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K.A.R. ANNUAL DOG SHOW - 30TH APRIL 2017. Starts 10.30 am.

Place: Wednesday Market Site next to Baris Park Kyrenia. To enter your pooch into one of our classes is just 5tl. Entries will be taken from 10.00 am

Classes: Handsomest Dog (male), Prettiest bitch (female), Golden Oldie (over 7 years old), Child + four-legged friend (child and dog), Dog with the waggiest tail, Dog in the best condition.

Best Street rescue, Best KAR dog (dog re-homed from KAR), Happy Families (multiple dogs living together) and finally Friendliest Dog.
There will also be a special Anniversary Class to celebrate KARs 20th Anniversary.

There will be Facepainting, Book sales, DVD sales, Plant sales, Refreshments plus much more. Come on down and enjoy the fun with or without a dog !



Although the sun shone it was a cold and windy day when KAR held its 17th annual Christmas Bazaar on Saturday December 5th.

Despite the weather the crowds poured into The Teachers Hotel and dug deep into their pockets to purchase the items on sale or try to win prizes.

Bric-a-brac, toys and games, handbags, jewellery, toiletries, linens, Xmas decorations & wreaths, cakes, mince pies, pet products and gifts all just flew out the door. The Tombola table soon emptied of prizes and tickets for the Grand draw sold like hot cakes. Mulled wine helped warm folk up and children visited Santa Claus in his grotto. Xmas dinners for the Rescue Centre cats and dogs were sponsored and some of the Centre dogs attended hoping to find a new home.

At the end of the day a new record breaking total of 25,040TL was the incredible amount taken.

Just over 50 wonderful KAR volunteers worked to set everything up and manned the stalls.

Our most heartfelt thanks go to each of them, all the local businesses who donated prizes, the cake bakers, the  staff at Teachers Hotel and of course the public for attending and making the day such a great success.

Many of the winners of the Grand Draw prizes were present at the event, nearly all others have been notified. A list of the winning numbers is available at the KAR office.

We would like to give a big thank you to the following people for their very kind donation of prizes for our Christmas Raffle.

Cyprus Paradise Holidays

Ankara Travel

Highline Airtours

Ozzy’s Taxi


Calamari Restaurant, Lapta

Amphora Dive Centre

The Chinese House, Kyrenia

The Liatsos family

The House & Garden Restaurant, Girne

Bollywood Restaurant, Ozankoy

The Almond Hotel, Alsancak

Veni Vici Restaurant, Lapta

The Lodge Restaurant, Catalkoy

Rafters Restaurant, Ozankoy



This lovely puppy was 1 of 2 sisters who were homed following their visit to the Bazaar - it will certainly be a Merry Christmas for them.

You can see more of the photos from the Bazaar in our Bazaar Photo Gallery




A full lengthy and comprehensive report of activities throughout 2014 was read out by Margaret Ray. This included data of dogs and cats neutered 426 dogs and 707 cats, re-homed 125 dogs and 18 cats, neutered, tagged and returned 126 dogs, animals handled over 1,777, over 2,000 helpline calls and over 1020 visitors to the rescue centre. The number of dogs and puppies in our care at the end of 2014 was the highest recorded of 379 a rise of 106 on the previous year. The cause of this rise and its subsequent effects was highlighted in the report. The rescue centre improvements, expansions, staffing, animal care and problems arising was reported. Number of members, animals sponsored and reports from the organizers of our Charity Shops, Education team, Cat Catching team, Pet Travel department, and fundraising was included. Details of meetings, conferences and talks with other animal welfare associations and personnel worldwide was mentioned.

Margaret gave thanks to the Executive Committee, to all staff, volunteers, friends and supporters.


Ann Bosley stated that she was presenting the Treasurer’s report audited by our accountant Mr Sezinler.

For the first time in many years our expenditure exceeded our income.

