as well; bonus!   Anyway, I was answering some emails when a shopper from our Gladrags shop started shouting at me from the shop doorway!  “Shame on you, there is nothing new in ze shop, you are charity, shame on you all”, “why you no have new stock”?  “You want to make money but no stock in shop”?  “I come here for clothes…nothing new in shop”? And so it went on.  However, another hero overheard this and came to my rescue.  “Excuse me” the hero said, “Do you realize this shop is run by volunteers?  Our ladies all give their time freely and they work very hard to keep up with the demand.  We don’t have enough volunteers, if you want to see constant new stock in the shop, please find me some more volunteers and please do not shout at my ladies”?  The Angry Shopper stopped being angry and apologized for her comments and said she didn’t realize that this was the case.  The ‘not so angry shopper’ still regularly visits our shop and we are very grateful for her support.

Please note ..this is not a photo of the Angry Shopper !!!

Besides these regular visitors to our office, there are numerous incoming phone calls to answer, emails to reply to and day-to-day administrative duties to carry out.  However, my time in the KAR office flies quickly, I am never bored and my colleagues are supportive and kind.


  I love my ‘cushy little job’ at KAR and long may it continue.



KAR Rescue Centre leads the way !

KAR Rescue Centre shows the way!

The KAR Rescue Centre became the bench mark for a new proposed TRNC Rescue Centre that local Beledeyesi are hoping to set up themselves. Representatives from various Beledeyesi and the Veterinary Association  visited the KAR Centre and spoke to staff and Margaret Ray – they were given advise on many aspects of animal welfare in relation to stray dog/cat population, control, housing, building requirements, medical needs etc. They could see for themselves the advise being put into practice at the Centre including the recent major renovations that have taken place.


The representatives (Degirmenlik Belediyesi Lefkosa Turk Belediyesi, TRNC Veterinary Association, and Gonyeli Belediyesi) were very impressed with the KAR Rescue Centre and it gave them plenty to think about in relation to their own proposed Centre. They are hoping to submit a collective application for EU funding to help build their own Centre.



Book sales benefits KAR

Established author Robert Wingfield recently contacted us with a lovely idea that would see pennies in the KAR purse from sales of his latest books. Here is what he had to say……


One man in a bus – North Cyprus

I had no idea what to expect from this little isolated country, but I booked a guided tour, attracted by the idea of a place locked in time, yet so easily accessible, and above all, cheap.

As always when I travel, I take lots of pictures, and was fortunate enough to have a tour guide who knew the place and the history in its finest degree. I took copious notes of course, and decided that a written travelogue would be the way forward. Always a fan of Three Men in a Boat (Jerome K Jerome), I tried to craft the diary into a state where it would be amusing and informative. I have done similar with Sicily, to mixed receptions.

The number of pictures in the resulting book means that the cost of colour printing is quite high – we make very little in royalties on each paperback, so I am thinking of producing a monochrome and more affordable version if there is demand, but if you get it on Kindle, these problems don’t arise.

Some people might not be interested in my experiences (and who would blame them), so I rewrote and reduced the book to the facts, figures and locations needed for you to tour the country under your own steam (or petrol or diesel), and hence was born ‘One Man in a Pocket – North Cyprus’. This is affordable in paperback, and yes, it really does fit in a pocket (or handbag or rucksack).

It matters not which version you buy, because 50% of all royalties go to KAR, to help the animals into a better life and improve the awareness of their plight across the country. Nobody likes to visit a place where the wildlife is desperate and disease-ridden, and it is a mark of the dedication of KAR that strays you meet are well cared for and free of anything to do you harm – rabies, the worst risk in other countries, is unheard of on the island.

So please do think of buying the book, and enjoying the adventure all over again, or buying the pocket version and using it as your own guide. Let me know if you find any anomalies or changes that need to be made. With your input, and the flexibility of on-demand printing, we will keep the lucky traveler up to date.


See www.cantbearsd.co.uk for details of my other books, including Sicily, and

https://www.amazon.co.uk/North-Cyprus-One-Man-Bus/dp/1522805966 for the complete diary or

https://www.amazon.co.uk/North-Cyprus-One-Man-Pocket/dp/1530525799 for the pocket guide.

If you are thinking of purchasing one of these books (or any other shopping ) on Amazon then please do so via the KAR website (www.kartrnc.org). There is a link to Amazon and KAR receive a % of all sales completed through the KAR link. So it would be double bubble for KAR.



KAR Education Team and Karakum Pre School visit the KAR Centre

Karakum Pre School visit to the KAR Rescue Centre by Kim Betts

Recently the KAR Education Team visited  Karakum Pre School to meet the children (and teachers) and help them learn more about animal care as part of the very successful ongoing KAR Education programme . The children seemed to enjoy the lesson very much and the Head Teacher felt that the children would benefit by having more interaction with cats and dogs. So a visit to the KAR Rescue Centre was arranged.

On Wednesday 18th May 42 children plus their teachers descended on the Centre. You can imagine the noise from the very excited dogs at the sight of so many potential playmates !!!  The children were excited about their visit, but were very calm and well behaved. The Team had talked to them about the dogs being excited and barking, but that it was only because they were happy to have visitors. Part of the Education programme is to teach children how to approach dogs safely, and they had certainly remembered that bit !

The children brought donations of food with them which they proudly carried in to the Centre.


Everyone soon settled and the children were kept busy with stroking/petting of some of the younger puppies, delightedly watching the cats perform acrobats with a cat toy, drawing pictures of the cats and dogs and listening to staff, teachers, volunteers and Education team explaining about the 400 plus cats, dogs, kittens and puppies who live at the Centre.

Everyone seemed to enjoy their visit ---and the cats and dogs were sad to say goodbye (but happy enough to tuck into the donations that the children had brought for them !).

If you know of a school that may be interested in having the KAR Education Team visit the students then please contact our office on 0090 533 8694098 or email [email protected] – the programme is designed with flexibility to suit various student ages.



Hash House Harriers Donation

A Donation for KAR

KAR were invited to receive a donation totalling 400 TL as a share of their monies left over following the disbanding of the Hash House Harriers.

Representatives Margaret Ray and Diana Peake thanked Tony Hutchinson, Wendy and Barry Yorke for their kind donation.



KAR Pet Travel - Full IPATA member

KAR are proud to announce that KAR Pet Travel has now been accepted by IPATA (International Pet and Transport Association) as a full and active member. This follows the successful completion of the final LAR examination (with a very high pass score) by Kim Betts.

KAR Pet Travel service in the TRNC will now be readily accessable not only to other IPATA members but ALSO to any pet owner, pet service provider, organisation or authority ACROSS the world. 
Their role as part of IPATA will now increase as they become the "TRNC Country Profilers" who will be responsible for providing information to world organisations, authorities and individuals about pet travel services and the legal requirements for all animals coming into and out of the TRNC.
This is the culmination of several years of very hard work by both Kim Betts and Margaret Ray in the setting up and running of KAR Pet Travel. They have both achieved respect and high regards, here and abroad, in their professional handling and organisation of all aspects of pet travel and the legislation and technicalities surrounding it. They initially had to campaign for the TRNC to be recognised as a Country in it's own right before they could even be accepted as "provisional members" of IPATA.
We know that KAR Pet Travel will continue to help owners to relocate their pets, using their professional expertise and personal service, - wherever that may be to or from - safely and as stress free as possible (for both pet and owner).
​Well done KAR Pet Travel​
KAR are proud to announce that KAR Pet Travel has now been accepted by IPATA (International Pet and Transport Association) as a full and active member. This follows the successful completion of the final LAR examination (with a very high pass score) by Kim Betts.

KAR Pet Travel service in the TRNC will now be readily accessable not only to other IPATA members but ALSO to any pet owner, pet service provider, organisation or authority ACROSS the world. 
Their role as part of IPATA will now increase as they become the "TRNC Country Profilers" who will be responsible for providing information to world organisations, authorities and individuals about pet travel services and the legal requirements for all animals coming into and out of the TRNC.
This is the culmination of several years of very hard work by both Kim Betts and Margaret Ray in the setting up and running of KAR Pet Travel. They have both achieved respect and high regards, here and abroad, in their professional handling and organisation of all aspects of pet travel and the legislation and technicalities surrounding it. They initially had to campaign for the TRNC to be recognised as a Country in it's own right before they could even be accepted as "provisional members" of IPATA.
We know that KAR Pet Travel will continue to help owners to relocate their pets, using their professional expertise and personal service, - wherever that may be to or from - safely and as stress free as possible (for both pet and owner).
​Well done KAR Pet Travel​
KAR are proud to announce that KAR Pet Travel has now been accepted by IPATA (International Pet and Transport Association) as a full and active member. This follows the successful completion of the final LAR examination (with a very high pass score) by Kim Betts.

KAR Pet Travel service in the TRNC will now be readily accessable not only to other IPATA members but ALSO to any pet owner, pet service provider, organisation or authority ACROSS the world. 
Their role as part of IPATA will now increase as they become the "TRNC Country Profilers" who will be responsible for providing information to world organisations, authorities and individuals about pet travel services and the legal requirements for all animals coming into and out of the TRNC.
This is the culmination of several years of very hard work by both Kim Betts and Margaret Ray in the setting up and running of KAR Pet Travel. They have both achieved respect and high regards, here and abroad, in their professional handling and organisation of all aspects of pet travel and the legislation and technicalities surrounding it. They initially had to campaign for the TRNC to be recognised as a Country in it's own right before they could even be accepted as "provisional members" of IPATA.
We know that KAR Pet Travel will continue to help owners to relocate their pets, using their professional expertise and personal service, - wherever that may be to or from - safely and as stress free as possible (for both pet and owner).
​Well done KAR Pet Travel​



KAR 2016 Dog Show

The 2016 KAR Dog Show and Spring Fayre

KAR would like to announce that their annual Dog Show & Spring Fayre was once more a great success. It was a lovely atmosphere and everyone enjoyed the event and the taking part. We would like to give special thanks to the following people:-

Our Sponsors that gave the lovely prizes for each class: Kaner Ltd, Dagli Trading and Selpa Trading. Alpet Petrol Ltd for donating the Rosettes for each class and for choosing to give a special prize of a Tank of Fuel to their category ‘The Most Energetic Dog’. This was won by Orhan with his dog Baron.

There were 111 entries to the 10 fun classes. The Mahoney Trophy given as first prize each year for the ‘Best KAR Dog’ was won this year by Anne Nolen with her beautiful dog April.

A special prize of a large bag of dog food was also donated by two visitors who regularly help KAR with finding forever homes for dogs in Germany. This was won by Parese Collins with Buddy.

