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KAR Education Team visits 19 Mayıs Secondary school.

On Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th December  the KAR Education team , consisting of Maggie Smith, Carole Widdison and Carol Easton and of course Maggie`s dog Annie visited 19 Mayıs Secondary school.

They  were very pleased to be able to have two 40 minute lessons with each of the four Year 6 classes.  The children are 10 to 11 years old.  They were very grateful to the school and teachers to give up their lessons and rooms so that they could work with their classes.

Maggie started the lesson telling the students Annie`s story, talking about what she needed to be happy, safe and healthy.  After that Carol focused on The Five Freedoms for animals which are on the banner.  These were discussed in detail.

The first few pages of the workbook were completed to reinforce what had been discussed. 

Carole talked about the importance of neutering and the owner`s responsibility to have this done and the difference it makes to the animal`s life.  Some calculations were done to show how numbers of cats or dogs increase dramatically and the appropriate pages in the workbook were used as well.

The True and False activity at the end of the workbook was done as a fun activity with students standing if the statement was False and staying seated if it was True.  Some were discussed in detail, particularly about greeting dogs correctly and how to behave around stray dogs.

At the end of the lesson students were shown the photos and information about KAR at the back of the workbook and told that they were theirs to take home, complete and look at with their families.

It was a privilege to be able to work there and the team were made very welcome by the Head teacher Raif  Asuaroglu  , the teachers and the students ,who were delightful.  

A big thank you goes to the teacher  Kezibhan who organized everything on the days.

More photos can be seen in our Gallery section



KAR Education Team visit GAU infant School

During the second week in October, the KAR Education Team spent some time with four classes of 4 year olds. This was at the end of Animal Care Week, during which the school had made a wonderful collection of food for the cats and dogs at the Rescue Centre.
The Team did some interactive exercises with the children, to help them understand about caring for cats and dogs, and how to stay safe around dogs.

On behalf of KAR, the Education Team would like to say a very big 'thank you' to the teachers and parents who organised, and contributed to, the food donations, and of course to the children, who were so enthusiastic and such fun to work with.


Visit by Education team to Necat school in Alsancak.


On Tuesday May 26 and 27th Maggie Smith, Cyprus terrier Annie and I, Carole Widdison, visited Necat school to teach 4 and 5 year olds then 5 and 6 year olds.  In the hour, on each day, we had great fun with approximately 30 enthusiastic boys and girls.


After a brief introduction about KAR and Annie`s story we went on to explore what an animal needed to be happy and healthy. Annie was used as an example throughout. Each child had a booklet with pictures to colour and information in. We ask them to show and share this with their parents when they take the booklet home.


A cat carrier full of things that animals need is used for pupils to take something, show the class and decide what it is for. For example, how important are a collar, name tag and lead.  There is also a brush, which is used on Annie as a demonstration. Examples of good food are also shown.


We concluded with great fun getting pupils to make cat noises and talking about how to recognise whether a cat is angry or happy.  We talk to pupils about how to behave if they come across a dog they don`t know and how to approach a dog if its owner says that is ok. We demonstrate using pupils how to stand still like a tree or curl up like a stone to protect them selves if they should ever need to.


The school had been collecting food for KAR all of the week before and Carole`s car boot and  back seat were full when it was collected.  We  were very grateful for their hard work and the collection of so much animal food.


In this photograph the pupil is pretending to be a happy cat and purring while Maggie is stroking her head.

On Monday June 15th we attended an assembly at Necat to present each pupil with a certificate for completing the work.

We are hoping to visit next academic year to teach the older students.


A very happy parent and aunt.


While visiting Asare pharmacy in Karaoglanoglu,  one of the sisters who run the pharmacy recognised us and told us how thrilled her daughter at Necat school  had been to receive her certificate. They both said what a difference our lesson had made to the young girl`s awareness of animals and how they should be treated and even heard her telling her younger brother.  They were very positive and we were so pleased to have been given such positive feed back.



The KAR Education Team has been in existence since 2008. They started off by visiting English Schools, but soon expanded to teaching in Turkish schools as well.

The programme taught is based on Unit 3 of the QCA Scheme of Work for Citizenship ‘Animals and US’. They also deliver a section called ‘Safe and Sound’ which teaches children how to stay safe around dogs.

The teaching material can be adapted to any age group, and for older students there is up to date information, on TRNC laws regarding dog ownership, and the importance of neutering their pets.

The programme is very interactive and all the worksheets in the folder that each pupil is given, and any extra handouts are in both Turkish and English. Each student takes their folder home when they have completed the course, and we ask them to discuss it with their parents and family.