The expenditure figure for 2014 was 638,710.35TL. (£177,612)

The income figure for 2014 was 631,070.26TL       (£175,487)

Cash transferred from our bank deposit account was 7640.09TL

The total held in cash and bank accounts as at 31.12.2014 was 137,457.54TL

Ann Bosley explained the breakdown of the Income and Expenditure under the headings listed in the accounts and the comparisons over the previous years.

The audited financial statement will be entered into the KAR records.


The election 5 members of the executive committee took place and the following positions were elected for the year 2015/2016

Chairperson –               Margaret Ray

Treasurer     -  Ann Bosley

Secretary     -               Gwen Cassell

Active Member -          Diana Peek

Active Member -          Maggie Smith


A copy of the minutes of this meeting was sent out to all members.

Bellepais Concert 2015


A Concert titled ‘3 Ladies in Concert’ held at Bellapais Abbey on Tuesday May 26th helped to boost the funds of Kyrenia Animal Rescue to the tune of 6,470TL.

A warm early summer evening was perfect for the audience of 186 people to relax and listen to the very talented performers – pianiast Demet Alken, soprano Ayse Guler Akin and flautist Isil Akguc ( accompanied by Olcan Saldun on piano) – who had kindly proposed the event and had donated their services.

Animal lover Demet Alkan was the driving force behind the event which was the forth one proposed by her.

KAR are greatly indebted to people like and her friends for their supprt and work to help raise money for the charity.

Many thanks are also given to Girne Beledyre,Selpa Trading, Tony Woods, Daniel Todd and all the volunteers who assisted at the event.


Ann Bosley

Concert Organizer



Tuesday January 13th was a cold and dreary day at Shayna Beach Catalkoy but people were gathering with smiles on their faces. It was the day that the monies raised by the Catalkoy Christmas Charity swim would be handed over to the 3 chosen Charities – Kyrenia Animal Rescue, Karakum Special Needs School and Tulips. Only the organisers knew the total amount collected – but all would be revealed at the presentation.

Representatives were present from all 3 Charities as well as some of the swimmers, supporters and organisers of the swim .

Graham Fursman gave a short speech , on behalf of Barbara Fursman, thanking everyone involved , both on the frontline and behind the scenes - with special thanks to Kim Betts who worked tirelessly writing articles promoting the event and drumming up support, , with the swim – then came the moment the final amount was announced ......................... 13,080. 00 TL (Thirteen thousand and eighty TL).


What a fantastic result – individual cheques for 4360.00 TL were presented to each Charity representative – who were delighted and very grateful to have been chosen to benefit from the swim.

What a lovely start to the New Year for 3 very needy and worthwhile causes .Well done and thank you to everyone involved.

It certainly was a case of Splish Splash bringing in the Cash !



It was a great turn out on Xmas morning for the Catalkoy Christmas Charity swim despite the gloomy cold weather and icy slate grey sea.

 There was lots of support from many people (either in person or absence) and a great mix on the day of ex pats and local people and businesses - they came down to Shayna Beach in cars, on foot and minibuses to either swim or just shout the countdown , along with the Catalkoy Mayor,  and cheer  their support.



 There were free shots of brandy for the swimmers and then Shayna Beach served up cooked breakfasts and coffees of which all of the proceeds were handed over to the Charities communal bucket. Well done and thank you to Shayna Beach/Deniz.

All sponsorship money needs to be paid by Jan 7th please - if you don't see one of the swimmers then money can be handed into some of them on Jan 7th at The Lodge Catalkoy between 19.45 and 20.45 where the count up will take place.
There will also be a presentation of the total fund shared between the 3 charities (KAR, TULIPS, KARAKUM SPECIAL NEEDS SCHOOL) at Shayna Beach Club - the date will be announced soon and it is hoped that representatives from the 3 Charities and the press will be able to attend.

Bob and i were proud to be a part of the swim (even though i didn’t even dip a toe !) and Bob has now finally defrosted. His summing up words were  “ Everyone has nuts at Xmas ...this morning I started with brazil nuts but very soon turned to peanuts “ !!!!