It was lovely to see Zed the dog that was recently mentioned in the press who was rescued from the sea and taken to the Near East Veterinary Faculty for treatment and recovery. He was entered in the Best Street Rescue (we didn’t have a Best Sea Rescue class!!) and the judge placed him first in the class.

Another big thank you goes to our judge Sean Watson and to all the pet supplies companies that put on some lovely displays of their products, to the NEU Veterinary faculty, CESV to name but a few.  Also to all the volunteers and helpers that worked so hard to make this 2016 show an event to be proud of.

Girne Belediyre should have a special mention for allowing us to hold the event in the new covered market area. It was so nice to be able to have the show site in shade and not to have to worry about hot dogs and overheated owners!!

4,332 TL was raised to help the animals.   

Well done to all those beautiful dogs that went home with prizes and to all those beautiful dogs that went home happy to have participated in a great show.


JUDGE:  Sean Watson


SPONSORED BY:-  KANER LTD                             Entries 19


                            Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed

1st                    Hassan                                                 As                    German Pointer

2nd                  Natalie Haigh                                        Max                 Sausage Dog

3rd                    Megan Addington                                 Pierre               Bulldog


SPONSORED BY:-  KANER LTD                                Entries 11


                        Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed

1st                    Eugene                                                Kinali               Pomeranean

2nd                   Ali                                                         Clas                 German Pointer           

3rd                    Lena                                                     Phoebe             Husky


SPONSORED BY:- KANER LTD                              Entries 6


                        Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed

1st                    Beverly Margetts                                 Sammy          Jack Russell x (20 yrs old)

2nd                    Mr White                                             Black               Crossbreed (12 yrs old)

3rd                    Janet Ford                                           Buddy              Crossbreed (9 yrs old)


Class 4 – CHILD AND 4 LEGGED FRIEND                                      Entries 6



                        Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed


1st                    Natalie Haigh    (7 yrs old)                     Max                 Sausage Dog

Tie 1st              Hassan (9 yrs old)                                Onyx                German Pointer

2nd                    Eugene (9 yrs old)                                Kinali               Pomeranean

3rd                    Lola (8 yrs old)                                         Elsie                 Pug


Class 5 – DOG WITH THE WAGGIEST TAIL                                   Entries 10



                        Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed


1st                    Alvine                                                       Barni                Chitzu

2nd                    Philip                                                    SmidgeCrossbreed

3rd                    Michelle Christy                                    Zoe                  Pointer


Class 6 – DOG IN THE BEST CONDITION                         Entries 13



                        Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed


1st                    Marian Clay                                         Black               Pointer x

2nd                    Hassan                                                As                    German Pointer

3rd                    Eugene                                               Kinali               Pomeranean


Class 7 –  BEST STREET RESCUE                                                      Entries 11


                        Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed


1st                    Fulden                                                  Zed                  Crossbreed

2nd                    Mr White                                             Black               Crossbreed

3rd                    Marion                                                 Azbey              Crossbreed


Class 8 – BEST KAR DOG                                                                 Entries 5



1st                    John Nolan                                           April                 Bearded Collie

2nd                    Chris                                                    Piglet                Crossbreed

3rd                    O Fuller                                                Cotton              Lab x


Class 9  - HAPPY FAMILIES                                                 Entries 12



1st                    Hassan                                                  As & Onyx          German Pointers

2nd                    Megan Allington                                   Pierre & Coco    Bulldogs

3rd                    Michelle Kristy                                       Zeus & Zoe          Mastif & Pointer


Class 10 – FRIENDLIEST DOG                                                         Entries 18



                        Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed


1st                    Eren                                                     Lady                Golden Retriever

2nd                    Ozhan                                                  Abby                Golden Retriever

3rd                    Lilian                                                    Sprite               Pomeranean









Education volunteers needed



Large donation of house contents

Nick and Heather Halit contacted KAR and offered the contents of their late mother (Necla Halit Arif) house in Lefkosa if it could be emptied quickly within a few days. KAR were quick to respond with a grateful yes please. The KAR vans which were normally used to transport animals were quickly put into use to collect all the household furniture, bric a brac, clothes, etc. and transport it to our House & Home shop in Girne. Our Community Warden became a removals man for a couple of days!! It was then sorted and the goods put on sale.

We would like to give a huge thank you to Nick and Heather for thinking of the animals and contacting KAR.

If anyone has any house of office contents that they wish to donate please contact our KAR office 0090 533 694098 (email [email protected]) and we can arrange collection if necessary.


Some of the items on sale in the KAR House & Home shop in Kyrenia.





A day in the life of ......A Collection Box Volunteer .... Diana

A Day in the Life of ....A Collection Box Volunteer .....Diana

Outwardly this is a doddle of a job, however, if you are aware that every Lira counts in KAR then it can be worrying as well. Our collection boxes are situated in many places from Lapta right through to Turtle Bay.


I generally set out equipped with the following:

1. Print out of what box number is where

2. An official card to say I am officially allowed to handle money destined for KAR

3. A KAR bag, containing pens, receipt book and a set of keys which makes me look like an Elizabethan chatelaine.


People ask for collection boxes on occasions because they think it makes them "look good". However, when they realise that people are putting money into the KAR box rather than into the TIP box, then suddenly you find that collection boxes are tucked out of sight or at least difficult to reach. At times we do have to decide if it is worthwhile having our boxes in certain places --- if they generate very poor donations it may be that they are better placed elsewhere.  However there are some extremely kind and generous outlets where the box is placed in full view and there it stays and for those people we are forever grateful. Most boxes are only emptied 3 times a year, but I do have 3 or 4 that are emptied every 2 months. It is a time consuming job (my collection days are spread out over about 4 – 5 days) as every kurus, penny, cent etc has to be counted.


It appears to me that collection boxes can bring out the best or the worst in people.  Holiday makers in particular will stuff what appear to be huge amounts of paper money into a box.. but when I get home and Google FOREX I find that not only is the amount a paltry sum but the notes have been out of date, for the country concerned, for the last 4 or 5 years.  Maybe it makes them feel good, I don't know.


I always rattle a box first (I think most collectors all around the world do that - as well as feeling the weight of the box!!) and you can feel a bit down, but that feeling can be alleviated immediately when I open up and find ~Sterling notes, Euro notes as well as Lira notes!!!.   Suddenly box emptying takes on a new dimension and you feel that it is all worthwhile.


On the sad side, there were a total of 8 boxes, in 2014, that were, lost, damaged or strayed but on the good side during 2014 there was a total of 9.099tl, 121.26GBP and 167.14 Euro collected in boxes.  Boxes have to be carpentered and replaced and of course have to be paid for.


We are currently in the process of trying to modernize and replace badly damaged collection boxes when need so they currently come in various types. But please, if you visit a shop, office, bank, café etc, and you see a KAR collection box, think of me and 3 other KAR volunteers, who give of their time and petrol and push a few Lira into the slot at the top of the box ( any other useable currency is most welcome and gratefully received - Far Eastern, Chinese, Japanese,,Australian etc is difficult).



An Invitation to meet the TRNC President

KAR were very pleased to receive an Invitation from the TRNC President Mustafa Akinci and his wife Meral Akinci to a reception at the Presidential home in Lefkosa on the 8th March 2016 in celebration of International Womans Day.

Margaret Ray and Caroline Attwood attended the reception on behalf of KAR and were introduced to the President and his wife.

Margaret Ray said that it was a great surprise and honour to be invited to such an event.






Animal Welfare EU Conference

KAR Chairperson is invited to address the EU Conference


Kyrenia Animal Rescue were very pleased to be invited to give a presentation on the activities of Kyrenia Animal Rescue at a discussion on the Welfare on Companion Animals hosted by The European Commission.

As follows is a copy of the Press Release by the European Commission and a copy of the presentation given by Margaret Ray (KAR chairperson).


Animal Welfare

Everyone’s Responsibility

The European Commission will mark the importance of the welfare of the companion animals with a panel on Thursday, 25 February at the European Union Programme Support Office from 15:00 to 17:15.  The event will bring together local authorities, an EU expert, local experts and NGO representatives to examine the current situation, short and long term solutions, examples from EU countries and the EU strategy on companion animals.

The speakers will examine the EU’s strategy on Animal Welfare as well as practices from EU countries on the welfare of companion animals, the EU harmonisation process with regards to the welfare of companion animals, current condition of and possible solutions to the welfare of companion animals, and local practices on animal welfare.

The EU became a party to the European Convention for the Protection of Companion Animals which was opened for signature in 1987.  The signatory States to this Convention must abide by a number of obligations with regards to companion animals.

In 2010, the European Council called for a research on the discrepancies among the member states with respect to the practices on the welfare of companion animals and to achieve a greater unity between the member states.  Moreover, with the declaration dated 13/10/2011, the European Parliament made a call for all member states to adopt anti-cruelty laws for animals and to adopt dog population management strategies. It asked for the establishment of mandatory system of dog identification and registration in order to prevent the spread of diseases. It was also highlighted that the identification system is significant in terms of monitoring the animals, preventing them from being abandoned or going astray, and also in terms of avoiding unauthorized trading and breeding.

In general, most of the member states implement the laws concerning animal protection. Mandatory identification and registration systems are in place and abandoning companion animals is prohibited, and there are severe sanctions against the maltreatment of animals. Approximately half the number of the member states have adopted special legislation for animal owners. These countries have restrictions for the breeding and selling of dogs.


Presentation for the panel discussion on the Welfare of Companion Animals by Margaret Ray (chairperson)


Kyrenia Animal Rescue was founded in 1997 by a small group of people saddened by the conditions in which abandoned dogs of the streets were living. Initially a small compound was built in Karaoglanoglu but in 1999 we were offered land by the Forestry Department in a much better position in the mountains near Besparmak and this is where our Rescue Centre can be found today. We began with a single building housing 16 kennels and a couple of large compounds. As we raised sufficient funds we expanded, and today we are home to over 400 dogs and puppies and 44 cats and kittens.


We would like to think that the dogs and cats in our care are given the best possible life and strive daily to achieve this aim. None of us are happy that the animals are being held in captivity, most of them for the rest of their lives which could be for 8 to 10 years, but we try to make their lives as pleasant as possible.  We maintain a daily routine for the animals and give them as much human contact as we can as being acutely aware that these companion animals require stimulation. To ensure maximum comfort within the confines of living in a rescue centre their accommodation is amongst trees and forestry in large compounds.  They have protection from the elements in the form of kennelling and are provided with toys – even if it is something as simple as a plastic bottle to play about with and chew.  Every dog and cat at our centre is given a name which is registered on our database along with the animal’s history and treatments etc.  The staff, talk to the dogs and cats by name and ensure that they are as comfortable as they can be.  