Every young person who attends one of our courses is given a signed Certificate of Achievement.

As well as visiting schools, the team is responsible for organising group visits to the Rescue Centre. This means that all visits have an educational value as well as being fun.  Links have been made with various Universities and other groups of young people. Students who need to show evidence of Community work are welcome and often volunteer to help at fund raising events.

When teaching in a Turkish School, permission needs to be obtained from the Minister of Education, especially to be able to take ‘Annie’ into the school. This has not been any problem, as Annie has proved to be a favourite with young people and teachers alike!

She is our ‘teaching aide’, and she demonstrates how a rescue dog can be a lovable family pet


As well as support from the Kyrenia Municipality, the KAR Education Programme has the approval of a local veterinary surgeon.

Our Aims and Objectives are   To introduce children to ideas of Rights and Responsibilities.

                                                  To explore issues of Animal Welfare

                                                  To consider the needs of dogs and cats and promote the

                                                   Concept of Responsible Pet Ownership.

The current members of the Team are Maggie Smith and Carole Widdison.    

 The school visits in 2013 started with lessons by Pam Kennedy and Maggie Smith to about 100 Year 1 pupils at the English School of Kyrenia ( ESK ).

During April, Maggie Smith and Carole Widdison taught Year 6 Primary students at 19 Mayis school in Girne. We were made very welcome and the students responded well.   We were able to conclude with a very special presentation of certificates by Vet Pertev Karalɪgil who is a former student of the school.    ( See pictures below )     


This was followed by a visit to the rescue centre in the  Başparmak mountains by a group of these students.

Another interesting presentation of certificates was when MS and CW were invited to Karşiyaka Primary school`s picnic on the beach. We had taught almost 200 students at the school by the beginning of 2013.  The visit to the beach  was quite an experience.  ( see pictures below )




Students and teachers from ESK visited the Rescue Centre in March for the unveiling of a plaque thanking them for  donations by the students for kennels on Doggy Walk 1.

Students and staff from Eastern Mediteranean University, when visiting the Rescue Centre in April, were very impressed with the condition of the animals and they paraised the work of KAR.

The school year 2013 – 2014  began with a visit by  MS, CW and Annie to the Nursery children at Girne American University ( GAU )  for Animal Care  Week in October.  They presented us with lots of food for the animals at the Rescue Centre. They had even made special animal masks for the occasion.

MS and CW visited 23 Nisan Primary school to help with two classes of English lessons using material about caring for animals. They later visited to complete lessons with other upper Primary students. Certificates were presented later, actually on Litter day.

There has been a further visit to the Rescue Centre of students from EMU and recently a group of 5 students representing the School council at ESK  plus staff visited to present  KAR with 900 tl worth of animal food that they had raised.  They will receive a certificate thanking them for the donation.

During the year, MS and CW have been invited several times to take assemblies at ESK, with  the Upper school as well as the whole of the Secondary school. We have talked with the CAS students about what they can do with KAR as part of their course and several students have gone on to visit the centre to help and helped at KAR events such as Bonfire night and the Christmas Bazaar. Money raised by the students was used to buy kennels.  An after school club called Helping Hands also presented us with 300 tl during an assembly which was used to buy some kennels.

In June,  MS and CW and Annie were invited to the Animal Welfare after school club at ESK. They raised money by selling cakes, pictures, book marks etc. and raised 200tl.  This is going to be used to sponsor a dog which they are going to choose soon.


During the year a visit was made to the SOS village in Girne.  It is hoped to arrange a visit to the Rescue centre and a discussion with the young people in the near future.

The school year 2014 – 2015 started with another visit to the Nursery children at GAU who had collected a lot more food for the animals during Animal Care week. They were carrying banners saying ` We love Animals ` and`  Don`t abuse animals `.

During that week MS and CW were also invited as Guests of Honour to the whole school assembly at Şehat Hasan Cafer primary school in Ozanköy. The presentation of songs, poems, artwork  and prose by the students about the welfare of  animals was wonderful and a large amount of food for the animals at the Rescue centre had been collected. 

At present MS and CW are organising to revisit the school to teach upper primary pupils the curriculum previously outlined.


 KAR rely solely on donations for funding, please help us to help the animals of 
Northern Cyprus.

UK Bank Account Details for your kind Donations:

Bank: HSBC plc, Market Street, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 3AA, UK
Sort Code: 40-21-02
Account Number: 11364812
IBAN No: GB94HBUK40210211364812

or you can post your donation to us address details on Contact Page, cheques made payable to:

Also look out for the highly decorated collection boxes in restaurants and holiday complexes when in North Cyprus.



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