This years swim has set a threshold and hopefully it will be bigger and better next year. Well done everyone who supported it and to all of those involved in making it such a great fun event (in particular Barbara and Graham Fursman). It shows that Christmas is for sharing and caring and Catalkoy residents, in particular, CARE !




The Bonfire & Firework Event held at the Chateau Lambousa, Lapta raised 1,198.00 TL for KAR. Thanks go to those volunteers that helped with the games and KAR stalls for all their work.





Another wonderful night was held at the Fez in aid of Kyrenia Animal Rescue courtesy of Hayal and Gary. Their famous Alternative quiz attracted 102 people who enjoyed a night of quizzing and horse racing. Along with the popular raffle the evening raised a total of 4630tl for the animals and additionally with further donations on the night the total came to 5085tl.

Many thanks to all that attended and especially to the Fez who do all the hard work.

The next Alternative Quiz is pencilled in for 11th June 2015 so keep your diaries free for that night.






Jacqueline Jones today handed over to members of the KAR committee the money she raised from her sponsorship Paraglide and KAR presented Jacqueline with a certificate of thanks. The total amount raised was a wonderful 3,625TL and a donation of dog food.


KAR would like to say a very big thank you to Jacqueline for the generous donation and for her wonderful support.


SUMMER RAFFLE (Behind the scenes)

”What we need.” they said “is a raffle.  A raffle with prizes that are unusual, have wide appeal and . . . . well, a really GOOD raffle.  Know what we mean?  Want the job?  You’ve got it.  Off you go”

”Actually it wasn’t really quite like that, but truth be told it all started so long ago that the origins are hidden in the mists of time and a faulty memory board called my brain.  Not that it matters.   I had never before run a raffle in my life, but one must broaden one’s horizons and the animals at KAR need every bit of help they can get so I was up for the challenge.  “Bring it on” quoth I, with my usual bravado “ No problem . . .   ummm”

I was very fortunate that help was readily forthcoming from all directions. I had the great good fortune to have been corresponding with Baroness Meral Hussein-Ece (for those of you who don’t know her, she is the only Turkish Cypriot member of the House of Lords and one of our keenest supporters) and, through her, I had also been in communication with Dr Muhammet Yaserata, who is the owner of Cyprus Paradise Holidays and Chair of the London Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce. Not that I’m name dropping of course, heaven forbid!   It was Muhammet who provided us with a week’s holiday in Pia Bella Hotel for two with flights and half board as our first prize, and return flights to Stansted for two as our second. We were all more than delighted at such generosity and agreed that the event should be as long running as possible to ensure we maximized the exposure such prizes, and their donor, deserved.  It also gave me more time to save up and buy lots of tickets so I could win the second prize! I didn’t, sad to say, but it went to a nice couple of people so I can’t complain.  I just sulk a bit… a lot….

Valuable assistance and expertise was provided by my colleague, Anita Woods, whose spouse, Tony, designed the tickets whilst she gave me a hand with the planning and paperwork. When you run a lottery in the TRNC there are legal requirements to be met, so Anita and I ventured into the depths of the Kaymakam on a fearfully hot day clutching the official KAR stamp and an example of how to complete the forms in our sticky hands.  Once again fortune favoured us, a charming lady with a big smile asked what we needed and, having hauled out a large file on KAR, she checked that we were a bona fide charity and then completed and stamped all the forms for us. In record time we emerged, much relieved, with the completed documentation and headed for the printers.