All the dogs and cats in our care are neutered. Over the past 5 years alone we have neutered over 1,570 dogs. Over 630 of these dogs have been part of our Neuter and Return programme having been neutered, given a numbered ear tag and returned to the area they were collected from. Sadly this programme has now ended. However our Neuter and Return programme for cats continues and again over the past 5 years we have neutered in excess of 3,630 cats. Trapping and collecting cats from the streets by our cat catching team continues weekly.  The numbers collected have had to be reduced due to the costs of neutering being dramatically increased by the Veterinary Association from the 1st October 2015. The female dog costs increase of 100% and the female cats a staggering 140%. We have equipped our own Veterinary clinic to use for the neutering of the street animals at our office premises in Karakum to try to reduce costs and therefore allowing us to neuter more animals but unfortunately have been unable to find a qualified vet to employ.


KAR employs six full time staff at the Centre and an additional full time staff member is paid for by Girne Belediyre. We try to encourage volunteers to help but have found that it is not a reliable system. The work is very hard and requires commitment, patience and the ability to communicate with the animals in such a way as to instil trust and calm.  It is not as some people think about cuddling puppies or feeding fluffy dogs and kittens. We struggle to find the right staff and have to work hard to keep them in our employment. 

Health checks are done daily and treatments given. All dogs and cats are wormed, vaccinated and treated for external parasites on a regular basis and a careful check for any injuries or socialising problems that may arise. Should an animal require treatment then it is taken to a veterinary surgeon in Girne and the staff will then administer any recommended treatments.

All the animals are fed at least once a day, some more often as necessary e.g. the injured, sick nursing mothers and the puppies and kittens are fed more often and may need specialised diets.  

Food is collected daily by the staff, who visit hotels, school, and army camp etc. It is sorted to remove any bones or other substances that may cause harm to the animals (they are not fond of chillies) and then topped up with dry food. Chicken is cooked and pasta etc added for the puppies. All food is prepared by the staff and any leftover is stored in freezers.


KAR believes education on animal care in the community extremely important and as such over ten years ago set up an education team to visit the schools to help the children understand how to be safe around dogs and cats and about the care and welfare of animals. Groups from schools visit our centre regularly bringing with them donations of food, toys etc. Hundreds of tourists and local visitors are welcomed annually. We have visitors from overseas that spend the whole of their holidays year after year walking, bathing or grooming the many dogs that greet them all with happy wagging tails. We hope that you will visit our Rescue Centre which is open daily from 9am to 1pm.


Homing animals is always our objective. We use social media, local newspapers etc to advertise for new homes for the dogs and cats in our care but sadly a very small percentage are offered forever homes. We have found that unfortunately a dog or cat that grows up in captivity such as in a rescue centre, after a year or so they become institutionalised and without the correct training and care they are unable to cope with living in a normal home.  


Our Community Warden deals daily with members of the public who have dog or cat problems and our office staff receives many reports and gives help and advice. To raise the necessary funds to continue our work, the sum required currently being 44,000 TL per month, we run three charity shops, manned entirely by volunteers staff, transport animals all over the world through our APATA approved Pet Travel department, organise events and depend on the generosity of the general public for donations and sponsorship.


The issue of stray and abandoned dogs on the streets will continue for the foreseeable future but we are optimistic in that we now see many more dogs and cats being well treated and kept as much appreciated companion animals. There are solutions to the problem we face in North Cyprus through education on care, registration and neutering. In 2014 after a great deal of research KAR produced a booklet called ‘Let them Live, Killing is NOT the Solution’. This booklet looks at how to solve the street dog problem in Northern Cyprus humanely and forever and has been widely distributed. It can also be found on our website.

We need to raise over 44,000 TL per month to continue. This is funded through the running of our three charity shops, all manned by volunteers, our APATA approved Pet Travel department, sponsorship, events and the generosity of the general public.

We are happy to give help and advice to anyone that asks. As you can see we have a wealth of expertise and experience to offer.

Thank you very much for inviting me to speak today.



The Great Catalkoy Swim Off

The Great Catalkoy Swim Off

Christmas morning 2015 broke with clear blue skies and bright bright sunshine. All across the TRNC many people were indoors in their onesies opening their pressies and munching on goodies. But many others were donning Lycra, funny hats or shorts (but not a thong in sight) and getting ready... ready for The Great Catalkoy Swim Off.

Down at Shayna Beach the restaurant staff were getting prepared for the onslaught- the ovens were lit and the tea was brewing.

Soon spectators and supporters (sadistic tendencies in both surely) began to arrive. Celebrities (such as the Catalkoy Mayors assistant, 1 of Santa’s elves and even Santa’s cousins) could be seen mingling (or hiding) amongst the crowd.

Excitement (and dread!) could be felt in the air as the clock ticked ....ticked towards that all important important hour.

The crowd gravitated towards the beach ... and parted to open a way through to the sea.

Tick tock, tick tock --- 11 o’clock ----- and suddenly The Great Catalkoy Swim was Off. Forward the swimmers plunged, all 24 of them, and with a splish, splash, splosh they were in – amidst screams and expletives - into the cold cold December sea. There was much merriment and laughter from the spectators and supporters (the sadistic tendencies began to emerge) who stood around in their warm fleeces, trousers and dry clothes and watched .....and encouraged the swimmers to stay in longer.

Before the hypothermia set in, and parts turned blue, the intrepid 24 began to emerge from the cold cold sea.

They were greeted with cheers and warm dry towels and slaps on the back (to warm them up of course). Once the shivering had stopped and the swimmers had adorned more suitable attire it was off up the stairs for hot drinks and a hearty Xmas morning breakfast in the restaurant. All around the Shayna Beach Club restaurant tales of heroics (and much laughter) could be heard.

After being fed and watered (no sea water this time) the Xmas crowd began to leave – amid calls of “See you next year “and many “I’ll do it next time” – The Great Catalkoy Swim Off came to a close.


Often, before hand, on the day and afterwards, questions were asked of the organiser (Barbara Fursman) and swimmers “Why do you do it?” “Was it worth it?” “What is the point?”

Well just maybe The Great Catalkoy Swim Off (its participants and sponsors) is a true reflection of the spirit of Christmas – it is about people sharing time together, having fun, enjoying the day and giving presents.

 It has certainly achieved all of that .... and culminated with an amazing present of 13,011.00TL to 3 Charities (KAR, NCCT, Karakum Special Needs School receiving 4,337.00TL each).

From all at KAR we thank The Great Catalkoy Swim Off and look forward to wishing them a Happy Xmas for 2016!



Thank you



Christmas Appeal



KAR Education Certificate of thanks

KAR Education Team and The SOS Childrens Village

Following 2 visits to the SOS Childrens Village in Lefkosia the KAR Education Team were presented a cetifcate of appreciation by the Principle.

The Team had visitied to teach the children and young people about animal issues and responsibilities. The staff at the Village also kindly donated a 20kg bag of food to help with the feeding of the KAR Centre Dogs.




KAR is a winner at the Dogs

There was a Charity Dog Racing night held on Saturday Nov 28th at Club Tropicana in Ozankoy - with betting on video dog racing.
And what a great night everyone had at the race night at Club Tropicana on Saturday. The racing was good fun, the meals were good and the after race entertainment had people up dancing.
A massive big thanks from all the cats and dogs at KAR (humans too !) goes especially to ;
Club Tropicana for hosting the event, and for their very kind donation of 5TL from each meal sold (225tl donated)
Tracey for her brilliant race announcements - especially on the last race !!!
Gary, Peter and Chris the monetary betting masterminds and techo's.
Mr Smile and Andy who performed free of charge and entertained everyone after the racing.
A big thank you to everyone who attended and placed bets - we hope that you all won something on the night.
But the biggest winner by far was KAR - 1590TL was raised for KAR. THANK YOU everyone for supporting KAR at this event.



A day in the life of ......A KAR Cat Carer - Kimber and the Family Affair

We began volunteering for KAR in June of 2015. We became aware of KAR with the successful arrival of our kitty, Fifi, from the United States - KAR arranged her arrival a year before. Both loving cats, my daughter Ayla and I knew we wanted to get involved, but the question was how.... Then the emails started coming. KAR needed help at the rescue centre. The school year ended and I reached out to the KAR team. We became the cat people on Sundays

Volunteering at the center is not easy but it is fabulously rewarding. We are responsible for the cleaning, feeding, treating (and loving) of all the cats at the facility. We return home each week covered in fur and sweat and a few love scratches. Gradually, personalities emerged. We would come home with stories and full of love for the cats. My husband was used to hearing

"Oh, you wouldn't believe what the calico did today!"
"One of the cats hugged me today!"
"I went in to pet one of the cats and suddenly they were all over me. I couldn't pet them enough. "
"You really should join us!"

Finally, he relented. Afif started coming with us. We established our routine feeding, cleaning them and caring for them.


Afif then began photographing the cats. They became part of us - part of our family. As a family we love coming to KAR.

KAR has done an amazing job with the cats. With limited resources, the facility is clean and the cats are loved and well cared for. The cats all get along.


We have seen very sick kittens nurtured back to health. We have also had some sadness and loss. And, unfortunately, the facility can't help all cats. Yet, they do what they can.

We look forward to every day we spend with our cats at KAR. It is truly a difficult job that we have come to love!!!!



GAU visit by KAR Education Team

 Donation to Kyrenia animal rescue by GAU nursery children.


On Friday October 23rd Kyrenia Animal Rescue education team were presented with a very generous amount of dog and cat food. This food had been donated during the previous week by parents, pupils and the school for World Animal Welfare week.


During the week the education team, comprising of  Maggie Smith,  Carole Widdison and Annie the very special 3-legged Cyprus Terrier, had spent time with five classes of 4 year olds . They learnt about what cats and dogs need to be happy and healthy, what a new dog needs and how to stay safe around cats and dogs. Each lesson was interactive and the pupils had great fun making cat noises and learning how to groom a dog and stand ` Like a tree ` if they should come across a dog they didn`t know rather than scream or run away.


On the Friday afternoon the education team spent time with twenty four  3 year olds and then presented Certificates of Achievement to all of the pupils taught in an assembly with pupils and teachers.  K.A.R. committee member Diana Peek and her husband Alan also attended the assembly and presentation.


Each pupil was given a folder of simple tasks and information which the teachers used with them in a lesson. These then went home to parents for them to read.