A week later we picked up 2,000 tickets and were ready to go.  The Pia Bella Manager, Mehmet, helped us organize a launch day with teas and coffees and we were off.  Anita managed the issue of books to all and sundry, including sending some to the UK.  For months we used every opportunity to cajole, coerce and persuade people to buy a ticket or two – or even more. We went round Lambousa market, yawned through an auction or two, attended Glastonvicki (it rained!!!) and were rather taken aback at how many people who recline by a hotel pool don’t have money in their swimming trunks!   I broke my leg (some of us really do make a sacrifice for our cause) and found the sympathy vote to be pretty effective as I hopped around the tables at George’s Café looking as pathetic as possible, selling tickets to hapless strangers as their food congealed on the plate before them and their beer got warmer. I must add a word here to say a big thank you to George for his support, and also to the street dog who hung around, adding pathos to the message.  The street cats deserve no mention whatever as they merely idled about under the tables, yawning and taking it easy; watching us slogging away in the heat with the disdain that only cats can summon to a furry face. It was hard work and at times a little dispiriting.  One can meet with some rather rude rebuttals and there are members of the public who can be downright ill mannered and unpleasant.  Thankfully, such individuals are in the minority, most were kind and generous.

We eventually sold more than our 2,000 tickets, having to go into another print run.  The exercise raised in excess of  10,000 Tl and we learnt a great deal about managing such a large and long term raffle; experience that will no doubt come in handy next time.  The prize draw gave us the opportunity to finally meet our sponsor, Muhammet, in person so we were able to thank him for his gift of the prizes and take him and his team to the Office and Centre.  A good relationship has been established with a very professional business and we sincerely hope that it will provide long term benefits for not only KAR but also Cyprus Paradise. It is KAR’s intention to ensure that such generous support is widely publicised, as it deserves to be.

So – who won?  The first prize went to “Lorraine’s Mum” as stated on the ticket i.e.  Mrs June Hall.  Lorraine picked up the prize on her Mum’s behalf and said how delighted and thrilled she was. The second prize went to Mr and Mrs Hunter.who bought their ticket from me at Glastonvicki on a thundery day in May as we sheltered from the rain in the terrace of The Black Olive. Initially Mr Hunter thought the call telling him of their win was a joke, and he took a little convincing that it was for real.  They were very pleased to pick up their prize.  


We will be back with more fund raising events, of course.  The Christmas Bazaar looms on the horizon and the sales team will be out there again, so watch out for us and make sure you have your tickets for the next draw.






A big Thank you to Highflyer Marion


Margaret Ray chairperson of KAR presented Marion Youden with a certificate of thanks for the fantastic amount of 2720 TL raised in sponsorship from her paraglide jump on the 9th of June.

Considering Marion suffers from vertigo it was a very brave achievement to actually throw her self off the mountain to help raise funds for KAR. The event was postponed twice due to high winds but it eventually took place in conjunction with two fellow jumpers who were raising money for cancer charities. Marion said, with two feet safely on the ground that once she was in the air she very much enjoyed the experience and plans to do it again!!


Well done to Marion and congratulations on conquering your fear of heights.






This very success event raised an amazing 2275 TL for KAR. A big thank you to Stuart and Nicky Sims for organising the event and a big thank to all at The Fez for making the evening such a great success.













It would be easy to say the above and that 8991TL was raised for Kyrenia Animal Rescue and leave it at that, but much more happened at Bellapais Abbey on Friday 16th.   The Abbey was looking at it's most beautiful and there was a buzz of excitement from people waiting to hear Fikro Toros and Demet Alkan on piano, Ayse Guler Akin, Soprano and Ahmet Sonmezler on Classical Guitar.  The prospective audience from the North and South of the Island - British, Greeks, Dutch, Finns and Turkish Cypriots alike were strolling around the area admiring the Abbey, gazing at the wonderful views over Girne and sipping wine.  The concert eventually started with   a minutes  silence to honour the dead, the injured and their families involved in the Turkish Mining disaster and apart from the cooing of the pigeons, not a sound could be heard.

When the concert commenced with Demet Alkan playing Bach Prelude 1 in C major it was obvious that everyone was going to be given a treat of a lifetime. Ayse Guler Akin entranced the audience with her versions of both Italian and German classics,

 Fikri Toros brought Chopins Mazurkas to life and Ahmet Sonmezler stunned the audience with his talent on the Guitar with pieces by Villa-Lobos.

However the first half of the programme paled in comparison with the second half, when all four performers went up at least a couple of gears and produce works of sheer brilliance.  It was Fikri Toros playing much more modern pieces than usual that first impressed, Ayse Guler Akin sang some beautiful folk songs,  Ahment Sonmezler held the audience absolutely spellbound with his four pieces by Domenicioni, but it was  Demet Alkan who had the audience holding their breath and wondering how such a tiny lady could produce piano playing  of such grandeur and speed, which could easily have raised the roof at the end.

The audience of just over 200 people left the Abbey on a musical high and our thanks go to all the sponsors of the programme, Girne Belyedire, Kybele Restaurant, Selpa Trading,  the Antiquties Department and especially the performers  for making the evening such a success.









On April 3rd the KAR Grand Summer Raffle was launched. Pia Bella kindly held the promotion event and the first ticket went on sale. The prizes:-

1st  A week’s holiday for two at the Pia Bella Hotel in Girne including half board and flights from UK Stansted.

2nd Two return air tickets from North Cyprus to UK Stansted.

Cyprus Paradise very generously donated the prizes and Muhammet Yasarata (General Director) was unable to attend but left the following message:-

‘I want to show my gratitude to organisations such as KAR and the generous raffle prizes are a sign of Cyprus Paradise appreciation to KAR for all their hard work in improving the environment here in Northern Cyprus. We are the leading UK tour operator to North Cyprus, and in our twenty two years existence have brought over 200,000 visitors to this wonderful island. Many loved it so much that they stayed and now are involved in charity work striving to improve North Cyprus today for the future. It is for this type of dedication that Cyprus Paradise has donated the prizes for The Grand Summer Draw’.

KAR sent a message of grateful thanks to Muhammet Yasarata via Libby Main who was representing Cyprus Paradise at the event.

The suggestion of the Grand Raffle came from Baroness Meral Ece and she introduced the idea in the UK to Mehammet Bey for which KAR is very grateful. 

The draw for the winners will take place on the 10th September at Pia Bella. This will give plenty of time to sell tickets in the UK and to tourists who wish to return.

Tickets are on sale for 5TL or £1.50 at the following venues:-

KAR:- Office at Karakum, Shop in Girne and Rescue Centre at Besparmak.

Also KAR stall at Saturdays market Chateau Lambousa, Lapta and all future events until September.

In UK: The Lounge Restaurant & Bar, 1 – 3 St Anne’s Road, Tankerton, Whitstable, Kent.

Tickets are also available via email to [email protected]














It was lovely to see so many beautiful healthy well turned out dogs with their happy owners. The judge Jane Knoble had a very difficult job to choose the winners in the ten classes and a big thank you goes to her as well as to the sponsors who donated the lovely prizes. They were:- PETCROSS PET SHOP, COMFY PET SHOP, SELPA TRADING, COMAK COMPUTER SALES, ACCESSORIES & REPAIRS and THE GEORGE, TOWN CAFÉ & RESTAURANT.

Thank you to Girne Belediyre for the use of the area to the rear of Baris Park. It was lovely to be able to set up the ring on lovely green grass, the dogs and their owners enjoyed it very much. The day was slightly cloudy which was perfect for the showing and for the spectators who joined in the banter and shouted for their favourite participant.

With a few stall selling refreshments, pet products and a few KAR centre dogs wearing their ‘we need a home’ bright yellow coats being let around by volunteers it was a very good camera picture taking event.

2,107 TL was raised to help with the day to day running of the centre.

Thank you to all of those that helped and to all our supporters.











SWOP NIGHT - Tuesday September 3rd will see Santoria Village (Alsancak) hosting a "SWOP NIGHT ", by the pool, in aid of KAR. It is the idea of friends Linda Reddy, Pam Conway and Joan and Frank Gillin. For just  a 10 TL donation you can swop up to 5 items of your unwanted treasure for someone else's. You will also receive a free raffle ticket (to be drawn on the night). All of the 10 TL donations will go directly to KAR. There will be food available but you are requested to contact [email protected]to let them know that you will be wanting food. So why not pop along and meet new friends, have a swop and help KAR all at the same time. 