Kyrenia Animal Rescue would like to say a big thank you to the pupils, parents and the teachers for this donation, especially Suzan Pastɪrmacɪoğlu, Head of English, for organising everything.




A Day in the Life of .....a Charity Shop Volunteer ....Debbie

A Day in the Life of KAR volunteer, Debbie Mills


Why I chose to become a volunteer:

It was the Christmas bazaar of 2012. I bumped into Anne, who showed my daughter and I some Cuban jewellery made out of cutlery. Then we got to talking. She told us of how another KAR shop was opening in Karakum, and how it was going to be called Glad Rags. Of course, the first thought that came to mind was Rod Stewart, followed by a vision of stacks and stacks of grubby, second hand clothes in a dark room. But Anne’s vision was much different: she was imagining a shop filled with quality, reasonably priced apparel – second hand, yet not worn out.

And she was asking for volunteers. My family and I had lived in Cyprus a year, and, coming from a country where the sight of an ownerless dog was a rare occurrence, the stray animal situation upset and shocked us very much. I wanted to help, yet I wasn’t sure how. So I grabbed the chance to make the animal’s lives a little more comfortable with both hands, and said ‘yes’.

My average Thursday:

I arrive at the shop at about nine thirty in the morning, carrying various bags full of clothes that I’d taken home to wash.  A major part of my work is opening and sorting through people’s discarded clothes and sundries, and the biggest surprises are waiting behind the glass doors of Glad Rags. You never know what’ll be there. A box full of puppies could be tucked away in the corner, waiting to be taken up to the centre, and in the office, which is situated at the front of the building, more often than not Kim, with her wealth of knowledge, is advising someone regarding pet travel or making a report on an abandoned dog.

Call me superstitious, but generally, it’s the beginning of my day that determines how the rest of it’ll go.

The shop is normally quiet when I arrive, so I head past the front desk to the back room. It is here that the hardest work takes place, but it all depends on how many donations have accumulated over the week. Sometimes when I cast my eye over to the donations corner, it is almost as if the roof has opened in my absence and the clouds have rained black bags.

(Bags galore)

 It would be easy to get disheartened by the sight if you hadn’t been through an even bigger deluge, or hadn’t opened a donation bag before and experienced the fluttery feeling of being allowed to see somebody’s discarded wardrobe.

We hunt through the pile with the hope and ruthlessness of pirates on a trail for treasure. Although you can open bag after bag of mouldy dirty items (and sometimes feel like you are losing the will to live), every bag needs sorting through because although there may be nothing suitable in the top of the bag there may just be a hidden treasure underneath.

Everything we find is eligible in at least one of four loose piles:

Glad Rags: The things we put in this pile are always of a high standard, and have been visibly worn very little or not at all.

Shop: The things that do not fit the Glad Rags criteria and, although are still good, are not eligible for Glad Rags, are sent to the KAR Charity shop in Girne.

Softies: Softies are things that are not suitable for sale in either shop but can be made use of up at the centre, mainly as bedding for the animals or maybe toys for the animals. They can be an old jumper or a pair of old trainers or socks.

Rubbish:  Although we try to make use of everything, sometimes you have no choice but to throw something away, for instance an odd high heeled shoe or stained underwear.

So all in all we try to make use of everything that people so kindly donate.

The shop can get quite busy and the office staff  have a bell to alert us when a customer enters the shop. Some days you can be up and down like a yo-yo from sorting room to shop.

The Glad Rags team of ladies are always willing to help you find whatever it is you are looking for. If you fail to find something suitable on the rails in the shop we will search through the items in the sorting room until, hopefully, we can find you whatever it is you are looking for or if not, send you in the direction of the KAR Charity shop in town.

(Sally searching for a bargain for a customer)

We meet some lovely people in the shop and the majority of them are pleasant and easy to deal with, however you do meet the odd grumpy or awkward one. For instance the lady who couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t swap a bag of junk jewellery for a nice Per Una necklace, which didn’t exactly comply with the fact that we are a charity shop and not a swap shop!

Or spending an hour with someone trying to find a bra to fit her when in the end I found her three nearly new, perfectly fitting bra’s and then realised she expected to buy all three for 5TL.

We are always looking for volunteers in both Charity shops and I would thoroughly recommend this as a way of helping the homeless animals of Northern Cyprus.

If you can donate your time or any unwanted items then please contact our office on 0533 8694098 or email [email protected]




A Day in the Life of ..... a KAR Puppy Carer ---- Pat

A day in the life of ……….. a KAR Puppy Carer Pat.

All too often we hear and read moans of KAR not helping enough – not doing enough – not taking in as many animals as they should etc . Such moans and groans do little to boost the morale of the many volunteers who help at KAR (at the Centre and in other areas of KAR). But still they continue to help and work their socks off – all to help the animals that KAR help.

Our Centre Puppy carers have certainly had a busy few months.  Day in, day out the numbers of puppies coming into the Centre continues . In April 2015 72 puppies were taken in at the Centre, Mays new arrivals was 77 puppies and June was 78.  227 in just 3 months. That is without the adult dogs, cats and kittens that come into the Centre.

These puppies are dumped at the centre – dumped at the office – dumped  at the Charity shop. They are brought in following telephone reports from concerned members of the public or following reports from the local Beledeyesi who work with KAR. They come in with our Community Warden who steadily works his way through a variety of cat and dog hotline reports.

But throughout it all KAR and its band of volunteers continues to help – by the ongoing campaign to neuter stray dogs and cats, by visits by the KAR education team to local schools, by treating the many illnesses and injuries that are evident, by feeding and caring for the many animals at the Centre on a long term basis … and the list goes on.

Despite the moans and groans, from all and sundry , the staff and volunteers  carry on – they carry on because they care – and they carry on with good humour and kindness as can be seen by the following article written by Pat.

A day in the life of a puppy carer

My day starts, not with the puppies, but with a little ritual involving Timmy, a dog who has been with us since 2009.  Timmy can only be described as eccentric and he likes to start his day with a plastic bottle in his mouth.  So, on arrival, I have in my bag one plastic bottle to throw to Timmy to catch and run around with.  My first job is completed and as you can see, Timmy is very happy with a bottle held firmly in his teeth!

On to the puppies and this involves clearing poo – lots of it.  In the older puppy area we have over 20 puppies and it never fails to amaze me how so few puppies can produce so much poo overnight.  We also have about 12-15 smaller puppies in ER7 and they too have been very messy – on the floor, in their beds – they really are a mucky lot!  So it is a quick hose down to clear the floor ready for the puppies’ breakfast.  I also make a quick check of the pups to make sure they are all okay and haven’t got into any scrapes overnight.

The older pups have their breakfast first.  Balancing 15 large bowls of food with 20 plus pups jostling for position is no mean feat.   I have never yet gone flying, but there’s always a first time. The food is demolished in less than a minute and then I feed the pups in ER7.  They too polish off their breakfast quickly and all the bowls/trays are cleared.

Next is a more thorough clean of the puppy areas.  The floors are disinfected, the beds cleared of dirty bedding and cleaned.  If there are pups in cages then they are moved into a clean cage while I clean the dirty ones.  Drinking water is replaced.  This all sounds quite straightforward – apart from one thing...  The puppies.  They like to help or rather, they like to get in the way.  They particularly like to chew the hose if it is laid on the floor for one second and the floor scraper is one big game to some of them.

Here I am being supervised by 2 of the older pups.  So, where are the others?  Well, they have taken a shine to the person taking the photo.  They are trying to swing on the camera strap or anything else they can get hold of!!  It’s a pity I didn’t have a camera as well !

Now this is what they are usually like – all clamouring for a bit of love and attention.

All they really want is a loving home and someone to take good care of them.

By now it is around 10am and time for a quick tea break.  A family on holiday have arrived and are taking some dogs for a walk.  Sid and Salt from Pine Walk have just been out and now it’s the turn of Mitch, Cecille and Missy in ER3.

My next job is to clean the ER block, which consists of 6 kennels.  The ER block holds smaller dogs and others than are recovering from illness or injury.  Again, the floors and beds are cleaned and the drinking water changed.

One of the residents of ER block is Beedy, a Cyprus terrier who was already at the centre when I first started back in 2008.  Beedy was a bit of an ankle-biter all those years ago but he is a bit more sedate these days, probably because he doesn’t have too many teeth left!

On to The Sandpit (it used to be a sandpit before the kennel was built).  The residents of the Sandpit are two sets of sisters – Ellis & Elena and Emmy & Elisa.  As I walk towards the Sandpit, all the other dogs nearby start barking – because they know what is going to happen next.  Ellis is an escape artist and always tries to get through the gate as I open it.  She doesn’t always succeed but she just waits until I go back out again and this time she is always too quick for me.  She charges up the lane and back again and because it’s too hot, she then waits for me to pick her up and put her back in.

A quick clear up near Shannon, a grey terrier who lives under the tree and then it’s the Cornerhouse.  The current residents of the Cornerhouse are a French bulldog who was abandoned at the centre, Cinders a little white & tan dog and a small black sausage dog who has a skin condition.  Cinders and the sausage dog are both friendly little dogs and they just love to be picked up and made a fuss of.  The French bulldog is rather sad, probably wondering why his owner didn’t want him anymore and left him at the rescue centre.

Another visitor has arrived and taken 2 compound dogs for a walk – Samson and Wotsit.  He is looking for a dog to home and takes a shine to Bindy – a small husky cross who has been with us since the end of 2013.  He goes away to think about it and kindly leaves a generous donation.  About 30 minutes later he is back, having decided to take Bindy today.  What excellent news!  After the new owner has gone through the homing paperwork with Joanna, it’s time to say Goodbye to Bindy – she is such a lucky girl!

It is getting near to lunchtime so I go back to the puppy area for another clear-up before the afternoon feed.  I give the puppies clear instructions – “no more pooing before dinner” – do they listen?  No, they do not !

Before I stop for lunch, it’s time for a cuddle with the smaller puppies in ER7 and as you can see, they all clamber for their turn to be picked up!

After having a quick bite to eat, I like to take a walk round the compounds and say Hello to all the dogs.  It’s become part of my routine.  It is the same dogs every time who wait for me as I go round –  Mini, Galaxy, Gloria, Geri plus about 100 others!  Some are not so interested in my visit, they look up, think to themselves “Oh it’s her again” and go back to sleep.

By now it’s 2 o’clock and time for the afternoon feeds.  The larger puppies are first to be fed, followed by the pups in ER7.  If any pups do not eat or are too slow, then I take them inside and give them a separate feed.

The dogs in ER block are fed next, followed by the Sandpit (Ellis doesn’t try to escape this time) and the Cornerhouse. Afterwards all the feeding bowls are collected and taken inside for washing. 

My last job of the day is, yes you’ve guessed it – clearing up poo.  A final scrub of the floors, clean bedding is put down and the water bowls are topped up.  The puppies are still trying to help, some of them particularly like to catch the water from the hose!  Finally, they start to settle down for the night and curl up in their beds.  So it’s “Goodnight puppies” from me and see you next Sunday.  Time to go home and have a much needed shower !





Kennel Block Rebuild Project - Update

NEWS !!! NEWS !!!! NEWS !!!!


The building work has begun on the new Kennel Block. Please find attached some photos taken on Monday 21st September. We are all very excited that the work has begun and that something is happening !!!

We couldn’t have done it without the pledges of money and support that we have received. Thank you.

PS. A group of puppies in the kennel opposite the one the builders are working on decided it was a great game to pull some cardboard discarded by the builders under their kennel door and rip it into tiny pieces !!! Good game !!! Lots of fun had by them all !!!



Lemar Supermarkets support KAR


Representatives from Lemar Supermarket Serdal Kurt (Kyrenia Area Manager), Erol Ardinc (Operations Manager) and Pelin from Karaglanoglu store met with the committee members of KAR (Margaret Ray, Ann Bosley and Diana Peek) on Friday to present 70kg of dry dog food.

Lemar officials said that they wish to help KAR in their work that they do with the street dogs and cats. A money collection box and a food collection box is in the Lemar stores at Karakum and shortly their other stores at Catalkoy, Karaglanoglu and Alsancak will also display these collection points. Lemar at Karakum also very kindly donate their unwanted food from the butchery and deli counters in the store which is collected every two days by KAR and taken to the Rescue Centre to help with the daily feeding.

Other ways to help KAR were discussed to work alongside discounted dog and cat products. Margaret Ray thanked the Lemar officials for their help and kind thoughts on helping the animals and said it was a pleasure to be able to work with such nice people.

Unfortunately due to lack of volunteers the fortnightly Supermarket Begs outside of Lemar at Karakum and Karaglanoglu has been suspended but it is hoped to have them up and running again soon. However the public can still place their donations of pet purchases into the food boxes inside the Lemar stores and for which KAR will be very grateful.  



Thermal Underwear - a night to remember !

The following production is a date for your diaries. It will be presented at The Theatre in the Catalkoy Cultural centre. Entrance is by 25 TL donation . ENJOY !




A Day in the Life of ..... an Ad Hoc KAR Volunteer ---- Ipswich Mike

A Day in the Life of ------- KAR Ad-Hoc volunteer - Ipswich Mike.


Having retired and moved to Cyprus I did not really want to commit to anything regular but at the same time I wanted to help out somewhere without becoming too involved. I think I have found the perfect answer - it is to become a KAR dogsbody (a.k.a ad hoc volunteer!).

Over the years of ad hoc volunteering I have been involved on my own, or with others, on a whole range of projects or jobs none of which are exclusive and can be done by anyone. The following is just an example of some of the roles that I have been involved in.

Vet Drop/Run Driver. You get to drive the infamous KAR white (more usually dirty grey with the dust!) van up and down the mountain to and from the Centre to the vets. We take any of the cats and dogs who need treatment or are going to be neutered – ouch – to/fro the vets who help KAR! Driving a van is good fun anyway but a big old bent up van tends to concentrate the minds of the Merc taxi drivers and VIP (!) minibus drivers.

The satisfaction is enormous and you are also helping out the cats and dogs when they are at their most vulnerable.

Building Things. My only experience of this used to be to “find a man that can”!

My whole working life was spent playing sport or working in an office. To me B&Q sounded like a chapter from Fifty Shades of Gray and DIY stood for Don't do It Yourself.

My most recent job with KAR was putting up shading for the dogs at the Centre. Mick was my CO and a very rewarding job it was – it was lovely seeing the look of relief on the dogs faces as they realised they could now relax without the extreme heat and glare of the hot sun on them.


Other jobs that I have been involved with have included learning how to make cement ... or is it concrete?!

Moving gravel from A to B and then C to D, painting, making or repairing wooden kennels, building various items,  clearing out the sandpit, general clearing up, making and putting up signposts and banners.

And just doing what I was told what to do really – (we men know what that feels like don’t we!).

Photo taking. Dogs, Cats, People, Inanimate objects, KAR fund raising events - all have all been victims of my attempts to mimic David Bailey. Good fun this one, much better than building!

Car Park Attendant. Ohhhhhhhhhh yes, imagine the deep joy moving on those drivers who insist on parking and blocking the entrances to the Centre and at Events. Life just does not get any better than this.  If you fancy a uniform there is even a high viz jacket available.

Information Stand Girne Town Centre. I was part of this for several years with Stuart Sim who has now returned to England (I hope that you are feeling better Stuart and look after yourself mate).

This was a meet the public type role. Giving out information, answering questions and explaining what KAR can and cannot do because of lack of resources or legal issues. People just often do not understand the complexities of it all.

Stuart and I use to take great pride in raising more in donations then other volunteers who also took turns manning the stand. We were at times delighted at how generous people can be and conversely how churlish others can be. You certainly get to see all sides of people’s characters doing this one.

KAR have a wide range of quality odds and sods for sale including, but not exclusive, T-Shirts, cards, mugs, cushions, blankets, pens and pencils, fridge magnets etc.  If you are ever stuck for a present pop into the KAR office.

Apart from raising money we assisted the General Public with numerous and varied inquires and generally were the public face of KAR for a few hours.

I must take this opportunity to thank George Cafe, Girne for providing our coffee – it is much appreciated.

Distributing and Emptying Collection Boxes. Hopefully you have noticed the Blue and Yellow wooden collection boxes doted around the area in shops, money exchange, banks and restaurants. There are about half a dozen of us who empty these boxes 4 times a year.

Because of changing circumstances there is likely to be a shortage of volunteers doing this in the near future. There is a responsibility to maintain the box on your patch, collect and account for the money and pay into the KAR office. This one is a valuable income source for KAR and if you feel able to help please contact Diane at the KAR office (0533 8694098). Diana will be sharing her experiences soon i am sure.

If you do not want to work on a regular basis but are prepared to help out when you can I really do recommend the Life of an Ad-Hoc KAR volunteer.

The satisfaction is enormous, you also get to meet some great people and you get to improve your skill set beyond your wildest dreams ! "



Kitten Showcase Day

Some of our orphaned kittens, who have been hand reared, will be making an appearance at Chateau Lambousa on Saturday August 22nd from 10 am to 12 noon. They will be looking for their new "forever" families so please, if you are thinking of making an addition to your family, come along and meet them.
Our experienced fosterers will also be available to have a chat and answer any questions about the highs and lows of fostering such vulnerable babes.




Cyprus Paradise Plaque

Cyprus Paradise Plaque


A plaque of thanks to Cyprus Paradise for all their very kind and continued support has been placed on the fencing at the Rescue Centre.

Once again Cyprus Paradise has been very kind in donating two return air tickets to/from the UK to Ercan as first prize for our forthcoming Christmas Raffle. Tickets will be going on sale in September.

KAR recognises and thanks those that help and support in their work with the stray and abandoned animals in North Cyprus.




Is there a special one here for you ?

These dogs are all at our Rescue Centre and are sponsored by wonderful people who care about them. However, what they would really, really like is a forever home - please contact us at [email protected] or tel 0090 533 8694098 if you are interested in any of these beautiful dogs. If you cannot see the one that you want then we have over 300 more for you choose from - small ones, big ones, old ones ,  young ones and plenty of puppies, cats and kittens ! You will be spoilt for choice. If you cannot offer a home to one of our cats or dogs but are interested in helping us by sponsoring them please see the information on our Help KAR page.

Becks - very poorly when she came in. She had miscarried a litter of puppies but she is fine now.


Conifer came in pregnant last springtime. She is a very quiet, lovely girl


Goldie - found dumped at the top of the lane in January this year. She was very thin and unhappy.


Jinna came in last May with 2 siblings and an older pup. One was lucky enough to find a new home but sadly the other 2 didn't make it. Jinna just loves cuddles.


What a gorgeous girl Lillyfee is. She came in nearly 2 years ago as a small puppy - we cannot believe no-one has offered her a home.


Rosie - another dog dumped at the rescue centre. She has a lovely nature and just wants someone to take care of her.







A full lengthy and comprehensive report of activities throughout 2014 was read out by Margaret Ray. This included data of dogs and cats neutered 426 dogs and 707 cats, re-homed 125 dogs and 18 cats, neutered, tagged and returned 126 dogs, animals handled over 1,777, over 2,000 helpline calls and over 1020 visitors to the rescue centre. The number of dogs and puppies in our care at the end of 2014 was the highest recorded of 379 a rise of 106 on the previous year. The cause of this rise and its subsequent effects was highlighted in the report. The rescue centre improvements, expansions, staffing, animal care and problems arising was reported. Number of members, animals sponsored and reports from the organizers of our Charity Shops, Education team, Cat Catching team, Pet Travel department, and fundraising was included. Details of meetings, conferences and talks with other animal welfare associations and personnel worldwide was mentioned.

Margaret gave thanks to the Executive Committee, to all staff, volunteers, friends and supporters.


Ann Bosley stated that she was presenting the Treasurer’s report audited by our accountant Mr Sezinler.

For the first time in many years our expenditure exceeded our income.

The expenditure figure for 2014 was 638,710.35TL. (£177,612)

The income figure for 2014 was 631,070.26TL       (£175,487)

Cash transferred from our bank deposit account was 7640.09TL

The total held in cash and bank accounts as at 31.12.2014 was 137,457.54TL

Ann Bosley explained the breakdown of the Income and Expenditure under the headings listed in the accounts and the comparisons over the previous years.

The audited financial statement will be entered into the KAR records.


The election 5 members of the executive committee took place and the following positions were elected for the year 2015/2016

Chairperson –              Margaret Ray

Treasurer     -  Ann Bosley

Secretary     -               Gwen Cassell

Active Member -         Diana Peek

Active Member -         Maggie Smith


A copy of the minutes of this meeting was sent out to all members.



Kennel Block Rebuild Project



KAR Pet Travel (and the TRNC) - International Recognition

Kyrenia Animal Rescue are very pleased, and proud, to announce that KAR Pet Travel has been accepted as a member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA). There are only 2 members on the Island of Cyprus – one  is based in the Republic of Cyprus (and is an organisation that KAR Pet Travel already work very closely with ) and now KAR Pet Travel.