KAR announced as winners of the 2012 Santa Paws Drive.

Following frantic online voting it was with baited breath that everyone at KAR waited for the results to be announced of the 2012 Santa Paws Drive. Then it came – KAR was one of only 6 winners from over 500 worldwide nominations. It was a real feat to be nominated and then go onto win. The other 5 winners were from Hungary, New York, Georgia, Illinois and Maine.

The arrival of the Santa paws gifts at the Rescue Centre gave such enjoyment to the staff, cats and dogs alike – and that was just the opening of the boxes. The cries, meows and woofs of delight at seeing the actual toys, gifts and treats could be heard echoing down from the Besparmak Mountain ! Some of the cats and dogs could not quite make out what to do with their gifts – they had never seen anything like it before. But they soon got the hang of it. It was a Christmas like no other Christmas before (albeit a tad late!).

Then came further news, from Santa’s elves, that the winners would also be receiving a little “cash gift” and a cheque would soon be winging its way to KAR. The promised cheque arrived and the very generous $1800 will help all of the animals at the KAR Rescue Centre directly.

Thank you to our nominator (Annie), to our supporters and everyone who voted for us. But a very big thank you goes to Santa Paws and the Elves.

Pictures can be seen on the “Photo” page of this site.

New KAR Veterinary Clinic

Following yet another rise in Veterinary prices causing a major drain of KAR financial resources a dream began of having our own Veterinary Clinic to be used for the neutering and treatment of the dogs and cats found on the streets of Girne and surrounding areas. This being part of our Neuter and Release programme and KAR’s initiative to control the population of unwanted animals humanely. Read more...

Kibkom - Donation

"COME and see our wonderful new premises!" was an invitation that Soner Kioufi could not resist when he too 2.000TL to the new KAR premises as a donation from the Kibkom Forum. The 2,000TL was part of the 5,000TL generated through selling advertising space on the Kibkom North Cyprus Forum. The remaining 3,000TL was donated to the NCCCP.

Kibkom donation


Great KAR Dog Show in Girne’s Baris Park

Kyrenia Animal Rescue’s [KAR] first ‘Paws in the Park’ Dog Show and Spring Fayre held on Sunday 28th April was a great success. Held in the lovely setting of Baris Park in Girne it proved to be very popular and was attended by well over 300 people. The Fun Dog Show element attracted 183 entries with many very happy dogs and their owners receiving winners’ rosettes and armfuls of terrific prizes that resulted from donations by the wonderful sponsors. The twelve classes were: Handsomest Dog (male), Prettiest Bitch (female), Golden Oldie (over 7 years old), Child and their Four-legged Friend (child and dog), Dog with the Waggiest Tail, Best Six Legs (dog and handler), Dog in the Best Condition, Ugliest Mutt (dog), Best Street Rescue, Best KAR Dog [The Mahoney Trophy], Happy Family (multiple dogs living together) and, finally, the Friendliest Dog.

The atmosphere was a very happy one with some of the categories causing much hilarity. One such a category was the ‘Ugliest Mutt’ and another was the ‘Happy Family’ class when whole families attended including babes in a pushchair. One entry consisted of three children, their family dog, a newly acquired puppy, the Dad and, in the arms of Mum, the family Cat which was, of course, very quickly and quietly spirited away home.
The Mahoney Trophy winner for the best KAR rescue dog, in memory of the stalwart work done by Rees and Anne Mahoney, was Robert Smallwood with his eight-month-old Pointer named Eve. The winner in the ‘Name the Toy’ was D. McKillop with the name ‘Rufus’.

The entire event raised 3,800 TL for Kyrenia’s only government registered animal charity that relies totally on public subscriptions. The ever busy committee felt that, more importantly, the event gave a vast number of local people of all nationalities the opportunity to proudly show their canine friends to the Girne general public. They were all in excellent condition with their tails wagging and smiles on their faces.