IPATA is an internationally approved trade association with members based in over 80 countries. All members have to show evidence of their experience and expertise in the international movement of animals – including the legal requirements of the various countries relating to those animals. Each member must maintain the expected high standards needed for ongoing inclusion of IPATA.

The application (and acceptance) process, for KAR, was quite lengthy, complex and not problem free ..... in the words of one of the IPATA co ordinators .....

“.......We have actually had to add the TRNC as a country to our database ! and such re-programming takes some time . Please bear with us as we work through this."

Being accepted as a member (provisional until the final 2 exams are passed – within the first year) of IPATA is recognition of the professional way in which KAR Pet Travel already operates and the service that is provided to pets, owners, airlines, and all involved in pet travel .

Kim Betts and Margaret Ray have worked tirelessly to set up and run KAR Pet Travel and to build strong professional working relations with many organizations both here and internationally. Their objective is “to help owners understand, and comply with,  the Import/Export regulations that pertain to their own circumstances and to advise, and organize if needed, the travel route that best suits them and their pets and affords safe passage with the least amount of stress for their pet “.

Whether a pet needs to travel into TRNC or needs to travel out of TRNC KAR Pet Travel can help. They can be contacted on 0533 8694098 or by emailing[email protected]



Bellepais Abbey - a beautiful venue for a beautiful evening of music



New supermarket supports KAR

SAH Supermarket in Catalkoy supports KAR

KAR are very pleased to announce that Sah Supermarket is supporting our efforts to feed and care for the street animals by giving their daily food leftovers from their restaurant and butchery departments.

It has also been agreed that KAR has become partners with Sah in a re-usable shopping bag project.  This project will help to raise funds for the street animals as well as support the protection of the environment.

A newly designed KAR donation box has been placed in the store for shoppers to place any spare coins.

A big thank you to SAH Supermarket from all the dogs and cats in our care.

Please give this Supermarket your support.



New shop for KAR



KAR’s new HOUSE & HOME charity shop in Girne , which opened on May 18th 2015, can take any unwanted furniture, furnishings, bric a brac, clothes etc.

We can make arrangements to collect furniture items if necessary.


All the money raised from the sale of these goods will go to help the stray and abandoned animals and KAR’s work in the community.


Contact the KAR office on 0533 8694098 or via email, Shop supervisor Gwen 0533 8689497 or pop into any of KAR retail outlets.



Dog Show and Spring Fayre



Cape to Cape Donation


Dog and Cat food to the value of 4,192 TL was delivered to the KAR office on Tuesday 14th April. This was purchased from the sponsor money raised from the amazing walk by six people from Cape Zafer to Cape Korucam a walk of 213km. The walk was supported by The Village Bistro in Esentepe.

Our thanks go to Gavin Simons, Anne Redman, Paul Moulton, Anna Gerrard, Alan Gerrard, Julie Simons and Mike Redman. Also Serhat Akdemir owner of the Village Bistro.  

This wonderful donation will feed the KAR dogs and cats for a month. Lots of happy waggy tails and purrrrrs from all.



Cape to Cape sponsored wlak in aid of KAR

Please support the walkers who will be walking to support Kyrenia Animal Rescue . You can pledge your sponosrship by contacting the KAR office on 0090 533 8694098 or by email to [email protected]




You can help us when you help your pets - Frontline campaign

Frontline Products Campaign



Salahi Serakinci visited the KAR office in Karakum and talked about how the products worked to eradicate fleas and ticks on dogs and cats. He also handed out leaflets and posters to help with the campaign

Frontline Plus and Frontline Combo products will have a 5TL sticker on the outside of the boxes. These stickers will collected by KAR and returned to Serakinci Ltd who will donate money to the value of the stickers to help KAR with the work they do in the community for the stray and abandoned animals.


The Frontline products can be purchased from the Veterinary clinics and Pharmacies.

Purchasers of Frontline can hand the stickers direct to KAR or look for the special collection boxes in Vet clinics and Pharmacies where they can deposit them.


Mr Serakinci said ‘as a result of this campaign, our stray animals will benefit from each sale with all proceeds going towards the animal’ 

Margaret Ray thanked Mr Serakinci for inviting KAR to take part in this very worthwhile campaign.







Another welcome donation from Saltys



To celebrate the second anniversary of the opening of Salty’s Fish & Chip Shop the ownerYusuf Agaoglu kindly made a donation of 1,100 TL to KAR. Yusuf said ‘I love animals and care for them, which is why I want to provide a little help towards KAR’.

A certificate of thanks was given to Yusuf which he proudly displayed on the wall of the Shop.




Near East University Veterinary Faculty Visit

Near East University Veterinary Faculty Visit

from Diane Peek


On Wednesday 28th January a small party of KAR Members and Volunteers had a most interesting and informative visit to the above.  We were met in Reception by Vice Chancellor of the Vet School Dr Osman Ergene , Prof. Nilifur and Wayne Fuller, Zoologist .where a short speech of welcome (in English) was made.

It was obvious from the offset that we were going to be shown something spectacular and we were not disappointed.  The tour followed the route that a patient would follow if and when admitted.

A spacious and impressive well staffed Reception with a small shop to one side, selling shampoos etc, not a pharmacy though.

On another side were four individual glass fronted examination rooms all with state of the art equipment, trolleys, cupboards etc all high quality stainless steel. Shutters could be pulled down to allow privacy and a small ginger cat was being examined whilst we were there.

 Down a short corridor to an X-ray room with all that one would expect, plus an amazing X-ray table that was adjustable and allowed medical staff to see parts of the body without having to roll the animal around.

 In the same corridor was a room consisting of an ultrasound machine and table with other specialized equipment.

 We then were shown the Laboratory.  It consisted of every piece of equipment for testing for parasites, blood, (across 18 parameters) urine and other biochemical tests (across 17 parameters), fecal analysis and comprehensive infection screening, for canine, feline, bovine and equine patients.  (plus other farm animals)  The best equipment from around the world had been purchased i.e. Swiss, German, British, Canadian as well as Turkish.

From there we were shown the four Operating Theaters.  They all contained the state of the art equipment, everything including cupboards etc were the same high quality SS.   What was particularly impressive was the lighting and the fact that every table was equipped with specialized machines for delicate eye operations and key hole surgery.

 From there we passed into the recovery area which consisted of four waist high recovery cage for overnight stays.   In the next room were four more cages in which were two small dogs, one of whom had recently had pups.  It was interesting to note that the NEU were in a position to use incontinent pads rather than torn up newspapers inside the cages.

 At the request of most of the visitors, we were allowed to see Spartacus the green turtle.   His room was one of the examination rooms and similar to a Sauna with a plastic water tank containing saline water and electric fires to keep the warmth constant.  Spartacus was lying on his back connected to a drip at the time. He certainly didn't appear to mind seeing the world from an upside down position.  Wayne Fuller explained that diet (high protein sea grass) was a problem and he was in continual communication with turtle experts all across the world.   Spartacus was as healthy as could be expected and the NEU feel at the moment he has a 60/40 chance of recovery in the wild.  This is a first for the hospital and they are doing all they can.

 Before we were shown to the Cafeteria there was a short Q and A.  The visitors were told there were would be 10 students at any one time on a rotating basis with those still doing theory work. It was considered that 10 was the optimum number in order to give individual training.  The faculty was pressing hard for an animal ambulance to be used in emergencies and they would be extending their work to enable students and specialists to visit farms, stables and other animal husbandry establishments.  The problem of KAR and the ongoing inability to employ a Vet in the prepared area in Karakum was briefly discussed and we were informed by Prof Nilifur and the Vice Chancellor that they were still trying to find a solution to help us.

 It was stressed that the Hospital open to the general public and referrals from local Vets were not necessary.  Brochures and price lists were available both in English and Turkish and a few were brought back for use in the office.

All in all it was a very interesting visit (particular for those who might sometimes feel their particular Vet has insufficient equipment or expertise in an emergency) as it was obvious where all the money had gone.  It is also obvious that it is very, very new and most of the equipment had yet to be used.  It will be interesting to visit the Hospital when it is well and truly up and running and there is some feedback from owners and “patients"



KAR Christmas Bazaar 2014



Near East University Veterinary Faculty Opening

Representatives from KAR attended the opening of the Near East University Veterinary Faculty at Lefkosa on Saturday 15th Nov.





Meeting with the Mayors

Following a series of meetings between KAR and Girne Mayor Nidai Gungordu proposals were put forward by KAR for the control of the dogs on the streets in Girne. In a meeting on Friday 19th Sept with Mayor Nidai Gungordu, Naile Soyel (Girne Belediyre Health Dept) Margaret Ray and Maggie Smith from KAR those proposals were discussed and new guidelines issued. These guidelines included better communication between KAR and the Belediyre regarding problem dogs, newly arrived dogs, public complaints and concerns, control of the number of Tag dogs around the town, public awareness and advice regarding the control of owned dogs, the importance of the Neuter and Return Programme.

KAR advised that a plan of low cost neutering should be implemented and the public should be educated about the importance of having their dog neutered. We have been advised that the Government Veterinary Department are discussing how such a plan can be established.   

Mayor Nidai Gungordu said that there are members of the public that like to see the dogs on the streets of Girne and another group who are against the dogs. It is essential to find a happy medium. 

Further meetings will be ongoing where future long term plans will continue to be discussed and also how Girne Belediyre can help KAR to full fill this commitment.


On Tuesday 23rd Sept KAR Margaret Ray, Maggie Smith and KAR Community Warden met with Alsancak Mayor Firat Ataser.  Mayor Firat talked about the problems with the street dogs in the Alsancak area and KAR pointed out that they have been collecting dogs and neutering cats for well over 10 years in that area. Mayor Firat was given a copy of the Girne Proposed Solutions for the Street Dog Problem and it was explained that KAR would be happy to work out a similar proposal for Alsancak. He said that he was happy to work with KAR and would visit the rescue centre at Besparmak and the Veterinary facilities at Karakum to learn more about KAR’s work.

It was recognised by everyone at the meeting that there was still much further discussions needed but everyone was positive that KAR and Alsancak would be able to work together to help solve the street dog problem.



The Summer Raffle

On Tuesday this week Margaret Ray and Caroline Attwood had the pleasure of meeting the winners of the Holiday Raffle.  The first prize of a week’s holiday for two at Pia Bella Hotel was won by Mrs June Hall who was represented by her daughter, Lorraine Squire, who said her mother was delighted and thrilled that she had won.   The second prize of return tickets from Ercan to Stansted went to Mr and Mrs Hunter.who have only relatively recently come out to live in North Cyprus.  Mr Hunter told KAR that he had initially thought the phone call informing him that they had won was a joke but they were very pleased to have participated and got such an excellent prize.

Margaret Ray said that KAR were deeply grateful to Dr Muhammet Yaserata,owner of Cyprus Paradise, who had been extremely generous in providing the prizes, and that KAR looked forward to an ongoing relationship with the company that would be of mutual benefit.

Over 2,000 raffle tickets were sold and after costs the final sum raised in excess of 10,000 TL. KAR would like to thank everyone who bought a ticket or helped to sell them and also the management of Pia Bella Hotel whose kind support during the launch and draw events has been very welcome.






KAR’S Annual General Meeting was held on 31st July 2014 at Ezic Premier Restaurant in Girne.  It was attended by 20 members and supporters. The five members of the Executive Committee were re-elected:-

Margaret Ray – Chairperson, Ann Bosley – Treasure, Gwen Cassell – Secretary and Active Members Maggie Smith and Diana Peek.

Margaret Ray read out a comprehensive report on the activities and events of 2013. KAR’s neutering and tagging campaign was detailed as well as the booklet ‘Let them Live, Killing is not the Solution’, KAR Education school visits, new shops – Gladrags and Girne Shop, the work of the Pet Travel department and the setting up of a fully equipped veterinary clinic. She gave out the statistics and comparisons with the previous year as shown below:-

Margaret thanked all staff, sponsors, volunteers and supporters for all their valued help throughout the year.

Ann Bosley (Treasurer) gave the financial statement for 2013 which had been audited by Sezinler & Co Accountants.








 Animals handled



Helpline calls



Dogs & puppies in our care



Dogs homed



Dogs neutered



Tagged N & R dogs



Cats in our care



Cats homed



Cats neutered



Pets abroad – dogs



Pets abroad – cats



Visitors to the rescue centre



Life membership



Sponsored animals



Costs per MONTH to care






Goody donation


Goody Donation


A real GOODY treat

On Friday 23rd May a donation of 405 kg of Goody dry dog food was presented to the centre by Orhan Dagli, Director of Dagli Trading. Orhan explained that following a visit to the manufactures,  Tropikal Pet Factory near Istanbul by former TRNC President Mehmet Ali Talat it was decided that donations would be given to benefit animal charities in the TRNC. As an animal lover Mehmet Ali Talat supported the idea of holding a consumer campaign which prompted the donation of the dog food.

The food was delivered in twenty seven 15kg bags for which KAR was extremely grateful.

“On behalf of KAR I would like to thank Dagli Trading for their very generous donation and a big thank you to Mr Talat for supporting this consumer campaign which will benefit the dogs in the care of the animal charities”. Said Margaret Ray.




Dog walking cancelled at the Rescue Centre

The Forestry Commission have advised KAR that some despicable person has laid poison along the mountain paths near to the Rescue Centre.  Therefore all dog walking is cancelled until further notice.  Visitors are of course still welcome to come and visit the dogs and cats.








KAR "Paws in the Park" Fun Dog Show Results



JUDGE:  Jane Knoble



SPONSORED BY:-  SELPA TRADING LTD                                Entries 14


                        Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed


1st                    Ali                                                       Boss                Neopolitan Mastif

2nd                 Halle                                                    Kevin              Crossbreed

3rd                    Bob                                                     Horace             Labradoodle



SPONSORED BY:-  COMFY PET SHOP                                       Entries 22


                        Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed


1st                    Daniella                                               Mia                  Yorkshire Terrier

2nd                   Doinyer                                                Bettie              Pekingese       

3rd                    Tara                                                     Hanni              Crossbreed     



SPONSORED BY:- COMAKS COMPUTER SALES, ACCESSORIES & REPAIRS                                                                                                               Entries 11

                        Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed


1st                    Poppy                                                  TJ                    Greyhound (8 yrs old)

2nd                    Beverly                                                Sammy            Crossbreed (18 yrs old)

3rd                    Joe                                                       Kelly               Crossbreed (13 yrs old)



Class 4 – CHILD AND 4 LEGGED FRIEND                                 Entries 15



                        Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed


1st                    Charlotte                                             Scooby            Crossbreed

2nd                    Ali                                                       Boss                Neopolitan Mastif

3rd                    Hamide                                               Bambam          Terrier


Class 5 – DOG WITH THE WAGGIEST TAIL                               Entries 9



                        Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed


1st                    Bahar                                                   Romeo             Golden Retriever

2nd                    Patricia Garret                                     Brandy                        Crossbreed

3rd                    Irene Scott                                          Luna                Crossbreed



Class 6 – DOG IN THE BEST CONDITION                                               Entries 18



                        Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed


1st                    Bahar                                                   Romeo             Golden Retriever

2nd                    Huseyin                                               Zeytin              Dalmation

3rd                    Ogur Baly                                           Kitmie             Alaskan Malamute


Class 7 – BEST STREET RESCUE                                                   Entries 14



                        Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed


1st                    Elizabeth                                             Buddy             Cyprus Poodle

2nd                    Linda                                                   YoYo              Crossbreed

3rd                    Kutay                                                  Tarcin              Crossbreed




Class 8 – BEST KAR DOG                                                                 Entries 7


                        Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed


1st  & winner of the Mahoney Trophy - Alison Briley - LunaCrossbreed

2nd                    Joe                                                       Cookie             Crossbreed

3rd                    Tara                                                     Hanni              Shepherd x



Class 9 – HAPPY FAMILIES                                                           Entries 18



1st                    Halle family                            Alexie, Kevin, Forrest, Leo

2nd                    Joe & Mahsa family                Smiley, Dixie, Kelly, Cookie

3rd                    Eddie Burt family                   Maddy, Hanni, Mhairi


Class 10 – FRIENDLIEST DOG                                                       Entries 16



1st                    Ian                                           Sophie                         Labrador

2nd                    Daniella                                   Mia                              Yorkshire Terrier

3rd                    Celal                                        Buddy                         Basset Hound            


Total entries: 144

Amount raised: 2107 TL



Lapta Show Results

KAR Fun Dog Show held on Sunday 6th April at The Stumble Inn, Lapta.

This was the second year we have organised a Dog Show as part of the Lapta Tourism Festival and once again it was a great success.

Everyone enjoyed the event and there were many very beautiful dogs handled with pride by their owners. Class entries totalled 147 which was up on the previous year by 14 entries. The judge Christine Watson had a very difficult job to find the winners from such a display of well turned out dogs. All the winners in first to fifth place received Rosettes and every entry received a Certificate all of which had been kindly donated by Lapta Belediyre and Mayor Fuat Namsoy. The first to third winners also received wonderful prizes donated by the sponsors of their winning class:- Dagli Trading Ltd, Comfy Pet shop, Selpa Trading Ltd and Hair of the Dog.

There were stalls selling doggy items, pet goods, tombola, cakes and pastries, charity tables etc as well as games and a group of small dogs from the centre in need of a home.

1713 TL was raised and everyone had a fun time.



JUDGE:  Christine Watson



SPONSORED BY:-  DAGLI TRADING LTD                                Entries 18

                        Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed

1st                    Emre                                                    Beethoven       St. Bernard

2nd                  Pam                                                     Elwood           Bearded Collie

3rd                   Nia Rodd                                             Milo                 German Shepherd


SPONSORED BY:-  DAGLI TRADING LTD                                Entries 20

                           Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed

1st                    Hasan                                                 Nelly               Pointer

2nd                   George                                               Maggie            Cy Terrier                   

3rd                    Yelis                                                    Coco                Yorkshire Terrier        


SPONSORED BY:- SELPA TRADING LTD                                 Entries 8

                          Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed

1st                    Libby Main                                         Pin                   Cyprus Terrier (7 yrs old)

2nd                   Wendy Godby                                  Wilma              Pointer x (8 yrs old)

3rd                    Nigel                                                  Ellwood          Bearded Collie (8 yrs old)

Class 4 – DOG WITH THE WAGGIEST TAIL                               Entries 12


                            Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed

1st                    Libby Main                                         Pin                   Cyprus Terrier

2nd                   Tekin                                                  Messi               Cocker Spaniel

3rd                    Dianne Lewis                                    Bertie              Terrier Mix


Class 5 – DOG IN THE BEST CONDITION                                   Entries 18


                        Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed

1st                    Emre                                                    Beethoven       Basset Hound

2nd                    Oksana                                               Alisa                Chihuaha

3rd                    Vladimiur                                            Pmira               Can Corso

Class 6 – FRIENDLIEST DOG                                                         Entries 31


                           Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed

1st                    Lilly                                                     Teddy              Cyprus Terrier

2nd                   Hasan                                                Nelly               Pointer

3rd                    Dervish                                               Bodie              Beagle

Class 7 – BEST CHILD HANDLER                                                            Entries 15


                         Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed

1st                    Huseyin                                               Nelly               Pointer

2nd                    Lilly                                                     Teddy              Cyprus Terrier

3rd                    Suzi Moir                                            Micky              King Charles Spaniel



                        Owner                                                 Dogs Name     Breed

1st                    Emre                                                    Beethoven       Basset Hound

2nd                    George                                               Maggie            Cyprus Terrier

3rd                    Sinem                                                 Yoshi               Sharpai



Raffle for a holiday

On sale now at all KAR shops , Lambousa Market , KAR Office, Rescue Centre, Libby Main at Cyprus Paradise, - all in TRNC. Tickets can only purchased in the UK  from The Lounge Restauarant & Bar, 1 - 3 St Anne's Road, Tankerton , Whitstable, Kent.

Tickets are priced at £1.50 each or 5.00 TL.

Other sales venues to be announced



Blondie - star of the show !


The famous "Blondie" star of the show.

The tagged street dog that was shot in the face by persons unknown and had to fight for her life has made a remarkable recovery and was the guest of honour at a fundraising event held at JK’s bar in Lapta on the 22nd March. Lee Hickens a well known local entertainer offered to hold the event which included music a raffle and an auction which raised a wonderful 740TL. The donation in the form of tins of dog food and dry food was handed over to the representatives from KAR, Maggie Smith and Karin Bos Jansen.


KAR would like to thank Lee, Jan, JK’s patrons and all those that helped and took care of Blondie during and after her recovery for all their help and support



Salty’s Fish and Chip Shop Donation to KAR

It was a lovely surprise when Yusuf the owner of Saltys Fish and Chip shop contacted KAR to say that he wanted to give us a donation of 1,000 TL. It was the first anniversary of the opening Salty’s shop in Girne and he wanted to give the money to help KAR with the work that we do for the street animals. 