KAR would like to thank the hardworking Judge Christine Watson all her patience and efforts on the day, to Girne Belediyere for the use of the site and for banners, to all the special sponsors and to our volunteers and supporters for making this event so special.

Five of the classes were generously sponsored by Dagli Trading Ltd. and the rest by: Ann Bosley; Comaks Computer Sales, Accessories & Repairs; Karapasha & Son, Car Rental & Property Management; Speedcash Exchange (Kozan Doviz); Café George in Girne; Upper Crust British Bakery in Karakum and CreditWest Bank.

A well-behaved pony from the Çatalköy Riding School was busy throughout the Dog Show giving children rides around the park in aid of KAR. All the stalls and games, in aid of other charities as well as KAR, added to the fun of the occasion; making it a truly fun day out for the whole family.
Photos available for use at


pdf Download list of winners

KAR holds Fun Dog Show at Lapta Sunset Beach

Kyrenia Animal Rescue was very pleased to have been asked by Lapta Belediyere to organise a Dog Show as part of their 6th Lapta Tourism Festival in 2013.

The Show, held on Sunday 14th April 2013, was a great success and saw a surprisingly large turnout with Class entries totalling 133 dogs. The organisers were delighted to see so many types of dogs that were all beautifully groomed and entered with a great deal of pride from their owners.
There were sponsors for each category enabled KAR to give some very useful prizes as well as a rosette for the first to third winners. All the children who entered the ‘child handling class’ received a lolly and Lapta Belediyere kindly donated a certificate to every one who entered the Show.

KAR would like to thank Lapta Belediyere, all the wonderful sponsors, the judge Liz Riby, Sunset Beach club and all the volunteers and supporters.

The event raised a very welcome 2,000 TL and all who attended had a great time.

KAR look forward to its next Fun Dog Show called ‘Paws in the Park’ on Sunday April 28th that will include the animal charity’s Spring Fayre with stalls selling bric-a-brac, cakes and produce, toys, pet products, and so on. There will also be face painting, other charity stalls, games and pony rides as well as the judging of the twelve classes of dogs. The event will be held in Kyrenia Municipality’s Bariş Park from 10.00am and promises to be a great day out for the whole family!

pdf Download list of winners


Animals of Cyprus Group Visit KAR

As part of the Community Involvement Projects organised by the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Prep School, a group of students from the Animals of Cyprus project group visited KAR with their teacher Sevdiye Toker on Friday 19th April, 2013. Pamela Kennedy and Maggie Smith from the KAR Education Team gave detailed information to the students about the Rescue Centre when Mrs Kennedy and Ms. Smith emphasised that animals need food, water, shelter, love and care just like humans do.


Doğu Akdeniz Üniversitesi İngilizce Hazırlık Okulu'ndan bir gurup öğrenci 19 Nisan, 2013 Cuma günü öğretmenleri Sevdiye Toker ile birlikte Toplumsal Sorumluluk Projesi kapsamında, Girne Hayvanları Kurtarma Merkezi çatısı altında bulunan Arapköy'deki hayvan barınağınağını ziyaret ettiler... Girne Hayvanları Kurtarma Merkezi Eğitim sorumluları Maggie Smith ve Pamela Kennedy, Kıbrıs'ın Hayvanlarını Tanıma adlı proje gurubu öğrencilerine merkezin çalışmaları hakkında detaylı bilgiler verdiler. Sahipsiz hayvanlara her türlü bakımın yapıldığını ve yuvalandırma çalışmaları için yoğun gayret sarf ettiklerini anlatan Bayan Smith ve Kennedy, hayvanların da tüm canlılar gibi yeme, içme, barınma gibi temel ihtiyaçları yanında sevgi, şefkat ve güvene de ihtiyaçları olduğuna dikkat çektiler. Terk edilmenin hayvanlar üzerinde ağır travmalar oluşturduğunu anlatan Girne Hayvanları Kurtarma Merkezi yetkilileri, DAÜ'lü örencilere barınaktaki hayvanlarla yakından ilgililendikleri için teşekkür ettiler.




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