A large cheque was presented by Firat and Serife from the Near East Bank in Karakum.

KAR would like to thank Yusuf for his very kind donation.

Also for great fish and chips!!





Presentation to Kyrenia Amateur Dramatic Society on 29th Jan 2014.

In appreciation to the performers of KADs for all the money raised over the years our presentation to them of this framed certificate is our way of saying a big Thank You for choosing to help Kyrenia Animal Rescue help the stray and abandoned animals'




British Peers visit the Animal Centre

On Saturday 23rd November five members of the House of Lords visited the centre as part of a fact-finding mission in the TRNC. The Parlimentary sub-committee, Lord Maginnis of Drumglass, Lord Qurbann Hussain, Lord Sharkey, Lady Butterworth, Baroness Hussein-Ece said that they were impressed by the organisation, the cleanliness of the centre and by the outreach work to raise awareness of animal rights and care in the community. They were all given a copy of ' Let them Live , Killing is NOT the Solution ' booklet. You can read the booklet by visiting our "Campaigns" page.

Photos of the visit can be seen on the Photos page.



Poisoning Update

GREAT NEWS - The government here has decided, at last, to regulate the sale of pesticides on a prescription-only basis which will mean (hopefully) that they can’t be purchased on demand any more.  This is great news if it is followed up.They are talking about phasing the changes in, which unfortunately gives any potential poisoner the chance to stock up, so everyone still needs to be vigilante for the foreseeable future.  But it is certainly a step in the right direction.



Anglo Turkish Association Cheque Presentation

On 22ndJanuary a cheque of £500 was presented to KAR by members of the Anglo Turkish Association committee Caroline Attwood, Pearl Mitchell, Brian Wicks and Isik Muhtaroglu. The money is to help pay for an Operation Table as part of the equipment for KAR’s new Veterinary Clinic facilities. The ATA’s representatives were given a tour of the facilities.

Margaret Ray thanked ATA’s chairperson Isik Muhtaroglu on behalf of KAR and said that we are all very pleased that with ATA’s help we were able to purchase a very valuable piece of equipment for the clinic. The clinic is to be used for the neutering of the dogs and cats collected from the streets of Girne and surrounding area. Our next aim is to employ a Vet so that the clinic can be used for the operations. It is great to know that we have the help and support from local groups such as the Anglo Turkish Association.


ATA’s chairperson thanked KAR for the very valuable work that they do with the animals and that they were pleased to be able to help. ATA’s aim is to offer support to both expat and local causes in an effort to form a stronger bond between the communities.




A day in the life of ......A KAR Rescue Centre Volunteer - Caroline

A Day in the life of .....A KAR Rescue Centre Volunteer Up at 6.00 am – this requires an early start. A hasty snack for breakfast and pack my bag with the requisite items. Sandwich for lunch, water and some appropriate shoes. It looks as if, yet again, it will be hot. Very hot. Swap my small bottle of water for a larger one that has been in the freezer and will stay nice and cool as it melts during the day. I join two of the team who live nearby in Alsancak and we pile into the car, heading through the early morning traffic to Girne, all of us chuntering about the state of the roads. The bulldozers are out again enroute to the Bellapais traffic lights. A man stands at the side of the road amidst the chaos and dust, a green “GO” sign in hand, waving us on. We can only hope that the chap at the other end has the “STOP” sign facing in the right direction or life could get very interesting. However, we manage to negotiate the worst of the mess by heading off in a loop through Dogankoy, popping out at the Lemar supermarket to re-join the maelstrom of yawning drivers who, like us, are on their way to work. At Erdener Supermarket we join more of our fellow workers in the KAR van. A well worn but trusty vehicle it stands high off the ground and we short ladies of a larger waistline have a bit of an undignified scramble to climb in the front. Those who can’t fit next to the driver sit on old cushions on the floor in the rear for the trip up to the Arapkoy Centre. In all there are six of us today. Sometimes we are fewer in number.

The combined choir of three hundred plus dogs in the compounds greets our arrival. The anticipation of having company, being cleaned out and fed arouses huge excitement. The cats yawn, stretch and peer sleepily out of their beds and boxes, anticipating the start of another day of being cared for by their slaves. Fortunately, on this particular morning there are no animals left abandoned at the top of the track leading to the Centre, an all too common occurrence. The team are allocated specific tasks, on this particular day I am on The House i.e. responsible for the animals that are in the main building, cleaning up the kitchens, loo and prep rooms, cooking a vast amount of pasta, and feeding the fourteen dogs in the adjacent compounds. A busy day stretches ahead for us all. Contrary to popular opinion, rumour and the likes, KAR depends solely on the donations of the public, its voluntary workers and the kindness of a variety of benefactors to keep it going. So we have to beg, cajole and persuade to get help to feed the animals and some hotels kindly supply us with leftover food from their kitchens.

The food can be fairly interesting as a result. As we are slopping out today’s mush of bread, gravy and veg to feed the two young pups and the two adult dogs in the back room of the house I come across a rather odd shaped lump of flesh. I am wondering quite what this is when one of the lads informs me that they are sheep testicles. We dig around in the slop (rubber gloves a must) and find several more, so we chuck them in a pan ready to cook later for the puppies. I casually mention that I shall have to chop them up into very small pieces, at which there is a concerted wince from the chaps. Sympathy, perhaps? Concealing a smirk I take the items out to be boiled and also put on two huge vats of pasta to cook. In the back rooms of our building we have treatment pens for small sick animals or those undergoing treatment. The larger dogs who need to be isolated for any reason are accommodated with their beds in the two rooms available. Today I have two small pointer pups, siblings who are being given preventative treatment for Parvo. One of their family has already died, but I am pleased to say that there are no sad little corpses to be removed this morning.

A pretty Golden Spaniel, dumped with us because she is probably no longer able to produce the puppies her owner wanted to sell, and a black and tan lurcher make up the group. All animals have to be clear of disease and neutered before they go out in the main runs.  I set to with the poo scoop, mops and buckets to clear up the night’s detritus, cleaning out the pups and moving them into a fresh, clean pen with a plastic bottle to play with whilst I get their food ready. It is not a job for the squeamish or those with a sensitive stomach. Once again I check on the pans of pasta, emptying the cooked batch into a large bin and putting on the next four packs.  There are some weevils in one pack and I callously reflect that they are getting a horrible end but who cares – the dogs will eat them anyway.  Cordon Bug!

The main office holds the Centre administrative functions and is where we greet visitors.  A different mop and bucket is hauled out, (another load of pasta is put on to cook) and I dust, polish and mop to make the place look nice and tidy.  Through the door I can see the others on the team trundling their equipment around, cleaning up and barrowing the rubbish to the disposal pits, hosing the pens out, filling bowls with fresh water and making sure that any medication is administered. 

The “Cat People” move a group of cats out of their pen into the play area.  Just as with the dogs the cats are fed and given fresh water,  their litter trays have to be emptied, cleaned and refilled; floors are hosed down and disinfected and medicines administered as required. 

A conference between the two managers ascertains who is on the vet run today and for what. Some cats or dogs are going for treatment and others for neutering.

The two kitchen areas are next for cleaning, so I decide to boil the testicles while I am working in the area.  The resultant pong is truly horrendous, and every fly in the neighbourhood drops in to see what this delicious concoction might be and can they get some of it.  I beat a hasty retreat, leaving the noisome mess bubbling on the stove whilst we break for coffee.  A family turn up with cans of dog food. They tour the pens and fuss the dogs, then bath two pups. One takes exception, making a bid to escape and causing mayhem as it runs around the yard with us in hot (literally) pursuit. The bath is not popular but the strokes and cuddles on being rubbed down and dried make it all worthwhile. A dog walk is proposed and they head off down the valley but return pretty quickly, the dogs have decided that enough is enough and it is far too hot to be going anywhere.  Having spent a couple of hours with us our visitors leave having made a generous donation of 100 Tl and a promise to look at our Facebook page. All very welcome.

Half the day is gone.  Lunch is a sandwich, eaten outside under the brollies.Individual animals are discussed. A tag dog is ready to go back on the streets and two new animals are coming in.  One of the new arrivals was seen out on the street by a holiday maker who is interested in taking the dog to Germany. If this does happen then the dog will need to go through several months of preparation before it can be flown out of TRNC and it may well go into private boarding during that time – freeing up some valuable space for another needy dog.  Quite a few are rehomed in this way. The other incomer is a very large Kangal/St Bernard Cross, a pretty, gentle bitch abandoned on the streets. It is possible that someone may home her, or maybe we can find a sponsor.

Another four packs of pasta are boiled up.  The preparation room now holds dustbins full of food and it is time to feed the dogs.  Bowls (many well chewed) are filled and taken out.  I stand in the pens that I am working on as the occupants eat to make sure that war doesn’t break out, also giving the animals some fuss and the once over for ticks and fleas. Some dogs like to have their food placed up on top of their kennels, others cheerfully amble from dish to dish, sampling everyone else’s as well as their own.  There is no animosity, everyone gets enough to eat.  The bowls are washed up and the residue of gravy, bread and vegetables cleaned off the prep room floor.  Empty food bins are hosed out and the testicles, now cooked and cooled are chopped up and gleefully welcomed by the puppies for their second meal of the day. Yummy!!

As the afternoon wears on the vans with the vet run returns, the food delivery from the hotels is picked up by members of the team


And yet again I clean up behind the pups and dogs in the back room.  A puppy out in the main pen is racing round nipping its mates and jumping on them. The others join in and a mad five minutes of silliness ensue before they all suddenly collapse and go to sleep in the shade, piled up together in furry heaps.

Last job – clean the loo.  Make sure it is fresh and nice for the staff and visitors the following day. The team have closed up the pens, made sure that the security cameras are on and the gates to the walks are locked.  We have had people breaking in, vandalising the compounds and upsetting animals. A pointer bitch, due to go to the UK, was stolen.  We think this may have been because she was a rare breed and somebody may have had hopes of pups.  She had been spayed.  She has never been found despite offers of rewards. I put all my mops in water and disinfectant, do a last minute waterbowl check. Pat a head and rub a proffered tummy.

Back on the van.  The return journey is a mirror image of the morning.  My own three dogs race around the corner of the house to greet me, three lucky little animals who all came to us from the Centre.  I throw my clothes in for washing, shower and sit down to a peaceful evening. One dog hops up beside me on the settee and puts her nose on my knee.  It has been a busy day, ten hours from end to end, but worth every moment for the pleasure of seeing vulnerable animals well cared for.



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